Week 07 - Gong Xi Fa Cai! 🎉💰💰💰Bummed I couldn’t make it to the #TNgathering over the weekend 😞But the Totoros all over the place courtesy to the real @totoro79 who actually dropped by in person for a mini journaling playdate! My bedtime have also slowly but surely gone down the drain 😞 Better luck this week? 😬 Maybe? #bujoweeklyspread #bujo #bulletjournal #artjournal #journal #travelersnotebook #travelersnotebook2018 #indonesiatravelersnotebook #tnbujo #handwriting #planner #plannerjunkie #planneraddict #watercolor #stationery #washi #calligraphy #distressstain

昨晚gathering📓 好多謝車車、Lazy、Sandy,再搵埋Patrick,搞成咗今次活動💕 識了好多新朋友又試了laser cut封面!

34 / 2017 😎😊 really ❤ lettering, writing n decorating this spread ✒📝🎨 ~ I insert a #thankyouchallenge btw 😉 #ARdailystickers

On Friday (18 August), we had our third TN gathering. Thanks to @james.ek we had very special gathering and had a chance to learn how to create a beautiful sky with stars! Guess what, the special ingredient was humble salt!! Thank you, James, for your generous sharing and thank you for everyone who came down to join us!

TN Gathering at MBLM this Friday 18th Aug, 7-9 pm! This time, we are proud to have @james.ek come over to share his journey with TN and using different drawing and sketching media, including Monteverde inks and pens. There're limited seats left, so sign up quickly! As usual, we will have a special TN mystery gift for 1 lucky participant! For more information, go to: TNJames.eventbrite.sg

Happy TN gathering this afternoon. 😆

#tn #travelersnotebook #tngathering

Congrats to @awalkwithaud for being our lucky winner of our TRC gift! It's a pack of Pan Am stickers we bought from the Traveler's Factory. Enjoy sticking! 😉 Thanks to all participants for helping to spread the word of our TN gathering last weekend. We hope to 'gather' again real soon! 😊 #travelerscompany #travelersfactory #travelersnotebooksg #cityluxesg #tngathering #stickers #panam

Now my TN has a new look (to cover over the uneven cologne stains), with the help of some wonderful and generous ladies! More patina for my 3 year old TN, and a new skill learnt. 😊 #travelersnotebook #cityluxesg #tngathering

Thanks to all who joined our TN gathering! Never had so many stamps out in full force! From pioneer users to literally Day 0 newbies, it was great to see everyone come and mingle and have fun! It was nice to learn how each is us found TN or how TN found us (a.k.a. Poisonous friends) 😊 Mmm... what's the theme for next gathering? Chicken rice 🐔🍗 🍚 or Laksa?! Oops, that's Makan session, haha. We certainly hope to keep meeting new users and sharing our joys with those who have yet to know why we love TN. Go out there and spread the ❤️! Thanks to @travelers_company @travelers_factory for letting us have the stamps from Japan! And our dear friends @cziplee for their stamps too! #travelersnotebooksg #cityluxesg

Super fun with new friends. Thank you guys!😊#travelersnotebook #tngathering


- Nothing like meeting the idol -
Had so much fun with group of people who shared the common interest
Such great pleasure to meet @patrickng personally and listen to his very inspiring stories
Thanks bff @freda.foong for asking me to join the gathering and @tabiyo_yf for having us that evening
You guys made my 2nd Mother's Day a special and memorable one
Special thanks to hubby for giving me a half day leave to do what I love
Great evening at @tabiyo_shop_
I'm a happy girl

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