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Do anything, but let it produce joy.
Words to live by 👊🏻 Also! Something joyous that's happening today is the #OctoberBusinessChallenge + @honeybook ! Head to @lauraleecreative's account to see what's up!
photo via @letterfolk by @b.ethanygrace #letterfolk

Getting back to business today so come through fortune!! Build your business from a place of serving and you’ll never worry about clients because you’ll move differently.

Love tells me that you are moon, but that I am my own moonlight.

This photo was taken at an blogger event a week before Ottos surgery. It was a chance to have a little fun with fashion and friends and feel a little more human. It was weird playing dress up after having a baby. With all that has been going on i haven't even had time to notice my post pregnancy body. Honestly as different as it is now I can appreciate it. (Well maybe not the stretch marks) but I notice how clothes fit a little differently. Not good not bad just different. As I was getting dressed I took some time to look at my c section scar and noticed how faint it is. But you know it's kind of special To me. That is how Otto came into this world. It's something he and I share. While he might have his scar on his chest and mine on my stomach its like an involuntary meaningful tattoo of our first few months together on this earth. Thanks to @kristinjonesy and @ashleywierenga for these fun photos and a fun event. @leeandbirch for letting me play dress up for a little bit. #adventuresinabbyland

All black everything 🖤 #fwis #goodmorning #ootd #ootdshare

The PERFECT outfit to study in thanks to @marleylilly! I shared a new post today all about my study tips, link in bio #college #ad #monogram

Monday madness back at the home office ended like this. (Most days I’m in pjs and slippers in here #momlife) I don’t typically share a ton of pics of my space - but here it is. The pictures, decor, and little mascots (if you can spot them 😜) change with my moods. I am constantly feeling inspired and its fun to reflect that in my little space.
What inspires my business is to capture & create intimate and meaningful experiences. I want my couples and families to be able to re-live all of the sweet, messy, funny, still, loud, quiet, & crazy raw moments in this chapter of their story 💕
Last but so not least! I’m tagging a few people that I think you should definitely give a follow to because they not only inspire me- but they are pretty awesome peeps! @hartley_home @amanda_mestre @kintsugigoods
#octoberbusinesschallenge (ps! Check my stories where I’ll point out some of the random office inspo! Lol)


A lot of designers focus heavily on getting new clients when things are getting quiet. The problem with that is that it takes a lot more work to book new clients than it does to generate more work from previous clients. You have to continually be working to build trust with new potential clients as well as market yourself consistently to keep bringing in the new clients.
Instead of spending so much time and effort trying to constantly find new clients, it’s so much easier to focus on getting you past clients to come back when they need more work from you. So, today we’re going to talk about how you can keep your existing clients coming back each time they need more work.
Head over to the link in our profile to listen!

I often get discouraged by the shallow, perpetually self-promoting, "me-me-me" brands online that neglect serving people in order to make quick 💵💴💶. Yet, I remain hopeful because the truth would not be complete without acknowledging this: there are people of tremendous character doing business online as well.
One of those humans is the humble and generous @kerstinauerlife. If you don't know her, oh friends...you SHOULD. I love her for her mission (crisis-proofing your business w/ better boundaries and self-care), but she's also incredibly kind and dedicated to her people. For me, that is everything.
It is an honor to do #biz with you in this space, Kerstin. ❤️ You are lovely in every way!

#workwithclass 📸: @jeremythomasphoto

Open yourself up to the possibility that WHAT you truly want CAN happen easily for you. Thoughts become things, people! 😘💋🎃⠀

Photo credit: @stockshop

I woke up to good vibrations, so I popped on this track to get me going. At one point I jumped up, started groovin and during my lil session I felt the Sun feeling on my booty. A sweet lil ray of sunlight jammin with me
hehehe, I smiled so hard when I realized. #goodmorning #8mins33secOfJoy
#goodvibes #vibration #treatyourself #music #grove #tnchustler #sunlight #laliving #pasadenaliving #relaxing #selflove #selfcare #ccbossclub #ahappyboss #stressrelief #housemusic #jamming #LA #relax #beauty #health #love #comfortbyAdiel #wellness #fitness #shareyourjoy #Shareyourlove #StayLovely

✨If you want to go somewhere in your business you've never gone before, you have to TAKE ACTION and do something you've never done before. ✨
I did. It's how it got me to where I'm at now. My story isn't unheard of, my story is reachable BY YOU too.

Not that any of us would ever break the law, right? 😂 But seriously, understanding the legal side can make things much easier and give you peace of mind when it comes to running your blog and biz. ⠀
If you’re wondering if you have the legal side covered, my ebook The Blogger’s Handbook for Keeping It Legal is a great place to start. I’ve included chapters on things like: giveaways, working with brands, legal statements, taxes and LOTS more. Learn more at jadeoak.com/bloggers-handbook or link in profile!

All signed up for @caitlinbacher 's live Facebook groups masterclass next week... because wow she is killing the game. 🕺🏼reading her emails is reaffirming my plan for 2018 to FOCUS on one core strategy and continuously making it a leaner and meaner machine. Instead taking a different direction every 3 months in my business, I need to keep taking one step forward in the same direction. ➡️➡️ Month after month. For the entire 2018. 🙌🏻 Seriously though - sign up for Caitlin's emails because they are full of so much gold.

Aren't we all? 📷 @refinery29 #weareingoodco

Last week I bought some new pencils, based on the colourscheme on @simply.silvana, and today I started experimenting with them! ✏️ I’m very much in love with the autumn vibes. 👏🏻🍁

Launching online tonight 😍😍🔥🔥🔥⚡️⚡️⚡️

A peek at the branding project I just worked on.

If you’re launching a new product or service soon, I know you’re excited. And probably a little nervous. Launch involves so much work, and there’s always that nagging fear that you won’t do as well as you want to. I’ve been there. It’s not fun.⠀
But there’s a way to improve your launch potential, and I’m talking profits and impact. It involves using your launch story in your content.⠀
What’s a launch story? It’s the story (or stories) surrounding the creation of your product or service. They can even include your experiences during your launch. These are great compliments to the strategy content you’re likely planning to share during launch time because they offer several benefits that straight up strategy content can’t.⠀
Check out the guest post by @ardeliamlee where she shares 3 ways to find your launch story so you’ll be sure to launch with more impact than you thought possible.⠀
👉 Link is in the bio @hibluchic or go to bluchic.com/find-launch-story/

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