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Yes! The day has arrived #LethalLockdown tonight from London #TNAUK #impactonpop #tnaknockouts @impactwrestling @poptv tonight at 9pm!!

Thank you all for a fantastic UK tour !!! #tnauk #impactwrestling #dollhouse #Warqueen

It was a damn tough streetfight with Madison that night in the U.K.! #impactwrestling #TNAknockouts #ImpactOnPop #TNAUK #Streetfight #WrestlingWednesday

When you know that person been talking ish about you behind your back, but kissing your butt face to face. #Warqueen #dollhouse #impactwrestling #tnauk #SuccessIsTheBestRevenge

Legend, top man and bearded brother.. Oh and Bram... 😉 😁
#TNAUK #Impactlondon #2016

Picture with one of my all time favourite tag teams, BEER MONEY!!! #tna #beermoney #impactwrestling #tnauk #impact


Last month it was announced that raqual has left the company!! The reason is that she wasn’t improving in the ring and TNA IMPACT WRESTLING were also upset that she had lied about her age to them! They apparently thought she was in her 20s when she is actually over 30 years old.

She turned 31 on Jan. 10 2017.

When they found out how old she really was, combined with a feeling that she wasn’t getting any better, they decided not to invest any more time in her.

Lashley vs EC3 on #impactonpop tomorrow night in a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH! Should be great!! -
#tna #impactonpop #impactwrestling #poptv #brokenmatthardy #challengetv #tnauk #dixiecarter #anthemsports #showyourimpact #anthemwrestling #wwe

I know this isn't new news but a lot of UK fans have talked to me about tna not having a channel in the UK so I'll just let you guys know. I think this is good news for some people so atleased people in the UK & Ireland can atleased watch Impact but at the end of the day it's still not good enough. I doubt a lot of people will actually pay for the app but I really hope they do. I hope TNA eventually find a channel in the UK. MORE INFO BELOW!!!!!! ×
Total Access TNA Wrestling to feature new weekly episodes of IMPACT Wrestling. – Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp. announced today the launch of a new TNA Impact Wrestling app in the U.K. and Ireland – Total Access TNA Wrestling – available online and on mobile platforms for £4.99 per month.

Starting on January 5, 2017, new weekly episodes of IMPACT Wrestling will be available to watch immediately on the app at the same time as they premiere on Fight Network and Pop across North America.

Fans in the U.K. can download the app at Apple's App Store or Google Play or visit impactwrestling.com to sign up to watch online.

#TNA #impactonpop #impactwrestling #poptv #brokenmatthardy #challengetv #tnauk #dixiecarter

Credit: Blonde Bombshell Photography @thatgirlxo5 That 'Yung' Go Hard DJ Z making his cool entrance for #tnaimpact Is he the future of the X Division? #TNA #ImpactWrestling #ImpactOnPop #XDivision #challenge #tnauk

Slowly getting ready to transform my diet life and become vegan.. I've been very ill but trying out so many new veg and fruit that I've never had before! 🍆🍠🌽🌶 #gettingonthehealthwagon #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #tnauk #polishwomen #polishgirl #diet #pampered

Yes! The day has arrived #LethalLockdown tonight from London #TNAUK #impactonpop #tnaknockouts @impactwrestling @poptv tonight at 9pm!!

💋 #Repost @gailkimitsme with @repostapp
Thank you Manchester! Next stop London and #LethalLockdown Knockout style #impactonpop #TNAUK

#Repost @gailkimitsme with @repostapp
Thank you Manchester! Next stop London and #LethalLockdown Knockout style #impactonpop #TNAUK

Thank you Manchester! Next stop London and #LethalLockdown Knockout style #impactonpop #TNAUK

Just over a week ago I went to #ssearenawembley to watch the fine folk @impactwrestling do their thing in a squared ring on their #TNAUK
#Impactlondon 2016 tour.

Afterwards I was fortunate enough to locate the bar in which some of the stars would be seeking refreshment after a hard evenings work.
I harassed these ladies and gentlemen when all they wanted to do was kick back and relax, and in the photo here is the reason why.

This is Freddie.
He is 6.
He has way too many illness's with at least 15 syllables in each that there's no way I could ever spell here, but all you need to know is rather everyday he is around is a blessing.
Today was just another day at the hospital for numerous transfusions for him, but sadly the last at this particular one as he now has to go even further afield to seek treatment thus having to get to know a whole different group of staff which is difficult enough in itself for him, let alone what he has to go through each time.

So, today when he recieved the bad news and the got handed his personalised Tna Tour Program signed by a few stars it made his day.

So on behalf of Freddie, his folks and myself, thanks to @impactwrestling @tnadixie @mandrewstna
@drewgalloway1985 @tna_bram @babyhebner @jeremyborash @bobbylashley @brodusclay @tna_crazzy_steve @elidraketna @gradowrestling @shanehelmscom @jadetna @jamesstormbrand @jeremyborash @tleepro @martibelltna @real.rosemary.tna @rockstar_spud @rebeltna as well as Billy Corgan for taking the time to listen to my drunken ramblings and signing the book for Freddie.

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