@xbosco18x is sooooo gnarly! He donated this piece dubbed LIGHT DEATH 💀 to the #interactiveartconnection silent auction last weekend (which @mc_3_______ snatched up in a nanosecond!!) AND he floated some other insane prints our way for the #TIMBRAUCH street comp *coming up in October at the Scotts Valley Skatepark. The caliber of art received this year was insane and Joey's pc. here is 💎 Dude's got the CRAZIEST SKILLS.. check his page, you'll LOSE IT!! Thanks so much Joey, keep up the awesome work as a dad, skater, artist, rad human!! And BTW those prints turned out great, the originals must be absolute 🔥🔥🔥!!! @timbrauchfoundation #joeyVELA #RIPPER #TMB4EVER

Late night jam session!! Tyler Marsh Band style!! #TMB4ever #One

I'm going to miss these goons. 🎓
But, I'm excited for what's next for me @ UVU this fall.💚 #graduated #TMB4ever

My fangirl buddy :D Love him <3 #TMB4EVER


By half way through we'd already moshed our way to the front! :') #TMB4EVER <3

This is going to go above my bed at dads; where i know you'll be watching over me; #TMB4EVER #MarryMe? #YesImSerious #ILOVEYOUALL xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox @ashleynhorney @druwakely @stefanabingdon

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