The beautiful @amanda_dara !! 🙏🏾🙏🏾 😍😍 #MediaLife #MomentsZ #ebonylifetv #TLS2017

Haters will see this now and say what is this Lanre doing again ?
Omo lemme answer ! I was hosting #YoungKukture6 ! #TheHost2017 #TLS2017

Me vietettiin tänään kauden 2017 joukkueella läksäreitä 💖 kiitos jokaiselle tähtöselle kaudesta ja onnea uusiin haasteisiin vuodelle 2018 😘 #tls2017

Obrigado São Paulo/SP! Obrigado @jagermeister_br! Obrigado a quem colou pra ver a gente e trocar uma ideia. Que festival foda! Em breve ou não, nos vemos por aí! #TLS2017

algunas piezas para la campaña de #ricocan #tls2017

Vuoden viimeisiä treenejä viedään, joten ollaan päästy tekemään paljon meille uusia taitoja 😊😎 #tls2017 #näätähdetloistaa

Syysnäytös ohi! Tänään esitettiin tämän syksyn ohjelmaa viimeisen kerran. Vuoden urheilijaksi meiltä palkittiin Ronja, ja paikaltaanvolttien osaamisesta meiltä pystin saivat Stella, Laura, Olivia, Nella, Lara, Sanna, Nelly A, Kia, Ellen, Ronja ja Riina! Nyt me treenaillaan vielä pari viikkoa tämän tiimin kanssa ennen kuin on aika ensi vuoden joukkuejakojen ❤️ #TLS2017

#tls2017 was totally awesome with these guys around, really learned a lot about being a leader and I appreciate everyone because without you guys this is not possible💗💗 GROUP N🙌🏻 and TEAM F9 🙌🏻

Day 1 & 2 @ Temasek Leadership Showdown 2017 ( 16 - 17 Nov ) #tls2017
great and fun two days with people whom i have not interact much with but yet learnt a lot from 😁💯

Day 3 & 4 @ Temasek Leadership Showdown 2017 Finals ( 18 - 19 Nov ) #tls2017
Firstly !! super super thankful for our team, F1 / Team 2 's facils @sherlin.jpg @daryl.ong for taking such good care of us during the camp ❤ learnt a lot through the 3 tasks given during this 2 days

#tls2017 day 2] side note: it wAs great knowing my groupmates and hope we would gather one day for a lunch probably😂 { 17.11.17 }

Last day of the camp was worth it!! I’m gonna miss this camp!! Hopefully they organise this in my Secondary school next time again!! #TLS2017

TEMASEK LEADERSHIP SHOWDOWN GROUP E 2K17 🔥❤🔥❤ ilyall too much 😫 less than two days with yall has come to an end :"( thanks for making this camp so fun for meeee 💓 gl to those secondary school students gg for tomorrow's finals 1!1!1!1 had an amazing time 💫 #TLS2K17 #TLS2017 [edit: SORRY FORGOT TO TAG @adelia.koh @nurillaaqisha @eggu.mengyuanx @_heyimzhenyu_ @_a.ash_ @jana.yeoo @thugglan ]

#tls2017 day 1] side note: it wAs a great and fun day HAHA {16.11.17}

So excited! Cannot wait to try this! #tls2017 #tls #selflove #selfbeauty

The relevant show Ep 3 is out ! With @bendada_ we discussed the Mega Intern ! Pree bio for link to listen ! #Podcast #TLS2017 #Talk #MediaLife #TheRelevantShow !

Walkr is the brand !
The Lanre Shonubi is the Ambassador ! And @leshoks is the photographer ! 🔥 #BrandAmbassador #WalkrNG #TLS2017

Exactly so! #tls2017

Amadeus Travel Leaders Summit , which is the annual invitation-only event, got started. Rakuten WTS is the only attendance from Japan market. #tls2017

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