Can't quite wrap my head around these past few weeks and whats to come this year. Just to say, I got a few things up my sleeve that will blow your mind. #traveltofreeyourmind

Das #Martinstor ist immer wieder für einen Schnappschuss gut. Für uns gehört es einfach zu #Freiburg dazu.
Welche Sehenswürdigkeit fotografiert ihr am liebsten in Freiburg?

Markiert eure Bilder mit #visitfreiburg und #freiburggefühle


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This place is surreal ! Whitsundays, Australia 🇦🇺

This place looks absolutely stunning! Would you go swimming with these amazing creatures? 🏝🥥🦈
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Photo: @roh_kyt - Bukan cerita tentang romantisme, cinta dan kasih sayang.

Tetapi suatu perjuangan akan kedamaian dan keindahan.

Loc : Watu Bolong, Watu Lumbung, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.
Ayo bantu kami dokumentasikan beribu keindahan jutaan pesona wisata ini di #likejogja
"Bagikan Indahnya Daerahmu" 😊🙏
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Memories of Egypt (Giza) - Sept 2017. This photo shows all 6 pyramids of the Giza pyramid complex. Surprisingly the town of Giza is only around 13kms (8 miles) from Cairo’s city centre. The largest of these 6 pyramids is the Great Pyramid of Giza or Pyramid of Cheops or Khufu (see my last couple of posts). Then there’s the slightly smaller Pyramid of Khafre (or Chephren), then the smaller Pyramid of Menkaure (or Mykerinos). The 3 much tiny pyramids (in comparison) in the foreground of this photo are referred to as the Queens’ Pyramids. The Giza pyramid complex also includes the Great Sphinx, which I’ll show you in future posts. One important point I’d like to point out about the Pyramids of Giza is this. Contrary to popular belief and popular depictions, historians state that the Pyramids of Egypt were not built by slaves or prisoners. Egyptians were employed to build these monuments. Tombs were discovered over 8 years ago which were more than 4,000 years old and these tombs were said to belong to these workers. One famous Egyptologist has stated that that the Egyptian builders probably came from poor families from the north and south of Egypt, and were respected for their work - so much so that those who died during construction were bestowed the honour of being buried in the tombs near the sacred pyramids of their pharaohs. According to Egyptologists, their proximity to the pyramids and the manner of their burial in preparation for the afterlife backs this theory. They wouldn’t have been buried so honourably if they were slaves. Though they weren’t slaves, they certainly led a life of hard labour. .
If you’re planning a visit to the Giza pyramid complex, allow 1/2 to one full day. If you’re not visiting the complex through a pre-organised tour group, I’d recommend going with a knowledgeable tour guide that can explain the history of this amazing place. I’d also recommend a camel ride around the complex so you can capture photos from different vantage points. Make sure that your guide organises the camel ride for you. You can generally find a good tour guide through your hotel concierge.

Lay down in the sun, scare who ever shows up, roll like I own the place... plans in the day of a lizard 🦎 Still, this little fellow made our day! A wonderful place to have lunch on Racha/Raja Island.🥙 The best thing was that we had the place for ourselves, since it was part of a day trip. #racha #lizards #lizardsofinstagram #traveler_stories #lunch🍴 #travelinspiration #wonderlusting #thailandwonders #travelphotography #instavacations #instatraveler #amazingpictures #globelusters #wandergram #wonderfulplaces #seaside

People in Paris

To celebrate Earth Day and this incredible world we live in, we’re going back to perhaps the most otherworldly place we’ve ever had the honour of seeing, Hang Son Doong, the largest cave in the world.
Big enough to fly a 747 through its chambers, and tall enough to house an entire New York city block, this subterranean marvel is hidden beneath the jungles of Central Vietnam, and was only explored in 2009. More people have stood on the summit of Everest than have been inside this cave, and experts believe they’re may be more caverns like this in the area, just waiting to be discovered.
Do not take this planet for granted. We’re lucky to have such a beautiful place to live our lives. Get out there, see it for yourself, and do everything you can to protect it. #earthday .
🔹Camera: @canonaustralia 5Dii
🔹Lens: Canon 24-70mm f2.8 Lii
🔹Length: 24mm
🔹Aperture: f11
🔹Shutter: 0.6sec
🔹ISO: 100

Skole Beskids is the place that I fell in love with at the first sight. Definitely, it’s worth to explore these mountains at least because it’s quite easy to get there and the view is incredible 😍

It can be a good idea for one-day hike.


今日 starbucks

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Where the city meets the sky 🖤🌫
Bangkok, Thailand⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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