Throwback to the #tiutourdc .. it was after 10 pm but I made this selfie happen!! #tiuteam #tiudmv #tiuva #tiumember @toneitup @karenadawn @katrinaascott #makeinstagramrealagain #bikiniseries

// 🥂 HAPPY NEW YEAR 🥂 //
Happy new year all! Looking back at 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ there were ups & downs but overall it was a pretty good year. ✖️ I made some great friends through the #BBGmontreal & #TIUmontreal communities. ✖️ I met @karenadawn & @whoisbobbygold. Got to do a REAL LIVE #TIUbootycall with Karena & some of the local TIU babes. ✖️ I went to the #TIUtour, met @katrinaascott & @llbrisco, #tiuHQ & some pretty amazing #TIUgirls & got to workout with @jillianmichaels. ✖️ I traveled & tried new activities with the beau 💙. ✖️ I started a new job at the end of November. #2017bestnine
Can’t wait to see what 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ has in store for me.
Sorry I’ve been MIA 😐 the past month or so. The switch of job is so brutal, I’ve been having such a hard time waking up at 4:30AM to get a workout in before heading to work & often I find myself staying after work to complete stuff 😣. Hoping I’ll be able to find some sort of routine that’ll suit me.
First workout of the year was #StudioToneitUp Yoga Booty ✔️ Wake Up, Tone Up with @studiotoneitupstefanie ✔️.

This doesn’t even begin to cover the year that we have had. It was an amazing, emotional, beautiful, painful, blessed, rough year and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! It started out pretty normal for the most part. In May my hubby was asked to go to Southern Cali for the Summer for work. So within two weeks we packed up our family of five and our dog with one suitcase each and one carry on each and three boxes to ship and moved to Cali. (We were only about 8 min from Manhattan Beach.) We lived the whole time out there in a one bedroom hotel room and only one car that my hubby needed most of the time. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life as well as one of the hardest most emotionally exhausting times of my life. Between the very small living quarters, the inability to just pick up and go places whenever we wanted, my auto immune disease, my constant struggle with anxiety and my hubby having to work 7 days a week and long hours, I can’t even begin to get into the express all that that short term move held for us. I am@not an independent person at all and I had to be this summer. I became stronger from it. Then we moved back home and two weeks later I got to go to the #tiutourdc Talk about a dream come true. Right when I saw @karenadawn @katrinaascott I lost it. I had so much to say, to ask them, to tell them but it all just came out in tears. They will never know what they have been to me this year. This year was a beautiful years and through all the struggles came so much joy! Thank you @toneitup for all of your love. Here’s to a phenomenal 2018 filled with love, joy and more TIU!! ❤️😚#tiu #toneitup #tiuteam #tiucommunity #tiumom #tiufamily #tiucheckin

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ now that I look back at it has definitely been my best adulthood year thus far. I made personal resolutions of 1️⃣Connecting 2️⃣Challenging myself & 3️⃣Doing what I love.
Connecting ✔️This was a biggie since I’m 100% introverted. I’ve met so many wonderful new friends & acquaintances through the #tiucommunity, #tiutour & #tiumeetup. Plus just making friendly hellos at my studio classes! I’ve also gotten closer to my existing friends just by dedicating time for a glass of wine, a yoga or spin class, a cup of coffee, or any small one-on-one time with each of them. ❤️
Challenging myself ✔️ I completed my 1st half marathon, 1st relay & over 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Pure Barre classes. My college sorority sister & I are planning on signing up for another half marathon in the fall. 🏃🏻‍♀️
Doing What I Love ✔️”If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life” TOTALLY applies to working out. Working out never feels like an obligation or chore to me, because I’ve found routines that i truly enjoy. Barre, spin, HIIT (preferably 1-2x a week max though 😹) & megaformer 💕I got back on track this week by doing my fave workouts: Empower, RevBlast and HIIT. 🎉🎉🎉
Cannot wait to see what 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ has in store. #tiucheckin #tiuteam #tiudmv #tiumd #tiumaryland #tiubaltimore #tiubmore #bmoretoned @toneitup @toneitupnutrition @karenadawn @katrinaascott #tiutourdc

#throwbackthursday with #2017bestnine from this account and my personal account. So many awesome memories from the #tiutour, growing closer with my #tiubaltimore babes and (always) learning to balance it all with family and work. Here’s to an amazing 2018 - may we all continue to grow 💕

@toneitup #tiuteam #tiumama #tiubaltimoresquad #transformationtuesday #tiutransformation #tiutourDC #tiutourPhilly @karenadawn @katrinaascott #toneitup #tiucommunity #tiuholidayhustle

Day ✌🏽 of the #tiuholidayhustle and I’m showing love to my #tiubaltimore babes, #tiuTourDC volunteer crew and the #tiuPhillyPhlock! I’ve met so many girls this past year and made some really awesome friendships through this #tiucommunity 💕

@toneitup #tiuteam #tiutour #tiutourphilly #tiusisters #tiuDC

Holy moly.... I can’t pick only one Studio Babe, so I’m not gonna!!! 😝 First Up, she isn’t a studio babe but she is a babe 😍, huge shout out 📣 to my ride or die, my mom. She is always been by my side and was the first person to educate me about staying active and eating healthy. Thank you for joining me for kickboxing 🥊 tonight and making me get up at 5:30 AM for 3 to 4 mile walks twice a week with our #tiupups. Second is my #tiusister Christie. She is truly an amazing person and is always down for a red faced, super hot 🔥, super sweaty yoga or Pilates class. 💜 Next are the absolute gorgeous #tiugirls I volunteered with during the #tiutourdc. Every single one of you blew me away with your kindness. You all are so inspiring and true #bossbabes. Last but not least my girl Ashley. There are so many words to describe how thankful and blessed I feel to have met you. You are so sweet, full of light and a truly motivational person. 😘 .
I’m so thankful and my heart is so full from this #tiucommunity. Thank you @karenadawn @katrinaascott for creating something truly beautiful. #tiuteam #studiotoneitup #karenakatrina #tiudc #tiumd #tiudmv #tiubaltimore #tiubootycall #tiuholidayhustle #fitness #healthyliving #allgoodfit #blessed

// T H R O W B A C K //
Happy #TBT babes! I was just looking through my phone 📱 & found this little 💎 from the #TIUtourDC. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever be able to see these 3 very inspirational & strong women on the same stage. We drove 🚘 over 10 hours, slept very little & basically has to drive back the next day so we’d be home 🏠 in time for a wedding. But it was all worth it!!
✨ I met some #TIUgirls, #tiuHQ & #TIUhusband Bryan IRL ✨ Worked out with @jillianmichaels
✨ Worked out & met @karenadawn & @katrinaascott
✨ Made priceless memories I will cherish forever 💖
On another note, #TIUbootycall was Beach Barre Body Rock ✔️ in #StudioToneItUp.

My #wcw goes out to this little lady @alexistonesitup
Flashback to July and we emailed for days back and forth creating shirts for our local #tiubmore babes and had never even met! Then, we coordinated a mini tour bus for #tiutourdc having only met once for five minutes and here we are texting on the reg through the good and the bad. I love this community and how it brings other female badasses together that constantly bring each other up. .
#wcw💗 #tiutourdc #tiutour #womancrushwednesday #tiubmore #strongwomen #strongisthenewskinny #togetherwewin

📞 calling @healthade gods- do you have some more sir? Coupon queen trying to use her coupons from the #tiutourdc 📸: @blmorris86 catching me during this call as he came looking for me in the store 😂
#healthadekombucha #wegmans #healthylifestyle #healthydrink #kombucha #tiuapproved #toneitup #oldnavy #northface

It's a cool and breezy fall Saturday here. Spent the morning grocery shopping and prepping my protein pancakes. Took meatball to the dog park and now it's time to relax in my @avomuse and watch some college football. #tiuteam #studiotoneitup #toneitup #tiucommunity #tiupup #tiuannapolis #tiudmv #tiubaltimore #tiutourdc

Cracking up because I forgot I took this picture at the @toneitup tour in DC 😂 As you can tell I was on a whole new level of excitement! 😍Anyway, I ran 3 miles with a little bit faster pace for this morning's 🍑📞 #tbt #tiutourdc #tiutour #throwbackthursday #tiubootycall #tiuworkout #tiugirl #tiuteam #tiucheckin #tiucommunity #tiubabes #tiurunners #tiurunning

// W C W //
Can't believe that I found this 💎 gem 💎 on the #TIU website on their #TIUtourDC post. I'm so grateful to have met these badass babes while on the tour. They invited us to sit with the squad at the #RoséGarden 🥂. Just sad that I was short on time & didn't get to spend more time with them.

My #tiuneighbor @dcmegan_tiu said it yesterday and I'm standing in agreement: it's kind of amazing how the #tiutourdc re-motivated me & got my routine back on track. It's amazing what a few weeks of consistency can do! Today was day 1 of #lgfallchallenge & her workouts are always so deceptive! Walking to the metro after that was brutal! But I'm seeing some progress (👋🏼baby bicep and maybe some 🍑?) and enjoying my workouts again! 🙌🏼 now home for a walk with the #tiupup! My #LGSmileMore goal is to find peace during this hectic season. Personally, professionally, politically everything feels very chaotic and combative so I want to do things that bring out the best in me so I can be a light to others. ✨ #tiudc #tiuteam #tiucheckin #lgaccountability #babemode #mightyherendi @laurengleisberg

I think I’ve fallen!! Since the #tiutourdc, its been a consistent effort of mine to stay healthy, try new things and be the healthiest version of myself. In those three weeks, I’ve lost 4lbs, gone to multiple meet ups and had mini meet ups with my girls @maryc_fitness and @missymoves and prepped so many meals. Going into this week I can’t wait for more yoga dates, smoothies, runs and challenges! Bring on the week 🎉💪👯 @toneitup #tiuteam #tiudc #tiudmv #tiucheckin #tiucommunity #tiuinspiration

Alrighty babes! Here’s everything you need to transform your #tiutour bracelet into a keepsake wrap bracelet! I grabbed all of these items at Michaels! Happy crafting, babes!!!

This photo makes me smile... even if I don't know anyone else in it bc my buddy hadn't arrived yet. But that's the point, right? Getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new people. 💕#tiudc #tiutourdc #tiutour @toneitup @karenadawn @katrinaascott

Our recent giveaway winner @katekatebear looking SO cute while repping us at a @toneitup tour. Share. Love. Inspire. Sweat! 💪🏽 #vieactive #beflawsome

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