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Going to the gym this morning I had zero motivation to go to the gym. After doing my 5DMs and the cardio core I decided to go for a run with my #tiupup. Considering I had zero motivation I accomplished a ton. #tiuteam #tiutah #tiupup #nomovitation #pushthrough

Just did my first official workout post-baby. Feels so good! I did Bikini Arms from this year and last - I am really terrible at push-ups! Haha!
Post-workout recovery: protein smoothie with bananas, beet greens, spinach, almond butter, Sunwarrior protein powder, & unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Yup... It's happening. We officially have a TIU Utah Ragnar team. I have been wanting to do this race for so long and I cannot imagine doing it for my first time if not with my #tiusisters #tiuutahragnar time for the traininng to start :) M1- two eggs M2- whole grapefruit M3- Thai chicken salad M4- half a cucumber M5- sloppy joe minus the bun on sweet potato fries :) #tiutah

Its been a rough couple of day and I haven't been getting enough sleep; which is hurting my workout motivation and desire to eat heathy! Even though I really didnt want to I got a quick 2 miles in after work tonight! Tomorrow I don't work until noon- so I hope to sleep and to shake off this funk tomorrow!!! #tiuteam #tiutah #cantwaitforbikinjseries

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