One foot in front of the other 👣 some days, you totally nail it. You treat your body well, crush it at work, love your people hard... and other days you and end up with greasy frozen pizza for dinner 🙈 I didn’t nail it today, but tomorrow is a new day ✨ keep pressing on, KEEP MOVING. You’ll thank yourself later 😉💕
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vegan 🌱 chili bake ... obviously we’re all fans 😍

Wasn’t feeling it today, but I did it anyway! 💪🏻Haven’t felt the best the past week for some reason. Maybe it was the energy from the hurricane?💨 Bought a 2 wk pass to a new yoga studio and have only been able to go 3 times.😞 Not cool. Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully I’ll be back to myself. Booked a yoga class tomorrow so I am going! 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️ #tiu #tiusc #tiunc #tiucarolinas #tiucharlotte

This #tiutransformationtuesday I am using myself as motivation. ✨✨
Ever since my Cabo trip a few weeks ago, my workouts and nutrition have been less than stellar.
I’ve been in a rut and I’m starting to feel it. ✨✨ I’m a bit fluffier around the middle and feeling kinda blah. ✨✨
Instead of spiraling and continuing down this path, I am picking myself up and getting back on track! ✨✨
It’s okay to fall down as long as you get back up babes!!! Use whatever motivation you need: yourself, your friend, a stranger! ✨✨
We are #strongertogether babes! Happy Tuesday #tiuteam #tiunc #tiurdu

😳 What just happened?! .
I thought today’s Arm workout would be easier.. #Wrong ❌ Not when it’s an #extremeworkout from @laurengleisberg

Today’s workout started with a 2 mile walk because TBH I was so sore from all the legs and booty from yesterday, that it took that long to warmup, and get motivated for more. •

I was feeling good through the first round of burpees and KB swings, but the second round got me gooood. Whew! W1D2 #lgfallchallenge you got me good!
I’ll be feeling that one later today ✌️ Good luck to the girls doing it later today! •

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Okayyy, @tiu_shelbyk_slay tagged me to share 5 things about myself... I'm pretty open in here, but I'll try to give some new things!
1. I have two amazing kiddos! This is the only picture of their faces I've put on Instagram since it's a public account, but it's too precious! 😍
2. I am a brain tumor survivor!! March 1st of this year I had a successful craniotomy and I am now migraine free! 🧠
3. I am the Children & Youth Ministries Director at Foster Church in Asheville! It's so much fun to work with kids & youth & their families! 😃
4. Speaking of church... I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. One of the most unique things about us is that we keep the original 7th day Sabbath on Saturday. ⛪
5. My husband and I have been together since 2008, and we've been married for 5 years. We started our family young and love it! 💕

Okay, now I'm nominating @asamos100_fitness @ratcheltiu @tiugirlmandy @tiuliz17 @complicatedkatie_tiu
Can't wait to see what you post! 💙

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I forgot to share my #tiusweatyselfie from this morning! Did today's #studiotoneitup workouts. My meals were also great! Trader Joe's Happy Trekking trail mix, tofu scramble, coconut cream Greek yogurt aaannndd delish tacos! I had zero appetite this morning, so that's really all I ate today. Hoping to do the barre class tomorrow - it's going to be a funky day for me!

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Day 1 of @laurengleisberg Fall Challenge followed by a chicken tzatziki bowl from @skinnytaste 🔥🔥 Pretty good Monday to start off a short week before my best friend gets hereeee!! 😁 #tiuteam #tiuNC #skinnytaste #skinnytasterecipe #tiucommunity #fitspiration #fitspo #unicornsfallforlg #lgcommunity #lgfallchallenge #laurengleisberg #fitforfall #mealprep

Hey hey! We survived #florence with just one tree casualty on our fence, so with a 2 hour delay for my kids school this morning, I needed to sweat 💦 Too many days cooped up inside waiting for the hurricane to pass. Too many days of mindless snacking and skipping workouts. Too many #hurricane cocktails and stress from our power going off and on yesterday, so this Mama was in serious need of a good workout this morning. •

Today’s workout:
W1D1 #LGFallChallenge Legs + Abs and yes. It was just as tough those last hip thrusts and last 2 rounds at the end as it was last Monday when I accidentally started this program. •
Finished with 3 rounds of the @toneitup Kettlebell Daily Moves and 20 minutes of low impact cardio on the elliptical. Sweat success ✔️ •

Now it’s time to get this house back in order and throw dinner in the crockpot. I’m excited to try the new recipes from @laurengleisberg and I think I’m going to start with the eggplant meatless meatballs tomorrow night. Tonight will be @traderjoes carne asada with peppers and black beans. •have a great day babes!
#TIUteam #tiucommunity #TIUcheckin #studiotoneitup #TIUmom #TIUnc #tiucharlotte #LGsisters #lgcommunity @toneitup @karenadawn @katrinaascott @laurengleisberg #TIUmeals #lgaccountability #LGFallChallenge

Literally the most filling breakfast I’ve ever had!! and so delicious.. and can you just feel and smell the fall vibes off this pic ?? 🍁🍃💕
Recipe is from the @alchemy_365 21 day nutritional challenge (originally from @lo_haven ) ... today is DAY ONE so you still have time to join me!!

Sunday Afternoon Brunch trying out our new bubbly from @rosemontvineyards 🥂
We’ve gotten incredibly lucky here in our part of NC this weekend.
When you prep for a hurricane, you plan for no power. No expectations of ‘getting things done’. So we’ve taken advantage. Came from a place of gratitude for the power we’ve kept on and the water that hasn’t invaded our space. .
Have I mentioned brunch may be my favorite meal of the day?? 🥓

This sums up our relationship: me dragging him to things and he reluctantly tags along 😬 and we wouldn’t have it any other way...thanks @lindleybattlephotography for capturing it in one shot ♥️
Dress : borrowed from Jessika, bought from @vintagetovogueboutique 💕
Lashes: @ablash_nc
Husband: from France 🇫🇷
📸 : the talented @lindleybattlephotography

Rainy days should end with @healthade 🌧 actually, every day should end with kombucha 💁🏼‍♀️🙈😄
#tiuteam #tiuteacher #tiunc

#whole30 day 13 and I am SO OVER IT. More over it than I’ve ever felt on a Whole30, except for that time I gave up a week in 🤭. My cravings are out of control and I am irritated by all the food that I can’t eat. Oh, and I got a little food poisoning yesterday and Florence is coming through. The amount of swaying that is going on with the ginormous trees in my back yard is giving me so much anxiety 😬
BUT - this is precisely the time that I know I need to keep going! I was way out of control with my nutrition when I started this thing and I am not ready to be done yet. So what’s the solution? Find a good, easy recipe that i haven’t made before and drink some kombucha out of a wine glass. .
⬆️ dinner is @pretend_its_a_donut eggplant pizza bites. Not gonna lie, I was worried about how this would turn out - but I had an eggplant I needed to use up and had all the ingredients on hand so I gave it a shot! I added ground beef, peppers, onions and garlic as my toppings and it turned out really good! Even hubby liked it. .
@whole30 #whole30 #septemberwhole30 #iamwhole30 #whole30round3 #tiudoeswhole30 #tiuteam #tiu #toneitup #lgaccountability #tiucharlotte #tiunc #tiucarolinas #tiumember #tiucheckin #fitgirl #lgsisters #tiucommunity #whole30meals

Freakin' Flo 🤷🏼‍♀️🍾🔦🔦 Wind is kinda crazy 😳 Heavy rain is moving in. I reeeeeally don't want to have to use those flashlights anytime soon 😩 And I'm going to bake a pizza soon...fingers crossed we get to eat the pizza 🤞🏻 #TIU #tiuteam #tiucharlotte #tiunc #tiucarolinas #tiucheckin #badassbeachbabes #hurricaneflorence

#Hurricanes for the Hurricane! 🌀🍹 Now we wait out the storm.. #tiucharlotte #tiuteam #tiunc #hurricaneflorence #florence #flo #lgsisters #hurricaneseason

Saturday , you’re my favorite ♥️
Yoga then a late breakfast with the husband and dogs (yes, I had to share my @simplemills pancakes with him😭) topped with @birdseedfoodco granola and @bigspoonroasters because HI YUM ... the only thing missing was my lavender rose tea from @vidapourtea 💕
And for everyone that has messaged, thank you for your concern but Greensboro has been ok so far regarding this 🌪 ... a little bit of wind, a little bit of rain is all I’ve seen so far 🤞🏾
Ok y’all have a great SAFE weekend ✨

Waiting for the hurricane. 😟 #tiu #tiusc #tiunc #tiuchatlotte #tiucarolinas

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