New travel cup for my teas and coffee. Trying to cut down on shop bought ones! 😝🤫 it will save money and my waistline! 😂 #tiu #tiuteam #tiucommunity #tiuireland #tiuuk #tiucheckin #tiusummertoneup #tiuthirtysomethings #tea #coffee

Feeling amazing after today’s workout in the #studiotoneitup. I particularly loved the warrior one pose with the twist, really opened up my chest and made me feel amazing! Definitely one of my new favorite routines. Thanks as always @katrinaascott for an amazing workout!! #tiupregnancy #tiucheckin #tiuteam

Soaking up these early morning runs as the seasons are changing is the best part of my day! 4k run followed by LGw7D2 chest and shoulders + 5 mins hiit skaters💦 No better way to start a Wednesday! @toneitup #tiubootycall #tiurunner #tiucharitymiles #tiuengland #tiu #tiugradstudent #tiuphd #tiuuk #tiuteam #tiusummertoneup #summertoneup #lgaccountability #lgunicorns3point0 #lgcommunity #tiucheckin #tiucommunity

The day was spent printing & applying labels for orders. Hoping to finish one off tomorrow. Worked out really late & it’s been really hot & we’ve had smoke from all the fires happening. I had planned to eat cleaner & then my sister brought treats home.
3rd round 80 Day Obsession Day 28 Cardio Core 43 minutes
Breakfast M1 - Omelette w/ salsa & decaf tea
Snack M2 - Decaf latte a piece of apple crumble pie
Lunch M3 - Taco salad
Snack M4 - another slice of pie Dinner M5 - GF pasta, asparagus & a dark chocolate dairy free treat

I had to get in a PMWO, and this was the perfect end to my day! I started my workout with the #SummerToneUp Rep Challenge since I had to do yesterday's and today's and knew I likely wouldn't want to do them after 30 minutes of the #StudioToneItUp workout. I'm so happy with the results I got for both!! I surpassed my goal for the squats by one, so woohoo!!! #TIUteam #TIUCommunity #TIUSoCal #TIUcalifornia #TIUsistersinChrist #TIUInlandEmpire #TIUcheckin @ToneItUp @katrinaascott @karenadawn

After a pretty relaxing day I made some spaghetti with a tomato sauce and I added some spinach for dinner 😊 #tiugirl #tiucommunity #tiuteam#tiucheckin

I love booty workouts, but that side plank leg lift was a killer!!! I could barely make it to 20 🤣. Btw I can’t believe it’s the last week of the challenge! So I have a confession to make... I was doing really well the first few weeks, but then... I stopped working out for 2 weeks 🤦🏻‍♀️. I’m not sure what happened, but I just wasn’t motivated anymore 😳. The good news is... I’m back on track for the last week! I plan on doing the daily moves every day and studio classes when I can! I’ll need your help girls! Haha. Hope everyone has been doing better than I have. Let’s get those 🍑 poppin’!! #tiusummertoneup #tiucheckin #tiumama #toneitup #tiucalifornia #tiuteam @toneitup

Happy Humpday Ladies ❤️! Today, something a little different…and I should warn you, I’m actually feeling a touch emotional (I think I must be tired 🙈)...
It’s kinda trendy right now and we all have our ‘whys’. Two of mine 💙💙 are pretty darn obvious (the clue’s in the picture 🕵🏼‍♀️) but why else do I do what I do?
I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I faced a number of challenges after I had the boys – the last 18 months being no exception – both physically and emotionally. While I’ve always been pretty strong on the inside 💪🏼, I found those early years with twins pretty brutal. They nearly broke me and there’s no denying that motherhood is sometimes hard. At other times it’s really, really hard.😢
My plan (sounds more achievable than dream don’t you think 😬) is a whole lot bigger than it was back then and while there’s a whole lot more I still want to achieve, I know already that doing ‘this’ was the right decision.✅
I appreciate ALL the support I get without question, but being a WOMAN is what I really understand: being a MUM is what I really understand, and that is where my focus lies.
I know that the stuff I write about isn’t always ‘cool’, sometimes it’s downright embarrassing 😳, but I know from experience that it MATTERS to women, and I am lucky enough to be able to share what I have learned along the way.
For various reasons it has been a long time coming, but (providing I don’t mess anything up – which is always possible 🤪), tomorrow will mark the launch of my first line of products. It is something that we all need, from time to time even if not all the time, and I have done as much as I can to ensure that it will be accessible to everyone. To say I’m a bit nervous is an understatement 😕 (probably also uncool), but it will take me one step closer to achieving my goal of trying to make life that little bit easier – at a time when arguably we need it most.
So, join me tomorrow to find out what I’ve been working on. If you could swing by & offer me a little extra high five ✋🏼 , I’d really appreciate it…😘...& then it’ll be back to... you guessed it, the good old Mummy Tummy ☺️
In the meantime, have a beautiful Wednesday!

Simple is as simple does 👌🏼 🍞 🥜 🥑🍅🍓 With the start of school this past week, my life has been nothing short of CRAZY! Still trying to find some time for myself which includes finding a time to sweat (tennis, running, or a lift in the gym when I can) and making delicious and brain satisfying meals/snacks for the day!! Today’s meal before class was 2 slices @mikeys bread: #1 with hummus, avo, tomatoes, and EBB seasoning! #2 with pb and smashed blackberries and bluebs 🤤😋🤗 I also made some @eatbanza pasta with marinara and chicken sausage to have as either lunch/dinner for the week and it was delicious and can’t wait to have it on repeat! Okay, okay I’m back to homework to get ready for class in the am! What are y’all snacking on?!! #tiubabes #nutrition #dietetics #fitness #fitcrew #food #healthy #tiucheckin
#brainfood #fuel #healthy #healthfood #collegelife #tiuaz #tiuarizona #arizona #tiuscottsdale #rd2b #dietitian #cleaneats #cleaneating #foodforfuel #toast #brainfood #mealprep #avocadotoast #moderation #lovelife #feelingstrong @toneitup

#toneituptuesday brought to you with high hopes & a high pony✅ the last week or so I have been focusing on going into the day with a positive attitude so I can accept the uncontrollable🌪 as a fairly optimistic person, negativity or stress can really throw me off. but shifting my mindset has made an incredible impact on the attitude I carry all day long - it’s crazy how little changes can make such a big difference!🌟
started today in #studiotoneitup with the new beach yoga tone vid by @katrinaascott + #tiudailymoves + quick mile liss. can’t say how good it felt to flow this morning!🧘🏻‍♀️ ended it with a nice dinner on the grill🔥 southwestern turkey burgs over arugula with chipotle greek yogurt & avo + corn on the cob grilled in @fourthandheart buffalo ghee + @traderjoes chili lime seasoning🤤 now it’s time to rest up for tomorrow’s #tiubootycall 🍑
@toneitup @toneitupnutrition @karenadawn @katrinaascott #tiucheckin #tiuteam #tiucommunity #tiugirl #summertoneup #toneitup #lcg #leancleangreen #strongertogether #shareloveinspiresweat

Indulged this weekend at the Woodland fair... tacos, mini funnel cake and lemonade! Monday completed ✔️#tiudailymoves and Tuesday completed✔️ @expectingandempowered Week 33 Day 2. Still on track with weight, but definitely at the verrry top of the chart. @katrinaascott ‘s email on #pregnancycravings was spot on! But what about cookies??🍪🍪🍪#tiupregnancy #expectingandempowered #tiucheckin #tiuteam #givemecookies

Hello #tiuteam and happy TIU Tuesday!!! Today has been filled with so much studying, but it has been SO PRODUCTIVE 🙌🏼 I have my RICA exam on Friday and that has been on my mind! Even with working out, I’m still mot eating when I should be. My hours have sucked, but I’ve been trying to stick to my meals. Today I did @laurengleisberg workout (chest and triceps) and then the cardio flow with @studiotoneitupchevy 💦🙌🏼 SUCH A GREAT FLOW!! My arms are killing me, and my thighs are feeling it from yesterday!! Tomorrow is HIIT, but we shall see... hahaha
Have a fantastic night loves and I’ll check in with you babes tomorrow!

M1: @toneitupnutrition smoothie
M2: kind bar
M3: skipped
M4: veggie wrap
M5: 3 slices of a veggie pizza
#tiuteam #tiulove #tiusocal #tiuoc #tiudoeslg #lgunicorns3point0 #lgdoestiu #tiugirl #tiugirls #tiuteacher #tiustudent #tiulatina #tiulatinas #tiumeals #tiubootycall #tiucommunity #tiucheckin #summertoneup

12 days until vacation!!! Day 2 back to posting meals and keeping it LCG! Keeping food the same all week - no need to complicate things, you know? .
M1 - 🥑 + 🍞 + 🍳
M2 - greek yogurt + 🍑 + granola
M3 - TJ’s 🐥 + arugula + cous cous 🥗
M4 - plumcot
M5 - 🐟 + roasted 🥕 .

#cleaneats #TIUteam #TIULA #TIUbikiniseries #TIUlosangeles #TIUlatinas #TIUplan #TIUvalleygirls #TIUgirls #TIUmeals #TIUtransformation #TIUcheckin #workout #fitness #cleaneating #leanclean #fitfam #nutrition #running #girlswhorun #training #eatclean #healthy @toneitup @toneitupnutrition @katrinaascott @karenadawn

Life, Love & Work doesn’t get easier, YOU GET STRONGER!!! Trying to live by the #namaslay motto everyday because, well that’s what ROYALTY 👑 AKA #tiugirl does!!!! 💫

Well hi there!
It's been a few weeks. yeesh, I don't know how you girls who travel for work are also so able to work out all of the time.

I've been traveling a bunch for pleasure (weddings and bachelorette weekends galore!) this summer, and it's been rather challenging to keep up with my workouts besides my bike commute when I'm actually at work, haha. But it's okay, tonight, I picked up where I left off! Aka, W2D4 of the #lgweighttrainingplan 3.0. Yep, you read that right, no weight training workouts for me since the very beginning of this month. But hey, you know what? That's life! And I'm pretty sure @laurengleisberg always says to not fret when you go without working out for however long, and pick back up in the plan wherever you left off.

So, if that means doing a Thursday workout on a Tuesday, weeks after everyone else has done it? Hey, I'll do it! And that's what I just did. 😉

#lgaccountability #lgsisters #tiudoeslg #tiucheckin #tiubride #bridetobe

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