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Forgive my hot mess of a room (the laundry/packing struggle is always real in my house 😂) but I actually saw a little non-flexed definition going on! 🍑call was walking pup (who demanded that we take a longer walk and refused to move until I followed his lead 😂). Now sipping coffee and anxiously awaiting the chance to run this afternoon! #tiuteam #tiuchapelhill #tiucarolinas #tiudownsouth #tiubikiniseries @toneitup

I haven't checked in the past few days but I'm still humming along!! I hope everyone is feeling ok here at the end of the Bikini Series!! It can be a bag of mixed emotions!! But once it's all said and done..... We've come a long way, Baby!!!! And it was fun!!! Just checking in. I got outside and ran and did the stairs in my neighborhood and then Toned Arms and Abs and the 5 daily moves. Happy Humpday everyone!! And good luck to everyone doing the 7dsd!! I'm cheering for you!! #tiuteam @toneitup @katrinaascott @karenadawn #tiucharlotte #toneitup #tiunc #tiucarolinas #tiulove #tiubikiniseries #tiubikiniseries2017 #tiu5dailymoves #tiugirl #tiucheckin #tiucommunity #tiumember

Just something about shrimp 🍤 and summertime ☀️ (and a little boathouse farms cilantro avocado dressing) #dinner #toneitup #tiusc #tiucarolinas #tiubikiniseries

A little sibling competition at the WWC 💪🏼
We're laughing, but secretly I totally wanted to win!

Happy Day 1 Babes🎉👙🌴💪🏻Today was a mess for me😩but I got my workouts in, even if my run was in the pouring rain🌧☔️I actually love running in the rain, I've always found it therapeutic, but todays downpour was a bit much, even for this Seattle native😉 hopefully tomorrow is a little less damp so I can get my grocery shopping ✅done ☀️🌈Cheers to a great start to the #bikiniseries #tiu #tiuteam @karenakatrina @toneitup #tiunc #tiucarolinas

Didn't want to go to the gym this morning so I opted for "lock myself in my room" workout. 5 dm+a 40 minute walk! #tiuseries #tiusisters #tiucommunity #tiubikiniseries #tiucarolinas #tiurdu #tiuteam #tiucheckin #tiudailymoves #tiucardio #bbg #bbg1

Hey babes!! Cinco de mayo was a blast but I spent yesterday recovering and ended up using it as my rest day. Made today count though 🙌 #sundayrunday 5k with the #tiuhubby and the last 2 days of @toneitup Daily Moves I missed, #Bootylicious workout with @katrinaascott 🍑🍑 There were more people working out in the apartment gym so I went back and forth between using the elliptical for a few minutes of LISS and using the weight bench to do @laurengleisberg #lgteamkini Back + Glutes. On my way to finish grocery haul and get my meal prep on for WEEK 3️⃣ 👍🙌 #TIUteam #TIUnc #TIUcharlotte #TIUmom #TIUcommunity #5DailyMoves #TIUplan #TIUcarolinas #leancleangreen #TIUgirl #DoingItForHawaii2017 #OTF #LGsisters @toneitup #TIUdoesLG #LaurasLookingLeanandMean2017 #LGaccountability @laurengleisberg #LGTeamKini #otffamily #TIUdoesOTF #orangetheorynation #lgphotochallenge

Brunch with my brother earlier today (I had a salmon cream cheese bagel 😱) Maybe I'll be better at posting after Wednesday? My semester is over and I'll be able to focus on wedding and workouts and nutrition and not all the work I've procrastinated for the past 3 months?! Spent the morning and a lot of the evening doing homework and a bit of meal prep! Ready for a good week!
#tiu #tiuteam #tiubride #tiugirl #tiulifestyle #tiulife #tiunc #tiurdu #tiumember #tiucheckin #tiucommunity #tiulove #tiudownsouth #tiucarolinas #tiudurham


Happy Friday Eve! 🙌🏻 It was Endurance Day at @otftriangle and my legs are already feeling the soreness that's coming! 😅 @toneitup #tiuteam

I haven't checked in the past few days but I'm still humming along!! I hope everyone is feeling ok here at the end of the Bikini Series!! It can be a bag of mixed emotions!! But once it's all said and done..... We've come a long way, Baby!!!! And it was fun!!! Just checking in. I got outside and ran and did the stairs in my neighborhood and then Toned Arms and Abs and the 5 daily moves. Happy Humpday everyone!! And good luck to everyone doing the 7dsd!! I'm cheering for you!! #tiuteam @toneitup @katrinaascott @karenadawn #tiucharlotte #toneitup #tiunc #tiucarolinas #tiulove #tiubikiniseries #tiubikiniseries2017 #tiu5dailymoves #tiugirl #tiucheckin #tiucommunity #tiumember

Celebrating #internationalyogaday day with my favorites ❤️
{following along with #21dfx on my iPad}

At least one or two times a year I challenge myself to stop journaling my meals and to try intuitive eating. And every time, I fail. Badly. My intuition likes pizza and cake. I'm so sorry myfitnesspal. I will not doubt my need for you again for a long time. To those girls that can stay on track without thinking about it every waking minute... I applaud you. Now excuse me while I go log my meals for the next 5 days. And yes, I log and count alcohol (beer tomorrow) into my carb count. No shame in my brewery game. Also to the 22+ people that unfollowed me following my 7DSD confession: i don't need you either 😩jk, I love you, come back. #Tiuteam #tiucheckin #tiu #tiugirl #bestbodyever #toneitup #tiucarolinas #tiucommunity #tiugreenville @toneitup #tiubikiniseries #bikiniseries #cleaneating #lcg #fitspo #fitness

Mmm...cheated a bit because sriracha mayo sounded so good. Hope everyone had a good Wednesday. Missed my workout today, but stayed strong with my meals. Need to get a few things done and then it's time for the NHL Awards 😍🔥 Meals today:
1️⃣Berry smoothie...didn't get all the cauliflower blended though so it was a bit chunky
2️⃣Apple and cinnamon
3️⃣Citrus salad...not my fave I must say
4️⃣Apple pie larabar
5️⃣The above burger which was awesome and super filling

When you catch an 8-year old dancing to @cizeitup 💜💚
:: He's got the iPad setup in between the transformers ::
@shauntfitness ▫️

Thanks to @onikafit for a good workout this morning! My nutrition has been about 70% on the 7DSD, which I'm happy with considering it's my first one and the BF keeps talking me into going out to dinner! 🙈 But I told him we are absolutely cooking in tonight and tomorrow haha. I've got the meals prepped and planned, just need to stick to it!
@toneitup #tiu #tiuteam #tiucheckin #tiucommunity #tiu7dsd #tiu7dayslimdown #tiubikiniseries #tiugirl #tiuraleigh #tiurdu #tiucarolinas #tiudownsouth

Well hey there hump day! 🐫 Got a 30 minute run in this AM, and it felt so good to sweat! Heard this song on the #bikiniseriesplaylist and it brought me back to 2014. Just the motivation I needed today! Finished with #tonedarmsandabs and I just got back from a Target run 🎯 because I was out of @toneitupnutrition protein and pretty much everything else! Can't wait to make the slimdown mini muffins. I've missed my protein smoothies and muffins so much ❤️ Have an amazing day! #TIUteam #TIUnc #TIUcharlotte #TIUmom #TIUcommunity #TIUplan #TIUcarolinas #leancleangreen #TIUgirl #OTF #LGsisters @toneitup #TIUdoesLG #nocoverupsquad #LaurasLookingLeanandMean2017 #LGaccountability @laurengleisberg #otffamily #TIUdoesOTF #tiuotfgirls #orangetheorynation #tiu30plus #150bysummer #tiubikiniseries #tiuhumpday #humpday

:: When you feel like crap - whether you've got a headaches, allergies, or in my case ➡️ poison ivy 😳 - do you ever feel like you're drawn to eating more C R A P?
Ever since my poison ivy took off this week, I've not only missed a couple workouts because I just felt terrible all over 👎🏼, but I've also been making poor food choices. ::> Here's what's important to remember<::
We're all human!! ➡️With that being said, it really is amazing to see how the body reacts to crap.
Monday was my first day of feeling icky & I didn't feel like prepping food, so instead I ate on the fly.
n I also want to point out that if you are ever in a pinch, there are “healthier” options. BUT, I know myself, and I will 9/10 choose the WORST possible option.
Breakfast: Dunkin Donuts – Egg and Cheese on a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel and Medium coffee with syrup AND cream and sugar
Lunch: Chick Fil A Sandwich and Fries
I don’t even remember what I had for dinner, all I remember is that I felt exhausted, bloated, and I was dragging.
You’re probably looking at my food and rolling your eyes – “That’s not bad! You’re crazy Christa.” So let me explain a couple of things. First, where is the nutritional value in this food?
Second, I am used to eating very clean on a normal basis, so drastically switching up my food like this has a HUGE impact on how I feel.

When I used to eat like this on a regular basis (because I did), I didn’t notice the fatigue, it was NORMAL. Once I cleaned up my diet, and began eating foods that energized me and fueled me, I IMMEDIATELY notice when I put that stuff in my body.
Food is MORE than just calories to me – and it really should be the same for you.
I used to get through my days in a fog because of what I was eating, and that’s NOT the way I want to live. I don’t want to crash at 2 in the afternoon, I don’t want to feel icky. “Eating healthy is hard.” ANYTIME you chance your habits it’s hard. Being sick and lethargic, those things are hard.
Meal prep DOES get easier, it just takes time & sometimes someone to help you make sense of it all ☺️

I remember when I used to hate breakfast.
I had gotten it in my head that eating breakfast only made me sick -
- it was more my breakfast choices that made me feel icky. -
Having a M E A L P L A N laid out for me every single day helps me make better choices. Eating well doesn't have to be hard ✌🏼
Now I couldn't imagine starting my day without it :: plus, I'll use any excuse to eat PB 😜 ::

Slim down aborted. Congrats to all of you still on board, but I knew I was going to jump ship tomorrow for my anniversary any way and I really wanted toast. So... keeping it lean and clean just not 7DSD approved. Caught up with the workouts from yesterday today for #tiubootycall - all 3 workouts were so good! Happy Hump Day! #Tiuteam #tiucheckin #tiu #tiugirl #bestbodyever #toneitup #tiucarolinas #tiucommunity #tiugreenville @toneitup #tiubikiniseries #bikiniseries #cleaneating #lcg #fitspo #fitness

We've been through a lot, you and me.
Almost 10 years of memories, stories, decisions - good & bad, mistakes, victories...I wouldn't change a thing because then we might now be who we are today.
We definitely didn't always understand what a healthy lifestyle was - not when we were out drinking multiple times a week, and downing mac n cheese and pizza at all hours.
But when we finally fingered it out, and realized what was best for us, we embraced it and never looked back.
Now that lifestyle is normal.
We do healthy because we want to be healthy.
Each year we grow and we change, but we are always doing it together.
Here's to many more amazing years ahead of us❤️

Late post but I did workout today. Bootycall was the new #7DSDworkout and my #pmwo was a 3 mile run on the Cooper River bridge. And then I went on an awesome #TIUsushidate with @tiu_mm_ and @tiu_kayla13 ❤. It was a great Tuesday!! @toneitup #toneitup #tiu #tiucheckin #tiubootycall #tiupmwo #tiubeachbabes #tiucharlestonladies #tiurun #tiurunner #tiurunnergirl #halfmarathontraining #whatifirunwithyou #wiirwy #runcharleston #tiucharleston #tiuchs #tiusouthcarolina #tiucarolinas #tiusc

Our "perfect" penguin pebble ❤️ ::> Second Anniversary 6/20/15 "Your Personal Penguin by Sandra Boynton

I like you a lot.
You're funny and kind.
So let me explain
What I have in mind.
I want to be your personal penguin.
I want to walk right by your side.
I want to be your personal penguin.
I want to travel with you far and wide.

Over the years, penguins have became known as a symbol of monogomy, loyalty and strength. There's definitely something amazing about their enduring partnerships and their lifelong love even in one of the harshest places on earth.

But there's more. The male penguins even propose! When he has found the one he wants to waddle through life with, he searches the entire beach for the perfect pebble. And after he spots the smoothest, most perfect pebble, he picks it up and waddles over to her, and places the pebble at her feet. If she chooses to decline his proposal, she leaves it there. If she accepts his proposal, she picks it up and they proceed to build their nest and share a lifetime of love."
📷 Brady Turski

So excited for today's mail...my @bookofthemonthclub book is here 🎉🎉 now time to finish up my current reads so I can get started 😂 #tiuteam #tiuchapelhill #tiucarolinas #tiudownsouth #tiubikiniseries #tiurdubookclub

When the local burrito place puts together a killer meal 😍 Good enough that it last for 2 meals. And BONUS, they use locally grown veggies🙌🏼 De-lish!

Happy day 2️⃣ of #7dsd .... woke up feeling great! I was so tired still from yesterday though because I wore myself out. I ended up falling asleep on the couch for an hour and a half before heading to bed. But woke up feeling less bloated and not groggy. So heck yea! .
I got my bootycall in of Sandy Sweat HIIT and the new 7dsd workout routine. I plan on doing the daily toning moves later this afternoon. Breakfast was protein pancake with strawberries and agave syrup (my maple syrup was higher in calories and sugar) and a little bit of coconut chips for a crunch and a coconut water. I love how coconut water helps you feel better after a hard workout. I love it and never thought I would. . I hope you have a great Tuesday everyone!
#tiu #tiuteam #tiucheckin #tiucommunity #tiubikiniseries #tiumom #tiuwife #tiuworkout #tiugirls #tiubootycall #tiutuesday #tiunorthcarolina #tiucarolinas #tiugreensboro #tiunc #karenakatrina @toneitup

Thank you for being my perfect match❤️
Two down, forever to go -
Happy Anniversary ❤️❤️
"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone who's weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." - Dr Seuss

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