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Hi I’m Sam & I’m Absurd Human Being. Like for realz guys! The other night I was experiencing some serious TOMS, Self-Doubt & the emotional hormones were on HIGH. I was trying to myself that while I had experienced body dysmorphia in the past, it was in the PAST. That I saw myself as I really was now & so I went to sleep thinking while I have been sick the last few weeks and my progress may have digressed a bit, I was okay. Then I woke up this morning & was like GIRL, YOU CRAY! Like for realz! What are you thinking! You have been SICK! STAHHHP hating on yourself. You have taken a rest period cause you NEEDED rest! You are listening to your body! You are healing & recovering and there’s nothing wrong with a little TLC. Then I saw all your amazing comments & reminded myself how silly I was being & decided to jump out of bed & remind myself of how far I have travelled over the last 18 months! This journey is full of highs & lows & sometimes our hormones & body perceptions can get in the way. It saddens me to think how I saw myself other night, but it is a reminder that I’m still working on self-love. Somedays it’s easy, other days we can be blind to how BEAUTIFUL we are! Cause if you didn’t know, You are Beautiful. RIGHT NOW! In your current state. You were beautiful yesterday and you will be just as beautiful tomorrow. I had a clouded sense of self and so I decide to move on. TBH I argued with my dad for 10 minutes last night about wanting to start working out again and he told me that he thought if I pushed myself too soon I’d end up sick again. So I committed to taking the rest of the week off because working out today & being sick for two more weeks isn’t worth it. It’s not a race. There is no deadline. The whole point of BBG & the program @Kayla_Itsines & @Tobi_Pearce created isn’t to get fit in X amount of weeks, it’s to bring like-minded, encouraging, amazing babes together to be healthy and happy & to live the best life possible! That’s what I’m doing! Aiming to live the best life possible! I ❤Hope you will join me!
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The good news-- these dark chocolate peanut butter cups are so easy to make and even better to eat 😋 The bad new-- my husband likes them just as much as I do 😩 The goal -- teach him how to make them himself!

Melt 1/2 bag @enjoylifefoods dark chocolate morsels with 1 tsp @harvestbay organic coconut oil. Place a small amount in the bottom of silicone tray. Use utensil to get chocolate on the sides of each cup. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes. Top with @crazyrichardspb pb (I used crunchy) and remaining chocolate on top. Place back in freezer for 2 hours before popping them out and into your mouth!

Mountain climber good/bad form video! The top video was from February 2016 and bottom is after my form improved. Notice my arms are not perpendicular to the ground and are slanted, making me lean back more. This in turn made it "easier" yet I wasn't getting the full benefit of the exercise! I improved this by keeping my arms perpendicular (hands under shoulders) and and engaging my core to give my body a better workout!

I love videos! Why? Because you can 1 check your form and 2 see the small changes along the way. It's amazing how much we change and grow over a period of time. #fitnesstransformation #caligirlgetsform #mountainclimbers

TOAST VIBESSS this Friday!!🏄🏻‍♀️✌🏼 I'm sooo into this avo toast with a poached turmeric freakin EGG🤑 thanks to @shutthekaleup for posting a how to yesterday!!!🙏🏼💕 First you bring a pot of water to a boil, then add in turmeric, black pepper and I also added a dash of cayenne for spice🤗 Then carefully crack in the egg and boil for 3-5 mins depending on how runny you like the yolk! Topped my toast with kale pesto+ sliced avo+ lemon+ chili flakes+ sea salt on sourdough🍞 and for my sweet toast I slathered it in vanilla ghee+ PB+ banana+ cacao honey drizz and cardamom✨

Finally sitting down after a busyyyyyy day! Anyone watching March Madness?! Who do you guys think is going to the final four?! Since I'm from CT, my family and I are all big uconn fans. Unfortunately they didn't make it to the tourney this year, but I still love watching the games 🏀🎉 To celebrate March Madness @bluemooseofboulder is having an amazing giveaway 🙌🏻 Head to their page to enter to win a prize pack of snacks for the big game. All ya gotta do is follow @bluemooseofboulder and post a pic to share how you're snackin' 😋 Don't forget to tag #MooseMadness2017 & 2 of your favorite snackers 👯 Bonus points if you snack with the moose! 🦌 .
What am I snacking on?! Cucumber and hummus bites! So simple and quick to make 🤗 Made with 1 cucumber, cherry tomatoes, parsley, crumbled feta cheese, & @bluemooseofboulder roasted red pepper hummus 😍🥒🍅

Ending the week/day with a super early dinner in hopes of hittin the sack as soon as the kids go to sleep. 🙌🏼 Clean out fridge salad tonight with some romaine, carrots, cucumber slices, red peppers, almonds and instapot chicken breast. Topped my salad with @primalkitchenfoods ranch dressing and added shredded cheese after I snapped my pic. Had a very stressful and exhausting week which totally caught up to me today. 😳😱🙊 So the plan is to get the kids to bed, eat some chocolate and go to bed all before 8:30 😴
Hope everyone has an awesome night!!

Zucchini boats😍
📸: @secretsquirrelfood
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Uglyyyy oatmeal but HAPPY Friday! Post quick workout- sometimes you're feeling it, sometimes you're not! Got in some LISS and some abs for my 5th workout of the week 🙏🏻

Gym and juice! 🍏💪 Two of my favorite things comin' together thanks to head-to-toe @CALIAbyCarrie activewear! 💚 Loving the little details in this gear -- fun snakeskin panels on the leggings, a criss-cross strappy sports bra, a two-tone perforated hat to easily disguise sweaty hair and a flowy tank that can easily be worn loose or tied up for a workout or a quick juice run! #CALIAbyCarrie #StayThePath #ad⠀


Smoothie bowl Saturday! Getting in some healthy eats prior to Yoga Teacher Training! #tiu #tiuteam #ytt @toneitup #smoothiebowls

This is the guarded squat I was bragging about the other day. Wednesday I was able to do the move for the full 30 seconds, yesterday, not so much. I don't know if it was because my muscles were still sore from the previous workout or if it was because I knew I was recording this workout and I could feel my belly jiggle and with a shirt too short (tall girl probs) I felt self conscious. You can see that I stopped to adjust my shirt a couple times to make sure you guys wouldn't see any belly blubber.
I have always been self conscious about my belly. I have never really had that 'flat' belly. I always had that 'pooch'. And now after having a baby, that 'pooch' is not only bigger but it's not toned what's so ever. So while I was doing this move yesterday, all I could think about and feel was how my belly was jiggling, and hoped that nothing was sticking out from under my shirt. I know I shouldn't think like that but it's been an issue for me ever since I can remember. I just have to remember I am a work in progress and my body has made a human! I can't be so hard on it! But when I go into my closet every morning to get dressed and hardly anything fits anymore, it's hard not to think that.
And as I am writing this, I know that I am working hard to change. I am moving in the right direction and if I stay consistent with my workouts and get my nutrition under control, results will follow. I just need to keep reminding myself that my results will come and I must change my mindset about my self image.
Us as females are amazing at what our bodies can do by growing little humans and I can't forget that. We are strong and positive self talk goes a LONG way! I need to take my own advice and stop all the negative thoughts!

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One of my all time favorite protein snacks! I eat a couple of these before bedtime usually when I'm craving something SWEET and FILLING!
1 cup peanut butter
1 1/3 cup protein powder (I used @mrm_usa Egg White Protein in French Vanilla. Get 40% off of your entire supplement order with code SIA at checkout at www.mrm-usa.com

Combine all ingredients in small bowl. Mix until a thick dough forms. Consistency should be similar to dry playdough.
Store in an air tight container in the fridge for up to one week.

My smoothie bowl runneth over 😂 Seriously, though, this is really yummy and super tropical! 🍍🍓 Had a little bit too much 🍷last night, so I'll be keeping my meals #lcg today!
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Went out to dinner last night, and felt #tiugreatful wearing my dress🥂💃🏼taking selfies are not my strong point though...🤣😂
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Saturday Morning Grind

Breakfast this morning ☀️😛 It's a beautiful day and I woke up with the intense craving for this exact combo 👌🏻 1 fried egg in ghee 🍳 , sautéed mushrooms 🍄, fresh arugula 🌿, 1/4 Avocado 🥑 , and a slice of @daveskillerbread Good Seed Bread 🍞 🙌🏻😍 Getting ready for my workout this afternoon at @igovigor with Celeb trainer Eve Overland! (She's best known for training Carrie Underwood on the road and I'm pumped to learn how to get those legs 😏) if you're in #Nashville , You can still sign up online if you click the link in their bio! I'll be there passing out @gomacro bars for everyone to try 😎 Happy Saturday everyone! .
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what has a tiny bun, a crazy mindset and sweat all over?? this girl 💁💁 headed out early this morning for some miles outside since the weather wasn't actually freezing for once. took the second half inside because I just wanted to zone out and not worry about cars, crazy people, etc. total mileage: 11. dont ask me why I picked 11 today because i dont know, but I'm definitely okay with it. Trying to spend my days running for fun vs. all out training for something and I think I like it better this way. Spending the rest of the day lounging andd trying to stay off of these little legs.

What a beautiful spring day🌸🌻 the sun is shining! I'm going to spend some of it sat in the garden since it feels warm, roll on summer💛
Popped into town to get a book for my momma for tomorrow's mother's day 💞 'Women who run with wolves'. Picked up a green juice on the way 🌱🌱🌱🌱
@karenakatrina @toneitup #tiu #toneitupteam #toneitup #tiunj #tiusisters #tiuhoboken #tiuuk #tiunyc #tiunj #lookforlove #tiubride 💍 💍 💍

✔️preworkout ✔️pineapple bun
✔️new olive green tank
Ready to rock and roll 😎#teamlivefit

In your career, are you being the "boss" or "managing" or are you SERVING your team? I know the leader that I strive to be. I've seen and worked with some bad managers in the past & I know how MISERABLE that can be. It affects so many other areas of your life. I would go home from work mentally DRAINED everyday.
Now that I have my own team and we are a part of many growing teams, I strive to be the best leader I can for our team and I LOVE to see other girls step up and become leaders too. It's not MY team, it's OUR team and we are all in it together to help SERVE others 💖 dang just saying that makes me feel so blessed to be a part of something so special.
I'm looking for 5 additional LEADERS to join our team. Who am I looking for?
➖Someone who has a HEART to help others with their health & fitness ➖Someone who feels they are meant to SERVE others but just maybe doesn't know how to
➖ Someone who is busy but gets sh*t done 😉 because we're all busy right?! But we make time for what matters ➖Someone who is self-motivated and wants to work part-time hours on their OWN schedule to build something substantial
➖ Someone who is serious about their work but also know how to take a break and have fun 😜💃🏼 Our new coach mentorship training starts this week. If any of the above describe you, I'd love to talk with you and see if it's a good fit for you or someone you know! Because Team Exceed the Dream is on FIRE lately 🔥and we can't WAIT to help SERVE more people with you 💖

My stomach has been killing me the past few days, so I decided this is the perfect opportunity for a #7DSD . I'm starting today with @lovesuja. Ideally I'd make my own lemon, cayenne, syrup mix, but I'm lazy.
Then I'm making eggs and cleaning out the fridge, getting recipes together, and grocery shopping.

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Work the boootay! This is killer if you add it to any workout!!! I did and I am not regretting it even though I am sore I loved the extra moves! 😊 #movesoftheday 💪🏼
Do these 5 moves! I started from the left even though the vid is starting from the right! I also added weight for an extra burn!!! I have heard to do these 2 ways
Option 1:
Do each move for 30 seconds then repeat all moves 4 times and do that 3-4 times a week!
Option 2:
Do each move till you feel a burn and then do 10 more and then repeat 4 times and then 3-4 times a week!
The choice is yours as long as you do it!! 😊
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d o n ' t t r y t o s l o w m e d o w n

today's #bootycall : 🖐🏼 mile run ✅
yesterday was so busy I forgot to post! B I G things 🙌🏼 are in the works for me. Started off my morning with hot yoga followed by my favorite coffee and I had them add @perfectfit protein to my favorite green smoothie 😋 officially addicted! Today I'm going back for another ✌🏼plus if you have yet to groove to the new Beyoncé song shinning ✨check it out! It's currently my anthem 😎

#tiu #tiuteam #tiucommunity #dreamsetmake #tiunutritionplan #tiurunners @karenakatrina @toneitup

Lunch from 20 march - spinach, romaine, chickpeas (a whole 350 cal can), and a little feta cheese 😋. I love having a huge salad because it takes a good amount of time to munch on all the veg, and its fiber keeps me going until snack time 🥒.

Love that running is such an easy way to stay active even when we are away for the weekend.

Less than two hours of sleep😴 and airport travel🛩 with your mom calls for Einstein Brothers👌🏼 --
Bagels and people-watching👀, what an excellent combination on this Saturday morning!☀️😉Happy Weekend!

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