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Day 4

Name: Olisa Ashibuogwu
Nickname: Olis
DoB: 28/10
He's our designer and art director at TISV Digital.
Origin: Delta

Favorite quote: "If you stay ready, you ain't got to get ready". #King #Beard #Smile #Designer #Art #Digital #TISV

There’s something we’ve been wanting to tell you, our followers, for a while now. #swipetosee

A success chat with one of our most priced client, is a great way to end the week. Our continued commitment to delivery quality service remains unshaken.

Nothing compares to the strength and efficiency teamwork provides.

You probably already know it, there are hundreds of immigrant West Africans being sold into slavery in Libya 🇱🇾 right this second. Let’s be the voice that stands against this inhuman injustice. #africansarenotforsale

Our client @myfcmb, tasked us to create an animated video to communicate their online account opening process takes only 4 minutes to get your account number.

Having amazing #techgirls working @tisv.digital is only half of it. Having fun is the other half. The week is too short to worry about timelines only. At #tisv, we have fun, we regret nothing.

There are 20 slots in the #FCMBFlexxtern 2.0 contest.
We have partnered with top organizations in different sectors of the economy to help you take that bold step to launch the career of your dream!
What are you waiting for?
Apply now! Visit bio👆🏽
#FCMBFlexx #CustomerServiceWeek #FCMB #MyBankAndI
#TISV #Digital

Applying for the #FCMBFlexxtern 2.0 contest is easy.
Simply follow these steps.
1. Record a 45-second video telling us why you should be an #FCMBFlexxtern.
2. Upload the video on your YouTube channel using the hashtag #FCMBFlexxtern
3. Visit bio👆🏽to submit your entry on the #FCMBFlexxtern portal
4.Share your entry link with your friends and family to vote for you. Remember, the higher your votes, the higher your chances of winning.
Entries to the #FCMBFlexxtern contest closes on the 22nd of October, 2017.
For more information about #FCMBFlexxtern 2.0, visit bio👆🏽
#FCMBFlexxtern #FCMBFlexx #CustomerServiceWeek #FCMB #MyBankAndI
#TISV #Digital

New Movie Alert: Orange VS Orange.

Premiering today is the movie we have all been waiting for. Visit the nearest TISV Studio close to you for a taste of this mind blowing experience.

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Eid.

Hip hip hip hooray!
We were live at the head office to celebrate the 10 years Anniversary of our wonderful client @Cordros. We wish you more successful years ahead.

This is one of the reasons why we love Frydays. Because of the weekend, they tend to feel like a mini vacay.
When boredom hits at work, it's only plantains that can take them away. Another reason why Frydays are blessed, because they are made for frying plantains.
You just have to love this lifestyle of plantains!
Happy World Plantain Day! 📷: @tisv.digital ・・・
Sometimes on the job, we find ourselves in busy situations and only one thing can lighten us up. Dodo!

#tisv #dodogang #WorldPlantainDay #Plantain #Plantains #PlantainLovers #Instafood #Foodporn #FriedPlantain #Plantains #Instafood #foodie #DodoLover #DodoIsLife #DodoIsBae #AfricanFood #DodoGangEndorsed #DodoGang

Sometimes on the job, we find ourselves in busy situations and only one thing can lighten us up. Dodo!

#tisv #dodogang

Don't deprive the world of the creativity inside you. Pass it on.

#tisv #creatives

Each tisv member brings a valuable skill and a unique creative gift.
#tisv #team

Stay strong, keep growing.

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