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A tired soul carrying an effortless smile. ❤

#tiredsoul #effortlesssmile

Every glorious Pre-dawn morning I wake up and think to myself. " Do I look homeless or cute?" I've decided I'll go with it.... #homelesschic #internhairdontcare #tiredsoul #iwokeuplikethis #noreallyidid

You know I’m old in some ways-in others-well, I’m just a girl. I like sunshine and pretty things and cheerfulness-and I dread responsibility. 🙈 #tiredsoul #sundayvibes #sundaymood

#tiredsoul 😱😱

tired soul who wants the exams to be over 🌸#tiredsoul#cannotwait#2examsleft#fackthis


Our old and tired souls will be sold as a classic to one side of the road. #roadtrip #classiccars #CA #mylifeisanexpedition #canonphoto #californiadreaming #bnwseries #tiredsoul

During my early teens, I forgot how to fall asleep. I would lie awake worrying about something I said that day, or thinking about what I needed to do the next day. Sometimes I was just excited about a project and couldn't relax. Other times I was anxious and tense.

I started taking sleeping pills. These helped on the first night I took them, but I would wake up feeling groggy. On the second night, they made no difference at all. So I bought different brands and types and alternated them. Yet I still lay awake for hours each night.

One night, I was worrying about a job interview I had the next day. I could feel my heart rate increase more and more, until I worried that I was going to give myself a heart attack (these things always seem more probable in the dark!). I realised I needed to calm myself down and quickly. I mentally scanned for the most relaxing thought I could muster.

I remembered how calm I had felt when I was on holiday in Corfu. I focused on remembering every detail. The next thing I knew, I had fallen deep asleep and woken up the next morning. I felt half-human - more refreshed than I had in years. I was hooked.

From then on I chose a relaxing scene or memory which I would focus on that night. I started collecting the scenarios that worked - along with any practical tips that helped, too. Over the next ten years, I refined my list of sleep tactics.

Those tactics form the basis of my new book, ‘Go To Sleep: Peaceful Thoughts for Active Minds’ (link in bio). It contains everything you need to learn how to fall asleep again - easily and naturally. It’s full of muted, sleep-friendly colours and beautiful illustrations by the amazing Sophie Carpenter. It's the book that would've helped me ten years ago.

Read the full story on the @GoToSleepBook Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GoToSleepBook/posts/319453778483683:0

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came back to my fav local food #cheechongfun #sgfoodie #foodiesg #foodography #eatsingapore hello singapore, i am back tentatively #tiredsoul

Thinking too much and feeling too deeply. What a dangerous combination....

Home sweet home!
Einfach mal die Seele baumeln lassen und versuchen an nichts zu denken.
Mein sicherer und ruhiger Hafen.
#homesweethome🏡 #saturday #tiredsoul #chaosimkopf #inked #tattoos #tattooforlife #colourofme #chillen #instagoodnight #instagram

Getting ready for tonight's Champagne and Chocolate Pairing Party 🥂🍫🌷There's just something about flowers!!! 🌷❤️🌟 Are you a #tiredsoul who feels like she is not living everyday to the maximum, living to her fullest potential?
I am building a Sisterhood of Empowered women who together are locking arms and working on becoming not only the best version of themselves, but connecting to their higher self, an feeling empowered and alive everyday of their lives.

This has not been and will continue not to be an easy task, but I know that the #dancingsouls out there that need our help, our guidance and our teachings will have the courage to let #fear out of their lives and start living an empowered life filled with love.
I cannot wait to transform the lives of 1000's of women and show them that life is truly beyond amazing and that they can achieve all that they desire into their lives. Life does not have to be sad and depressing, we are depressed when we do not have or cannot achieve something we want.
Our #dancingsouls are ready to learn the ways and live life differently while learning how to control their minds, take action and ACHIEVE with BELIEF. 🌟

I transformed my life from "nada" to a whole lotta! Let's change lives and live everyday to our fullest potential. You ALL deserve it!

Where my #dancingsouls at?
#mindsetsndwellnesscoach #motivationalspeaker #transforminglives #buildingdreams #alloutoflove

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