בוקר שכזה שהתחיל ב 4👶😔

Sat admiring my ceiling rose while I practically inject coffee into my veins 🙈 babies with coughs on a night are a very baaaaad thing 😴
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4kk hulinat + hampaiden teko = nukutaan sitten haudassa 😂👌🏼 #tiredmom

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Hi! Thanks for peeking in my food diary! I have been a gluttonous meat eater my whole life. 3 months ago I made the change to eliminate meat from my diet and It surprisingly was not difficult. I actually do not miss 🥓 or 🥩 which is what I thought would be the hardest giving up. I always tell people that I eat whatever I want to eat, I just choose to not eat meat...And boy was I eating & drinking everything! My family and I spent 2 weeks on vacation and this picture was taken during it, just last week. I feel that I look like a different person from who I have known myself to be: A healthy, disciplined person who accomplishes goals. But now I’m the tired mom, who eats scraps from her kids plates, drinks wine after they go to bed, and then sneaks in ice cream as my final meal (because that is something that does not require cooking or dirtying a dish). Then I’m tired and ragged the next day, and my jeans don’t fit. 😖This isn’t who I am.
I’m learning that My body is addicted to sugar and refined grains. I need that sweetness after a meal, and that piece of bread with a salad... once a merely a mild pizza-liker, I’m now a pizza-obsesser. My kids & I have pizza literally everyday—it’s what they ask for! I oftentimes feel tired after a meal and would require a nap, which just isn’t possible.
Currently, Im working out 3x a week: just light strength training 2x a week, and cardio 1-2x a week. Nothing crazy... I have been reading dr. Jason Fungs #theobesitycode and am now on day 2 of #intermittentfasting Diet (16:8) along with a low carb, no sugar, high fat (keto) diet. I’m hoping to learn a new way of enjoying food as a vegetarian, and not be so reliant on carbs & sugar to fill me up.
If you happen to read all that, thanks for reading and stopping by. 😀
SW: 145
CW: 145
GW: 130 👏

Guten Morgen! Irgendwie werde ich die paar Stunden Arbeit noch überstehen #müdemüderich #tiredmom ...Kennt ihr das? Sobald man offiziell verkündet hat #schwanger zu sein, scheint der Bauchumfang auf einmal zu explodieren😆 Ich gehöre ja nicht zu den glücklichen Schwangeren, die einfach nur aussehen, als hätten sie nur einen Ball verschluckt und wo ich mich insgeheim immer frage, wie da überhaupt ein ganzes Baby reinpasst😜...Ich sehe immer so aus als wären es Zwillinge (ja, das wurde ich damals schwanger mit der Maus auch öfters gefragt 😉) und gehöre zum #teamgestrandeterwal ,wobei ich ja dank #hahaha anhaltender Übelkeit und damit verbundenen Gewichtsverlust (und da fühl ich mich schon leicht vera.....😂) immer noch kein Extrakilo zugenommen habe, aber wie gesagt, ich ahne Schreckliches 😱😱😱 #18ssw #septemberbaby #momof3tobe #pregnant #preggo #schwanger #babybump #babybelly #kidsart #kidsdrawing #liebeimbauch #babyloading #momoftwo #mylife #workingmom

Today was long and stressful... nothing a little ice cream and Sex and the City can’t fix😌 #sickkids #tiredmom

Delayed repost from @nozi_fitmom_inprogress 👸🏽😍 who tagged us on her ESCAPE 💆🏽
"Finally mastered floating. Now for the swimming 🏊 bit!" #zanzibar i bet you also wish to go back Mama😜

“I’M A QUITTER...I'll admit it! I quit sports, jobs, hobbies, diets, workouts, college...I even quit Plexus.🙊 Yep, that's right I quit the one thing that has completely changed mine and my family's lives the first time around. I didn't see immediate results, I didn't feel completely better in a month and we were a family of 6 on one income...yes, I felt small changes, but it wasn't enough...so I quit.🤦 It wasn't until I quit that I realized how much those products were actually working! How they were working hard on #healing the INSIDE of my body first! I am so thankful I gave these all natural products a second shot because I've not only gone from a size 12 to a size 4 (buh bye 44lbs💃) but my #health has done a complete 180°...if you knew all things I suffered from before Plexus you would be AMAZED that I no longer suffer from them! No more zombie #mom, crabby #wife or broken body!!!!🙌 But, non of this happened over night! Let's be real, my body/your body DID NOT get #unhealthy, #overweight or #sick over night...it happened over time. So stop expecting your body to be healed overnight. It takes time and CONSISTENCY!!!!!! DO NOT QUIT... because even if you don't see it...IT IS working!!👊🏻😊”. Love what Amanda shared...so true!
#dontbeaquitter #stopquittingandseewhathappens #homeschoolmom #bethechange #tiredmom

Funny how my days structure around milk...nursing, pumping, having enough time to do either while also trying to work and even start to ride my bike again, etc. I still stay up nights nursing Vivie to help her sleep. It’s exhausting. I’m exhausted. And yet I’m dreading weaning. I’m blissfully...exhausted. I don’t even know...but this was the stress ball of choice today. #breastfeedingmom #tiredmom

You know that moment when you get the kids in bed, you pour a glass of wine, turn on Property Brothers ... and you hear “MOMMY!!!” 😩🤯

I am just an exhausted mom, ditching reading time, looking at the folded laundry, thinking about having an açaí bowl while watching Homeland with no interruptions... what a dream! •
What would you love to do with no one saying “MOM!”?

I really want to know... #momlife #momoftwo .
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Sleepless nights are frequent companions to young parents. It's not your baby's fault, she is trying to adjust to the new world... When you finally rocked your baby to sleep and you feel overwhelmed. You'd like to put your baby to bed, but you are not sure if it will work or if it will lead to another hour of rocking and walking around the house.

You are ready to sleep standing up... You sit down quietly on an armchair, and... that's where your SleepBelt comes to help! Gently cover your baby with the SleepBelt and fix it.
Now you can have your well-deserved rest with your baby... Are you ready for the peaceful sleep? Follow the link in bio.
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There’s nothing like the feeling of fresh hair! 💁🏼‍♀️ And...I have to say...I’m loving the blonde!! Also, I‘m pretty sure my hair is the longest it’s ever been, and despite how often I color it, my hairdresser can’t believe how healthy it is! 🙌🏻Thank you daily Superfoods! 😉

...April Showers and Spring Tide are our Colour Pops for this month, so if you like either one (or both😉) check out the link in my bio and grab them before the month ends! Or let me know what you would like and I'll be more than happy to help you get your order in.
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