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When even b&w can’t hide how tired you look haha 🙄🙄 .
14 hour night bus from Sihanoukville to Battambang. I looked even more tired this morning following the journey 😴 everyone says how much you’ll love travelling but never how tired it makes you 😒
#nightbus #cambodia #travel #battambang #tiredallthetime #travellingisexhausting #yesthatsadoublebed #thankgodimtravellingwithsaul

Smiling cuz it’s Friday and i can sleep in tomorrow! Yaaas! #friday #happyday #sleepinsaturday #tiredallthetime #pregoproblems #smile #behappy #selfie

Too bad I can only have one of these.

How I've felt all day #tiredallthetime

And proud of it, too

I’m so happy that my friend Allison doesn’t have to feel run down & stressed anymore!!! 😴😩 I can personalize attest to the fact that having more energy while caring for little ones is a game changer!!! Here is her story: “Nobody that knew me back then knew how old and tired and rundown I felt.
My body was so tired, my mind was scattered. 6 miscarriages had wrecked my hormones. A very busy life had worn my body down. And stress and years of the Standard American Diet and antibiotics had destroyed my gut.

Despite my best efforts (and they were many...elimination diets, herbs, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, etc), I felt old, looked tired, and my stomach hurt ALL the time. That’s all just pretty normal for a mom of little’s right?


It took me awhile to admit it, but I KNEW these natural supplements my friend shared with me would work. And it HAS! Two and a half years later, I wish I’d had it that extra 7 months that I was being stubborn! 🌿🍉🍋🍇 No more terrible digestive issues anytime I feel stress or eat bread. No more nights laying on the bathroom floor in a fetal position. No more mornings laying on the couch while my kids fend for themselves. The stress is WAY less! Hormones are great! And the FOG has lifted!" #rundown #hormones #miscarriage #tiredmom #tiredallthetime #stomachache #upsetbelly

Thinking about this WORKOUT WEDNESDAY stuff🤣🤣NOT!! Sleep all night and DAY 👍🏻👌💤💤💤 Happy Wednesday Friends!!❤️🤗💙😴😴#tiredallthetime #sleepbulldog #nottoday #wednesdaymood #bulldoglover #sleepyboy

Been meaning to put this one up because before reading it I thought I knew something about sleep... But I really didn't! Learned so much and it cured my insomnia. Besides making for an accessible discovery on the latest scientific research on sleep (why DO we, and all species, actually need to sleep? The book offers fascinating insights on the link of sleep and dreams to memory, emotions and perception amongst other things), it's also a very strong plea for society to finally take notice of the impact sleep and the loss of it has on our daily lives and on society as a whole (it's no secret that ever since the industrial revolution, society has grown more and more dismissive of our biological rhythms regarding sleep and waking up - and the author shows this ignorant dismissal leads each year to a huge loss both in lives, happiness and productivity). That chapter is a pretty tough read, but whether you're into intellectual or physical heavy lifting, whether you're young or old, and even if you don't have any trouble sleeping, this book has theoretical and practical answers (there's actual "sleep therapy" now apparently - and it works!) that you will want. If you have an elderly parent at risk for dementia or a young child, I particularly recommend you take a look. Included one doom and gloom slide, but the last ones are about the role dreams play in associative and creative leaps, a chapter I was particularly pleased about as it was in line with some of my research at the time 😊 Going to put a bunch of hashtags in a comment because even if this helps just one other person it's totally worth it 👍

The Littlest will be 10 months old tomorrow! Am I the only mom who won’t miss the baby stage and excited to see my youngest growing up?! Btw she’s still waking up once at night. #babiesarehardwork #tiredallthetime #mommaandbaby #growupalready lol

Yes please. Maybe some partying tho
#sloth #tiredallthetime #sleepislife

What I've done today... I've been sleeping, drinking way to much tea, cuddles with the furbabies, walking with Anna and diva and I decided to join the weight watchers. 😎 now I'm going to sleep again... tomorrow a new day 😴 #tiredallthetime

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