Instead of our traditional Tippe posts - today is going to be Tippe Tuesday feedback from @its.georgeeee who is one of our most engage, loyal & passionate followers! Here’s what he had to say about last weeks Tippe, hope you enjoy! “Your advice to never give up & be open to getting outside of your comfort zone. However, your main advice that I followed was to fish in overlooked urban places. The location that I was fishing has a lot of leisure boaters passing by, and I got some odd looks from them. Several people passed by and scoffed when I said I was fishing for Carp, & some even said that I wasn’t going to catch anything there!” I can’t come close to expressing how moved we are that a young angler like George would take our advice to heart, push himself out of his comfort zone & ultimately find a shared passion for a species that most people look down on. Keep pushing yourself man, your limits are endless! #tippetuesday #tippecanoefishing

Haaaappy Tippe Tuesday! If you are like us, then you know the all too real struggle of finding time to wet a line on the week nights. What we have done, and would HIGHLY recommend you doing, is utilize Google Maps to search for fishable water in your neighborhood. Often times, these urban fisheries are over looked by other anglers that are unaware of the opportunity/potential that could be at their finger tips! For instance, in the past 2 nights Joe and I have landed two species of Carp (mirror & common), Bullhead, LMB & even a Walleye! We urge you to put aside the stigma you may have given that body of water down the road, and challenge yourself to see how many different species you can find! #tippetuesday #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

Joe and I fished a combined total of 8 different bodies of water last week. They ranged from deep crystal clear lakes to murky scum covered ponds. One factor that remained consistent throughout, was the use of a Jerkbait. We could have smoked smaller males all day by throwing a chatterbait/spinnerbait, but for some reason the females were keying in on the erratic motion of a Jerkbait. Let’s us know which species you would like to see us target for next week’s Tippe Tuesday! #tippetuesday #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

For those of you paying attention, we apologize for missing this week’s Tippe Tuesday and want to make it up to you with a Tippe Thursday! If you are looking for a shallow running & fairly weedless bait that puts fish in the boat - give a chatterbait a try. Another unique feature of this bait is that you can pitch/flip it like a football jig or other similar styles of jigs. If you get caught up in the grass give it a good POP (hopefully braided line) and it should free it up from any debris. Personally we prefer natural or darker color patterns, but that doesn’t mean other color patterns won’t work for you! #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

This week’s Tippe Tuesday is specifically directed to all students enduring finals week, and/or anyone dealing with copious amount of stress/anxiety. You don’t need us to preach about the doctoral means of handling these emotions, so we will leave that up to the professionals and get right to the point. Whether you’re able to allocate 10 minutes to go on a walk, 30 minutes for cruise on the ol bike, or if you’re lucky an hour of casting a local shoreline - you might just find that it’s exactly what you needed. For those of you who already set aside this time, what would you recommend to those looking for a little relief during a time of heightened emotion? #tippetuesday #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

HAPPY T-T-T-TIPPE Tuesday! If you have dabbled in the sport of Walleye fishing, then chances are pretty good that you’ve dealt with the struggle of being bit off by these toothy critters. Every angler has, & should have, their own preferences when it comes to deciding which line/leader they are going to run, however we still want to share a tried & true method that we use to mitigate this costly & annoying occurrence. Starting with the main line, we usually run 10-15 lb neutral colored 8-Carrier Braided line. When targeting Walleye, we will use a blood knot to tie a 24 inch piece of Fluoro leader that is anywhere from 6-12 lb test. Where the magic lies in this setup is actually when we get bit off a time or two - we immediately cut off the leader to run straight braid. Yes, this is not ideal for finicky ‘Eyes - but more times than not we are still able to find hook ups & more importantly stand a chance against a Pike if we play our cards right. In addition to saving money, tackle, & valuable time -braid also offers outrageous sensitivity and immediate response on hook sets as it lacks the stretch that is otherwise found in Mono and Fluoro lines. As we said earlier, this tactic is just what we have found to be & continues to be effective for our style fishing. We would love to hear what setups you prefer running, along with the added benefits that you gain from using it! #TippeTuesday #TippecanoeFishing

It’s our favorite day of the week, happy Tippe Tuesday! If you are an angler with the ambitions of mastering the tactics of Pike fishing, then Springtime is the season for you. Pre & post spawn, when water temps range from the mid 30’s to upper 50’s, is the BEST time of year to target this species. What you are looking for is funneling areas like channel edges, feeder streams, coulees, & points with moving water. Deadbait on a bobber is a well known method for finding trophy fish, however if that isn’t your preferred style, we found Jerkbaits like the Halloween patterned Shadow Rap to be extremely effective. For those of you that are already dialing in successful patterns, what baits are you having the most luck with? #tippecanoefishing #tippetuesday #staytippe

You won’t be needing a rod or reel for this week’s Tippe Tuesday! Sometimes life can hit us like a freight train. For some its the preparation for an oncoming ACT/SAT exam, others are scrambling to find a job following a soon to be college graduation, or maybe its not even career related and just specific to your personal life. Whatever it may be, we could all benefit from going to bed & getting up just hour or so earlier than usual - followed up by making a strong cup of joe. If you are lucky enough to be near open water, chances are pretty good that you wouldn’t have to venture too far before you found yourself witnessing a spectacular aerobatic show put on by either local or migrating waterfowl. You might chuckle to yourself, but slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life can sure bring you back home to where you need to be👌🏼#tippetuesday #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

Happy Tippe Tuesday!Depending on your local regulations, Springtime can be absolute riot for shore fishermen. Pike will usually be found basking in the sun of shallow bays while ice covers the deeper regions of the lakes. Along with throwing raps, spinnerbaits etc - there is one lure that is a must and that is a suspending jerkbait. Be sure to allow 10-15 second pauses between retrievals as Pike tend to examine a jerkbait for quite some time before committing in early Spring conditions. #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

One could say that this week’s Tippe Tuesday was learned the hard way😂 Unless you are USA Gold Medalist @jessiediggins you’re probably better off staying on the designated cross-country skiing trail! Each morning we skied to a natural spring in order to fill our bottles/buckets with drinking water. As each day passed we developed more and more confidence in our new found cross-country skiing skills, and of course on the last morning we had to put these skills test. Luckily nothing but his ego was hurt, after slowing it down you can see how close he was to almost taking a ski tip to the teeth! #tippetuesday #tippecanoeicefishing #tippecanoefishing

First and foremost, happy Tippe Tuesday! As many of you know, we were up in BWCA for the past few days where we not only learned new techniques when Lake Trout fishing, but we also learned about the different forms of transportation for our voyages across the ice. Both snow shoes and cross-country skis have their pros and cons, however after traveling over 4 miles both ways it was obvious that skis had the upper hand when towing gear on sleds. The motion of “gliding” rather than “stepping” requires less energy and is therefor much more sustainable over long distances. However, if backpacking is more of your style and you are lucky enough to have a good hard snow pack then snow shoeing might be your preferred method. Let us know if you have any questions about using either of these modes of transportation, or let us know if you have tried either of these primitive tactics of getting from point A to point B during the winter seasons! #tippetuesday #tippecanoeicefishing #tippecanoefishing

Happy T-T-Tippe Tuesday to all you fishing fanatics out there! Believe it or not, this plump Minnesota Sauger was caught by Scott Wilbur in open water just a few days ago. While fishing a pool, that is open year round for catch & release only, he posted up and pitched his 4” Walleye Assassin Paddle Tail into the shallows and slowly drug it along the break waiting for a “thump” in the line. Using this pattern, he was able to not only hook into this beauty, but also a couple very respectable Walleyes as well! #tippetuesday #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

This week’s Tippe Tuesday is brought to you by @fishin_beautician and focusing on the notorious Lake Trout! This time of year Lakers are moving in shallow and on the feed. They are keying in on any bait with the profile of Goby. A good bait to start with would be a @northlandtackle puppet minnow as you can see one perfectly lodged in snout of this peach! #tippetuesday #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

Alright Bass fishermen, this week’s Tippe Tuesday is for you! This time of year, it is essential to find a bay, shoreline or channel with green vegetation. These parts of a lake are going to be rich with oxygen and micro organisms which in turn draws in more forage for predator fish to feed on. Next step is to the punch a series of holes and get work! Don’t be afraid to switch up your presentation & size of bait, sometimes it can take a lot of effort to pattern what they are keying in on that day! #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing #staytippe

One controversial theory among anglers involves barometric pressure and the effect it has on water dwelling species. High pressure, anything over 30.00” of Mercury, is theorized to negatively impact feeding patterns of any fish with a swim bladder. However, if you can synchronize your outing with a dropping pressure (0.05” or more) you can set yourself up for an incredibly successful day on the water! #TippeTuesday #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing #staytippe

You already know what day it is, happy Tippe Tuesday! Walleye researchers on large bodies of water have found that some Walleye will migrate anywhere from 100 - 250 miles in one spawning cycle. What does this mean for us Walleye anglers? Just because we find a spot stacked with fish one day, it could just as easily be a ghost town the next. Stay mobile, utilize contour maps & keep your eyes on the sonar. @loganwaidelich unbelievable picture man, keep up the great work out there!

It’s that day of the week again, happy Tippe Tuesday! Whether you are bouncing from hole to hole or hunkered down in the ice shack, it’s always a good idea to have at least one Rattle Wheel or Tip up in the arsenal. Small to average sized fish typically won’t shy away from jigging baits, but trophy sized fish have seen it all and know to stay well clear. Thats where the natural presentation of live bait on a Rattle Wheel or Tip up has the upper hand on jigging baits. Next time you hit the ice try giving this method a shot, who knows you might just hook into that fish of a lifetime. #tippecanoeicefishing #tippecanoefishing

It’s that day of the week again, happy Tippe Tuesday! The juice has been Tungsten Micro jigs tipped with Mustache worms or Gulp Euro Larvae suspended in the water column about 6 ft off the bottom. Presenting your bait above the active school entices the more aggressive fish to swim up and more times than not to take a wack at your bait. If that doesn’t get em, slowly work the bait down to the school and then delicately rework it higher and higher above the school watching your electronics to see if one is following you up. If this doesn’t work, your last ditch effort is to drop the bait all the way down and give it a few knocks on the bottom, sometimes they will come in and slurp it up off the bottom in between jigs. Be patient, enjoy the process of learning the bite and most importantly never give up! #tippetuesday #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

It’s that day of the week again, happy Tippe Tuesday! We have had quite a few inquiries regarding tips and tricks for the oncoming ice fishing season. We want to extend the invitation for anyone to reach out to us if you should have any questions about targeting certain species, differences between styles of baits, or even just general questions about how to get started when fishing on the ice. You can simply leave a comment or drop us a DM at anytime and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can!

Once again, happy Tippe Tuesday! Although we still don’t recommend going out this early in the year, we are going to share a few Ice-Safety tips that we use to keep us safe throughout the Ice Fishing season. First, contact local bait shops/fishing resorts for current ice conditions. Even if they give you the green light, make sure to ALWAYS pack an ice chisel & retractable Ice spikes. As you use the chisel to check for thin ice & weak spots, take it one step further and drill a hole roughly every 50-100’ taking time to measure the ice thickness as you begin to proceed. It is never fun to think about, but we are always prepared for the worse case scenario by wearing @frabillfishing ice cleats & ice picks which not only ensure that we are equipped with the necessary tools for survival, but also restore the confidence that early ice can take away. #tippetuesday #tippecanoefishing

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