Seth was at his uncle’s cabin. Their family has a pontoon, Jet Ski, couple paddle boards & anything else you could think of. However there wasn’t a tube or anything to ride on behind the Jet Ski. Luckily they found a tow rope & decided to try wake/paddle boarding behind the jet ski. Turns out others have tried this and put it on YouTube! Have/would you ever try this? Be aware - it’s harder than you’d think! #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

This little bruiser’s eyes were bigger than his stomach! Had an amazing weekend of filming at the cabin - just for a taste of what’s to come - we got underwater footage of an old beaver dam, stand up paddle board-wake boarding behind a jet ski & and of course tons in the fishing category! #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

We can’t thank you enough for all the comments/guesses that came in yesterday! A few honorable mentions - @bdatres & @a_dude_and_a_canoe nailed it! Seth was using a bright orange/yellow willow bladed spinner with a @bitemebaitscustomlures bright pink Mr. Twister trailer! Excuse the swimmers in the background - some prioritize leisure over fishing - not us though! #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

You may have thought about it to yourself, but no one took a swing in the comments on the last post! The next body of water had a max depth of 6ft with little to no structure - we found the most success when throwing live bait & swimming it through the pads and Bullrush. After finding out that there are monster gills in this lake - Seth’s mind instantly went into bass mode - lets try this one again - who thinks they know the 1 and only lure he tied on landing him 9 LMBs averaging 3-4+lbs in the span of an hour? Hint: @bitemebaitscustomlures pink Mr. Twister was part of the mix! #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

Many of you took a stab at it, but all were a miss - the Crawler Harness rig landed us this beautiful 19” Smalljaw! Tomorrow’s post will be from a different lake - Seth left a sneak peek on the story for those of you who are watching - can you guess the new target species?! #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

@schmid0501 said that he would have used a Crawler harness with a bottom bouncer - we actually used this method and will cover that tomorrow - but we started by using the simple presentation of a jig and leech bouncing off the bottom. This presentation resulted in many medium sized Walleye - can you guess which species the Crawler harness brought us?! #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

As we pulled up to the reef our Humminbird was reading 28ft, hard bottom & roughly 78 degrees. Target species is Walleye. We had Leeches, Crawlers and plastics. What is your first setup? #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

We are going to kickoff a weeklong mini series, where we breakdown our latest outing - ask for YOUR input - & then compare our results from the patterns that we used! You’re going to want to stay tuned this week - it’s going to be a good one👌🏼 #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

Happy TIPPE TUESDAY!! In case you missed the breakdown this weekend, we targeted LMBs on a low acreage, shallow and highly turbid body of water. Eliminating all deep water, we focused our patterning efforts in the 1-6’ zone - throwing a variety of baits to fine tune it. Finally after a couple hours, we identified a topwater pattern starting in 1’ and working it to about the 6’ mark. Most strikes came in the middle right around 3’ — 3-4 twitches followed by a 2-4 sec pause seemed to be working extremely well for us. #tippetuesday #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

Turns out that our 4 hr outing will end up being one that we will remember for years to come. Seth’s brother Drew @drewbarto was the one who stuck this toad, congratulations man! You earned that one👌🏼 What’s your go-to frog to throw? This girl smoked the @booyah_baits leopard pattern frog! #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

For only $8.95 stop in and enjoy Bobby's Bleu Cheese Buffalo Wrap. Our mouth watering pulled chicken with bacon, spinach , buffalo sauce and Bleu cheese. Stay tuned for tonight's chef inspired Dinner Feature. #haircut #purefresh #pureeateryfishers #pure #patio #pureeatery #summertime #eatlocal #fireflies #lafayetteindiana #purdueuniversity #Bluewave #tippecanoefishing #threefloyds

Because it is FRIDAY, and also we know that there’s a solid chance many of you will be celebrating the the 4th of July this weekend. We thought it might be appropriate to give you a little motivation to start your day! #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

Aim small miss small. What’s your target when you grease up the ol’ flip game? #staytippe #tippecanoefishing #hubbardacademy

Happy TIPPE TUESDAY!! This past weekend we went into multiple local tackle shops bummin for intel. Each worker that we talked to chuckled when we brought up the topic of topwater baits/frogs. They responded by saying “you’re waaaay too early, no one is throwing topwater yet”. That’s when we would inform them that we have been destroying on surface baits for over a week at that point! Moral of the story, trust your gut. Don’t go off of reports, they can definitely put you on fish don’t get us wrong. But if YOU want to be the one finding the bite, don’t be scared to fish patterns that others aren’t using! #tippecanoefishing #tippetuesday #staytippe

No pigs aren’t flying...BUT we are doing two posts today to make up for the lack of content coming from us over the past few weeks! How’s the top water bite been going for everyone? Joe and I got into a mess of smaller LMBs over the weekend, felt amazing to shake the rust off and dial in the froggin pattern👌🏼 #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

Weather wise, this year has been ridiculous to say the least. Even though we’ve had summer-like conditions for almost a month now, we’d like to say happy official first day of summer! What do you think? Would a Bass look at this as a easy snack if were stuck and floating on the surface? @naturalshore #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

Two boys and a boat 🚣🏼I love that my morning began with my dad and uncle heading out for a day of fishing from our home 💞 #indianafishing #tippecanoefishing

Instead of our traditional Tippe posts - today is going to be Tippe Tuesday feedback from @its.georgeeee who is one of our most engage, loyal & passionate followers! Here’s what he had to say about last weeks Tippe, hope you enjoy! “Your advice to never give up & be open to getting outside of your comfort zone. However, your main advice that I followed was to fish in overlooked urban places. The location that I was fishing has a lot of leisure boaters passing by, and I got some odd looks from them. Several people passed by and scoffed when I said I was fishing for Carp, & some even said that I wasn’t going to catch anything there!” I can’t come close to expressing how moved we are that a young angler like George would take our advice to heart, push himself out of his comfort zone & ultimately find a shared passion for a species that most people look down on. Keep pushing yourself man, your limits are endless! #tippetuesday #tippecanoefishing

This perplexing game that we are attempting to strategically navigate, commonly known as “Life”, has us reminiscing about the meditative nightly chase to find Gills in rural run-off drainage ponds. Might have to scratch this itch and start targeting these feisty little bait stealers once again👌🏼 #tippecanoefishing #staytippe

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