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One word summary of yesterday’s outing: “Strenuous” 9am - 2am (17hrs) we traveled/fished from the Dead Sea of Devils Lake all the way to Lake X in North Western Minnesota. The bite was nonexistent for the majority of the day, however starting at around 8:30pm the night bite kicked on and things started heating up. Although we were mentally & physically exhausted at that point, we pushed through the pain determined to once again feel a tight line on the end of our rod! #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing #skolvikings

A tactic that we often find success with is what we like to call “tag teaming”. When we find a hole that is stacked with fish, we will have one angler drop down while the other is armed with a loaded rod ready to go. Once a fish is pulled up, the other line is dropped down and back in action before the school has time to move on. The key to success for this method is traveling with minimal gear and staying mobile. You can check in on our Instagram Story this weekend for a more in-depth tutorial and other tips and tricks for landing more fish while on the ice this season! #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

How about a little throwback to warm summer nights and catchin squeaks? @mattisonnnnn can’t wait until we can all get out there and rip around in the ol Jon boat! #tippecanoefishing

Happy Tippe Tuesday folks! Do you find Tip up fishing to be a bit old school or just straight up not as enjoyable as fighting a fish with a rod and reel? Try rigging up a dead stick in 18 ft of water with a medium sized sucker minnow on a medium to medium-heavy rod. This setup is known for calling in not only Pike, but monster Walleye or even a LMB! #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

We all have that one lure that gives us the confidence we need to be successful when hitting the ice. For us that lure is a 1/8th oz Gold/Glow Slender Spoon tipped with a minnow head, spikes or some sort of artificial bait. Have you ever tried a Slender Spoon? What are your thoughts? Make sure to leave a comment below! #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

It’s days like today that have us day dreaming about sunshine and open water. Can anyone name this exotic looking species? Hint: it’s was caught lurking in the shallows near dock pilings #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoesaltwaterfishing

Up here in Grand Forks the thermometer read -19 degrees Fahrenheit earlier this morning! We are still deciding what our plan of action is, but good luck to everyone who decides to brave the cold and hit the ice this weekend! #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

When it comes to the sport of fishing, learning how to adapt can be the difference between just watching the locals catch fish or joining them and experiencing it for yourself. Next time you find yourself out of your comfort zone, push yourself to learn/adapt to new patterns and see how many new species you can land! #tippecanoefishing

You gotta love when a last minute decision to go fishing turns into one the most rewarding nights on the ice thus far in the 2018 season. The first 3 hrs of our night consisted of drilling, hole hopping & squaring up with rather lethargic fish. 18 different lures, 5 types of baits and 30 holes later we made the call to relocate hoping to find active fish. Soon after the drilling stopped, we hooked into the first fish of the night being this Gill. By analyzing the factors that went into getting that strike, we were then able to put together a successful pattern that triggered multiple quality fish throughout the night! #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

Even though it’s 8 days late, we wanted to take a second to change gears and reflect on our 2017 open water season. PB’s were caught, techniques were mastered & memories were made. We are more than grateful for all love & support we have received this past season and can’t wait to see where the 2018 Ice season takes us! #tippecanoefishing

Do you remember your first fish on a Tip up? Our good buddy took out his friend that came up here to Minnesota as part of a student exchange program. Not only was the cold a shock to him, but also the fact that we pull fish through the ice up here! #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

From numb hands to frozen boots, @geoff_fisher has been toughing it out and putting fish on the ice! He reported that medium sized suckers on a harness rig suspended in the water column was the ticket for this big girl. How has the tipup fishing been for everyone else in the area? #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

Even though it’s late in the day, Happy Tippe Tuesday! Our first Ice Tippe of the year is about fishing with your electronics. Anyone that ice fishes will tell you that a Vexilar, MarCum or Humminbird is essential when hitting the ice. However, one downfall of using one of these machines is that your line can have a tendency to wrap around the transducer which in some cases can unhook the fish. You can mitigate the these chance by simply shortening the amount of transducer line you put out to only the bare minimum. #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

Right as this cold front was approaching, Joe headed south to break out the saltwater tackle. He reported that the Red Tide was severely affecting the fishing, but with a little patience he was able to hook up with his first fish of the trip! Who can name this fish? Hint: It’s fantastic shark bait! #tippecanoefishing

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you, but I love it #ClamOutdoors #TeamYukonOutdoors #Vexilar #WalleyeFishing #TheArctic #Tippecanoefishing

Yesterday we made the trip North to a lake known for holding monster Walleye. We stayed out well into the early morning only to catch a couple small Perch and no Walleye. So instead we felt like it would be fitting to replace today’s post with a picture that we took on the same lake earlier this fall. This sparks the question what do you prefer, trolling/jigging from a boat or ice trolling/jigging from an ice house? #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

Especially when fishing finicky cold front fish, the use of an in-line reel is critical. Traditional Spinning reels tend to put twists in the line and cause a bait to spin. This spin takes away from a natural presentation and can all too often turn fish away. Our reels of choice are @piscifun fly reel size 5/6 with 20 lb mono backing tied to 6 lb ice braid which is then tied to 4 lb fluoro. #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out a recap of the incredible fishing we experienced last night while on Instagram Live! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas celebration, and safe travels for those who are returning home. #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing #tippelive @vexilarinc

We have spent the past few nights on the ice in search of Crappie, Bluegill & Walleye. The Crappie and Bluegill have been keying in on micro ice jigs tipped with @magicbaitco Crappie Bites. The Walleye have been reluctant to bite until late last night. A Gold/Glow Slender Spoon tipped with a fathead was the preferred bait. We also had multiple tipups go off that were positioned 3 ft off the bottom with a live Shinner minnow. We will be heading back out Monday night, and will bring more current reports as they come in. #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

What’s your escapism? For some it’s sports, traveling, hunting, etc. for us it’s the sport of fishing. #tippecanoefishing #tippecanoeicefishing

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