My face does not accurately represent my pleasure with this photo. I'm almost four months out from ACL/meniscus reconstruction, and I am jogging and sitting cross-legged more or less like a normal person. A month ago, this was an impossible dream - now it's a sweaty reality. .
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After dinner drinks. ❤️#tinyvictories #oakcliffthatsmyhood

Weekend Project: Increase battery life of Chinese RF jammer. Prototype 1, complete. Let's see how hot this gets. I might need to add a fan.

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Gratitude moment for this freaking beautiful morning 🙌🏻.
I’m reminded though that when you’re stuck in a shitty period, it’s very difficult to feel the grace in the experience and see the gratitude. Recognising grace dressed up as shit often only comes later.
But we do know that connecting to gratitude is one of the fastest ways to move ourselves out of the lens of lack. So when you’re “in it” and you can’t think of something to be grateful for, I suggest being grateful for your breath. The very thing that supports you, sustains life and asks for nothing in return.
May you be able to see the blessings that surround you this weekend, for when we open our eyes they are everywhere.

I'm winning today because I got a shower in successfully. Shampoo AND conditioner 🙌 #tinyvictories

Happy Friday!! Down another pound 🤩 It’s slowly going but it’s going!! I’m not sweating the scale though. I’m seeing changes in the way everything fits me. From 👚 to 👖 to bracelets. Everything is so much looser. Love this #ketolifestyle Kicking myself for not taking measurements before I started. Enjoy your #friday peeps. ............................ #ketocommunity #ketocommitted #weightlossjourney #happyfriday #fridayvibes #celebrate #nsv #tinyvictories

#simplebreakfast #frenchtoast #bites #apples #cottagecheese #tomatoes He ate it all #👉🏼 The key to #feeding a #pickyeater is give them #less it doesn’t #overwhelm or #intimidate them and they’ll ask for #more! He had two additional #frenchtoastnuggets and an xtra #appleslice #👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #tinyvictories

Going into the weekend with good vibes only 🌸

As a mom of a toddler, I always brace for the worst when it comes to dentist/doctor appointments. Thankfully, Wynne was a superstar today. #tinyvictories #dentistvisit

Who doesn’t love the experience of throwing confetti? As long as it doesn’t get stuck in your hair 😂. Colourful pieces of FUN dancing through the air. Pure joy, playfulness and celebration.
So how about throwing some confetti on the daily 🎊🎉 ...
So much anxiety and frustration is generated from feeling like you’re running through the day to get to the finish line. To reach the end of a list and achieve allll the goals only to turn around and think, “well that wasn’t very fulfilling!! Is this really it? Grind, achieve, minimal satisfaction, exhaustion, sleep and do it all again?”.
Yes we must work and ‘adult’ to be able to live in modern society but the pace at which we operate and the focus of our attention throughout the day is entirely up to us.
If you’re feeling the grind perhaps consider what qualities you would you like to bring ‘more’ into your day? Maybe being loving (to yourself and others), caring, kind, compassionate, interested, curious, open, generous, playful, grateful, adventurous, courageous, calm...
Choose one. Imagine [Insert word] is the driver of your day. Imagine the word as colourful confetti and imagine what it could look like if you started sprinkling this quality into domains of your life such as work, relationships, health, spirituality, self-care etc on the daily.
For example, if we look at love (self-love) in the domain of work and relationships, the loving thing to do might be to ‘screw’ the list, leave the busy work and go meet your friend/partner for lunch (as I did today ❤️). The loving thing to do in any relationship might be to admit you were wrong, ask for forgiveness, send a loving text, cook them dinner or buy them their favourite chocolate.
It’s the small acts that bring forward the quality we wish to manifest, the sprinkling of the confetti that brings a sense of meaning and richness to life, each and every day.
I’m practicing this constantly because I don’t want to look back on my life and say “Greer, you really nailed that grind but lost meaning and fulfilment in the process”. All the love, G x

Wednesday afternoons are meent to be spent at happy hour. 4-7 half off menu 🍻
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I got my own office yesterday. So that’s a first. I also drove to work today with only one contact lens because one ripped in half somewhere between leaving my house and getting onto 520. Another first. I made it to work tho. 🧐💅🏾
Everyone seems to have survived and I’m now trying to write two chapters of a CIP with one eye. And it ain’t my good one. Look at that smile tho. Issa win. #tinyvictories

because they matter just as much as the huge ones. — Good Morning! ✨

Tiny victories happen at the most unexpected of times. A few weeks back, I finally managed to do 'The Chair'. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of myself for finally doing this.

Sometimes, the impossible is possible. So keep trying 😊 It'll happen some day, if not today.

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