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Vanity shot of that one time my eyeliner game was on point 👯

BUSY doesn't even begin to describe my family's daily schedule. Between teaching, vlogging, basketball practice, nightly homework, nightly grading, lesson planning, OH! And let's not forget the household chores 😭, it often seems as if there is never enough time in the day to fully enjoy life! BUT we make time, even if it means less sleep lol. So, when the weekend before Christmas snuck up on us, and we realized we still had not gotten a Christmas tree, the list of responsibilities and ridiculously cold weather seemed not as important! So beyond happy we dropped everything to FINALLY go cut down our very FIRST REAL CHRISTMAS TREE! 🌲Now, let's see if we can get her decorated before Christmas 😅 Oh aaaand because it was so cold, but so incredibly beautiful, we decided to document this triumphant moment with some family pictures ☺️ (📸: @alfieldreevesphotography) #busyschedule #holidays #tinyvictories

I got him to dance with me!! #tinyvictories

Transitioning into a new sport has been challenging and humbling. Learning to run bent over on ice while pushing a sled hasn't been an exception. My butt may still be as high as the CN Tower, but happy to have come away with some PBs during our last push session of the season 🦌#deeronice #sporttransition #growingpains #tinyvictories

Took an hour for me this morning, and when I say "for me" I mean "to get my ass whooped" by the ultimate health man himself, my friend @justingelbandmf. He's built a business about improving wellness, not just aesthetics, which is probably the reason he's able to make people look their absolute best. His focus starts within. He always says to me, "do YOUR best, for yourself, with YOUR body. Don't try to attain someone else's." I love his philosophy so much. It's simple, but I think it's a reminder that all women need. Do you babes. 💪🏼💃🏻😘 #strongissexy #greatworkout #greatmind #tinyvictories

Trying to get back on the fitness train after vertigo knocked me off... Biked 3 miles today! #tinyvictories #kilott #cycling

🗻 Biking around Lake Kawaguchiko. Such great sights remind me of how small we really are. #mtfuji #bigmountain #tinyvictories #fujifivelakes

Step one...one step...the road to solo handstands #handstand #celebrate #tinyvictories #coreworkout #happysaturday

I was listening to an episode of StartUp, and the company being profiled mentioned that they had a projection of balloons popping every time they hit a milestone when they first started out. So naturally now I want celebratory balloons every time I finish a project, publish a blog post or hit any sort of goal in my own business. Totally fair, right? ⠀

Ive already had a few late nights this week, but I’ve also hit a couple of imaginary balloon popping milestones, so I’ll take what I can get! It’s all about those tiny victories.


This collection was my primary target for Record Store Day: a VERY limited box set of the first five, pre-fame Goo Goo Dolls albums, some available for the first time ever on vinyl. Only 1000 of this "Pick Pockets, Petty Thieves, and Tiny Victories" box set exist, and for most of my life, the GGDs were my absolute favorite band. Of course I had to get my hands on this set!
#vinyl #recordstoreday #rsd2017 #googoodolls #pickpockets #pettythieves #tinyvictories #recordcollection #limited #rare #music

Step one...one step...the road to solo handstands #handstand #celebrate #tinyvictories #coreworkout #happysaturday

Four years ago yesterday I moved to Las Vegas. It was an amazing, tough, emotional, lonely, and rewarding experience I needed to have in my life and without it I may have never met My Love. I have struggled with my weight my entire life and Vegas and it's culture of indulgence and instant gratification combined with my emotional instability was not healthy for me for a long time. Besides the immense desire to see the man I love daily, I moved back to CA to achieve more balance and really get healthy in mind, body, and soul. It has been a slow process in many ways, but I am proud to say I am getting there. As my focus has been on health and not weight and it has been a very personal journey I haven't shared much about it except the occasional gym selfie, but here's a little taste of my victory for you... Today it is 90° in Burbank and I wanted to look cute but be comfy and cool enough to handle the heat so I threw on this little sundress I bought at @torridfashion last summer. It was a little too tight in the midsection when I bought it and way too tight the last time I tried it on to see if it fit. Today it fits! It's not too tight or too short anywhere, and it fits comfortably. Such a great #nsv to celebrate, and even more rewarding because though my journey hasn't been focused on numbers I have still been tracking my physical progress and today the number on the scale was the lowest it has been since that first day I called Vegas home. It's been quite a journey of self love and acceptance and it is far from over, but I can't wait to see where I end up. #fatandfit #loveyourselffirst #selflove #tinyvictories #begreater #myjourney #lovemesomeme #ateamporvida #couldntdoitwithoutmyman #hesmyeverything #fatshion #psootd #heyspringwheredyougo #notyetsummer #imnotready #burbankliving

As much as I love my yard both here and SC, this one spot just makes me sad. I love having a small vegetable garden. I was preparing to put in the garden when I fell. One small victory...those four small tomato plants? I grew from seeds from last season's tomato plants. #tinyvictories #letsseeiftheyproduce #everydayalittlebetter

Real talk.. Depression is hard.
Anxiety is hard.
Dealing with the past is hard.
I deal with all of those things, and more, every single day. Somedays are easy but some, like today, are really really hard. It's exhausting and frustrating. But in those days, I celebrate the little victories.
Getting out of bed.
Putting on real pants.
Doing my workout.
Not eating everything I see.
Doing the dishes.
Making the bed.

Tiny victories but today they seemed really big. I'm learning that it's okay to be proud of yourself and to celebrate those tiny things.

#mentalhealth #tinyvictories #realshit #t25 #day3

Made a friend today at @toddmarcus_birdsexotic and successfully managed to come home without getting yet another bird. #tinyvictories #bird #birdstagram #pineappleconure #conure

Took the watch off woke up way too early today. I don't get a crazy amount of steps in through out the day. I worked out this morning, and plan to do it again in the morning before Steven leaves for work. My depression and anxiety exhausts me, and I spend a lot of time in bed. I'm trying to break out of it, and today I left the house at 11 for a doctor appointment, and came home at 5 to avoid getting in bed right away. Small victory I didn't hit my bed until 7:15. #fitbit #steps #workweekhustlechallenge #myweightlossjourney #depressionawareness #tinyvictories #nsv #weightloss #weightlossgoals #weightlosscommunity #weightlossjourney #fitness #exercise #workout #fattofitjourney #fattofitmom #fattofit #fitmom #fitfam #anxietysucks #fitbitblaze⌚️ #fitbitfam **Also I got these shoes at a warehouse sale and I love them! #asics

I feel so vibrant, like this food I made! I MADE! ALL OF IT! FROM SCRATCH!
Lentil Walnut Lettuce Cups
AllRecipes taco seasoning (I even made the seasoning! I should be writing...)
#vegan #clean #tacos #lunch #ireallyshouldbeworking #glutenfree #nofilter #brainfood #delicious #crueltyfree #lunch #soproud #tinyvictories #plantbased #herbivorousrex #organic #amwriting #rightnow

Nothing cooler than convincing your doc to turn the upper settings off your pacer to prove that your heart works on its own ❤️❤️❤️
#celebrating #tinyvictories #strongher #cycling #strava #hopeful #mypassion

I got told that I sometimes seem to be in "survival mode" at work, which was a gentle way of saying I stress and panic easily. Which is not wrong. I thought of this quote the whole drive home. Not crashing and burning is a victory in my books. Sometimes the best you can do is simply survive. #aparlortrick #butdidanyonedie #tinyvictories #jayydodd

When your heart does a happy dance because your tiny blog in the little corner of the PNW reaches 30 followers. Even if 25% of you are friends or family, I'm feeling the love all the same. Sweet reminders of how our beautiful gifts help us grow when we put them to use. ❤ #exhalegratitude #tinyvictories #happydance

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