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#tinyvictories I'm obsessed. 🙃

Vanity shot of that one time my eyeliner game was on point 👯

Sleepover with my Lu girl! She came to my dancers recital with me tonight and loved every second of it! 👯ALSO, remember how my camera was stolen out of my car a couple months ago? A detective called me on Monday and said THEY FOUND IT 🤣 some sketch guy turned it into a pawn shop and I'm gettin' in back 💃🏻💃🏻 #tinyvictories. Celebrating with a FRESH PRINCE from @thirstdrinks 👑

Took an hour for me this morning, and when I say "for me" I mean "to get my ass whooped" by the ultimate health man himself, my friend @justingelbandmf. He's built a business about improving wellness, not just aesthetics, which is probably the reason he's able to make people look their absolute best. His focus starts within. He always says to me, "do YOUR best, for yourself, with YOUR body. Don't try to attain someone else's." I love his philosophy so much. It's simple, but I think it's a reminder that all women need. Do you babes. 💪🏼💃🏻😘 #strongissexy #greatworkout #greatmind #tinyvictories

We worked well with others!!! 🗝 #tinyvictories #newfavoritehobby #escapetheroom

I've always sucked at skating ramps. I grew up skating street because we simply had hardly anything like this up until right before I graduated high school. And then I moved away and skated far less for many years. It feels good, no matter how sloppy these tricks are on video, that at 34 I'm landing stuff I never though I could do as a kid. #tinyvictories 📹@borntoluce

Don't let that before smile deceive you... it disappeared about half way through 😂 But I finished my first 5K! #tinyvictories

Some work got published for Pietersburg Hoërskool this week. Today is the last day of the hockey tournament 🏑
If you are "Innie Burg" please go share some support #Limpopo #SuperExcited #TinyVictories #SportPhotography #Hockey

I got him to dance with me!! #tinyvictories


Homemade ricotta, honey, sea salt

The first time I attempted cheese-making was several years back with an @urbancheesecraft kit, which opened my eyes to the amazing science behind cheese-crafting. I've done it so many times since then that, today, I can make ricotta cheese in 20 minutes, without a recipe, & feel pretty darn accomplished about it. #tinyvictories
#urbancheesecraft #cheesemaking #ricotta #cheese #cheesy #homemade #stayhungry #neverstoplearning #make #craft #goodmoodfood #honey #saycheese #realsimple #yum

Today was a day of many small personal victories. Truly grateful. Finding more and more diverse confidence each day. #tinyvictories #findyourstrength #strongisthenewbeautiful #gratefulheart #innerstrength #livethejourney #dontstopbelieving

Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Or some shit. #insanityworkout #letsbereal tho #ateacheeseburger after this. #tinyvictories #illtakeit #preward

See this big cheesy grin? My almost 15 year old got out of bed and came with to a friends house today after being so so sick for about 13 days. We have a lot to still figure out, but it is so good to see him smile and hear his laugh again.
Really, it's everything. No way was he going to let me take his photo so I'm smiling for my own selfie and remembering this moment of happiness. ♥️ #momlife #tinyvictories #yay #hooray #momofteens #minnesota #shorthairdontcare #thisis43 #happy #love

What's your tiny hope for the week?

Some work got published for Pietersburg Hoërskool this week. Today is the last day of the hockey tournament 🏑
If you are "Innie Burg" please go share some support #Limpopo #SuperExcited #TinyVictories #SportPhotography #Hockey

I am having a hard time moving forward with work projects right now, with all the excitement that summer brings. Don't get me wrong, i LOVE summer! It's actually my favorite time of the year, but... There's always a but... isn't there? 😆

I am ready to tackle some big tasks and move forward. I just received a phone call from the school bus transportation dept, and part of me is looking forward to the routines that school will bring.
Do you want to know what the best part of that phone call was? *Insert drumroll 🥁* The kids will now be picked up at the end of our driveway!!! 😱 No more driving to the bus stop!!! 🤗Celebrate with me and share your favorite celebration emoji! 💃🎉🎈
This is big news for me! 😆

- twoface and sarge didn't kill eachother today #tinyvictories #ataleoftwocats #whyisthatahashtag

I have always had issues with food. I am learning to take the small victories and turn them into big ones. I had such a long day at work. I wanted to go through the Mcdonalds drive through and get me a L Diet Coke, a disgusting but also yummy cheeseburger and cookies but instead I prayed asking God to give me strength to bypass that unneeded temptation and he did just that. #tinyvictories #temptations #faith #badfoodhabits #onemealatatime

tofu hang: last week in class I was practicing letting go with one hand

We take the tiny victories. Sapphire got up to drink and Pinot took her spot. Sapphire came back and laid down next to the babes with no grumbles or hisses. #tinyvictories

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