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67b/365 - Post-Rain. A decidedly different take on the wet and rainy day. The colors and textures were too good to pass up, not trying to buzz market the auto parts store! #project365 #tinyshutter #reflection #rain #advanceautoparts #yellow

For some reason just liked the layers of frosty trees up near Stevens Pass. ☃️🌲🌨
Nikon D7200 | 45mm | f/5.6 | 1/500 sec. | ISO 800

67a/365 - Fog. Yesterday (day 66) was missed amongst a flurry of work and house chores, but I will make up with two today! #project365 #tinyshutter #blackandwhite #fog #tree

Starry skies above Santa Maria. Pico Alto, the island's highest point, shows in the distance. This one's a relatively simple shot, but I love it - the stars so close you could almost touch them and the layered green hills beneath. It was such a peaceful night. Pico Alto is near the center of the island and makes for a great and comforting reference point. You can see pretty much the whole island from the top, too!
My Gramma's family was from the Azores, so going back was such a cool and treasured experience. In the past a lot of people in my neck of the woods hadn't ever really heard about it; I'm finding myself torn between wanting to share how awesome a place it is with wanting to stay quiet to protect it! ; P I think the sharing is obviously winning out, albeit with this caveat ; ) More to come 💖
Nikon D7200 | 24mm | f/1.7 | 20 sec. | ISO 2000

$ store treasures : hey, has anyone seen my dog? He was here a second ago.

Been so busy with my blog lately, photography has been taking a back seat. And I need to get out shooting more. Can’t wait for better weather. www.tedstrang.com

The Wave #lumiereldn

65/365 - Anticipation. Waiting for cake to top off a fun birthday weekend. I cant believe this lil' dude is five! #project365 #tinyshutter #candlelight

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