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Getting her nails did 💁🏽💅🏼 thank you @karlabeautifique1989 #tinynails #cutie

So girls, I have decided to file my nails down.. Way down...for a few reasons which I will state down below so please hear me out 👇
❕First things first, I'd like to make it clear, that I DECIDED to trim them down (that's why I posted that picture with the long nails and the horizontal line across).. they were not unhealthy and they did not break or anything like that!
⏩ here are my reasons 🙊
🌸 Recently I have a lot of things to deal with so I'm on a very tight schedule and I found this as an opportunity to save me some time and teach you a few things! (which I will state below)
🌸 I keep getting asked on instagram, Facebook, youtube and direct messages how I shape my nails. You guys kept telling me that in my video where I explain it on paper was not clear, so I figured that I'll show you how I shape them on my nails via a video on YouTube to help you understand better and work with me step by step!
🌸 I want to show you that short nails are beautiful too, and how you can also do nail art on them!
🌸 that's basically it 🙈😊 thought it would help us both 💜
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اوكي بنات، انا قررت اني قصر اظافري.. قصرهن كتير.. لشوية اسباب حاذكرلكن هن تحت 👇
❕اول شي بدي قلكن هو، انه انا اظافري ما انكسروا ( كرمال هيك نزلت الصورة اللي قبل هاي مرسوم خط بس على اظافري بشكلها السابق)، انا قررت اني قصرهن مش لانه تعبانين او غير صحيين او اي شي من هالنوع..
⏪ هلأ لاذكر الاسباب 🙊
🌸 هالايام عندي ضغط بالوقت مش طبيعي فقلت بقصرهن هالفترة برتاح بالوقت لعنايتي باظافري من جهة و بقدر علمكن كم شغلة من جهة!
🌸 كتير بتسالوني على الانستاغرام و الفيسبوك و اليوتيوب وعبر الدايركت علمكن كيف ببرد اظافري ليصيروا بالشكل المثلث السابق و بتقولو انكن شفتو للفيديو على اليوتيوب لمن شرحت على الورقة بس ما فهمتو علي منيح. فهيك بس يطولوا بصورلكن فيديو لمن يطولوا اظافري كيف ببردهن و هيك بتشوفو بالفيديو و بتعملو نفس الشي على اظافركن
🌸 بدي فرجيكن انه الاظافر القصيرة كمان حلوة و بينعمل عليها ديزاينات.
🌸 و هيدي هي الاسباب 🙈 قلت انو هيك منستفيد كلنا 💜
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Who says #tinynails can't look #CUTE ?! 💖😻💜💕

Still loving my Christmas nails🎄🎄#tinynails #manicure

Gotta get a palm tree on your nails when in Florida right? #tinynails #gel 🌅🌴

always a good day when my #tinynails match my #lacroix !!!

#FreeSpiritJN reminds me of the coast and sail boats 😍⛵️
#jamberry #mixedmani @jamberry @debkjams


Trying out more of the new catalog wraps. I love that after a full mani I still have so much left on the sheet. I've figured out that I can get somewhere between 6-7 manis out of one sheet of wraps! I love how affordable that makes them for me! One of the benefits of having tiny nails! Have you tried them yet? Message me for a sample. #mysticbluejn #lagoonjn #jamberry #tinynails #smallhands #shortnails #diynails #affordablenailart #easynailart #pamperingtime

When you wait a year and a half for a pedicure because you were a dog walker and needed ingrown toenail surgery but didnt wanna miss work.. then you had to wait 6 months for them to heal 💅 #patience #grateful #passionred #selfcare #pedicure #dogwalker #timeheals #workit #tinynails

#FreeSpiritJN reminds me of the coast and sail boats 😍⛵️
#jamberry #mixedmani @jamberry @debkjams

Sometimes just a simple one color mani is all you need!!!! Especially when it's an awesome summer color! 😍💅🏼
#tinynails #gallerysalon #getitatgallery #gelnails #readyforsummer #summercolor #keepitsimple @seemo_laura @gallery_salon

📸.. Fresh set of gels for my hols 💅🏼 & a free Mac Lippy for recycling! 💄♻️ #TinyNails #HighStrung

Fresh nails for my baby girl who missed the first day back because she was sick :) #motherdaughtertime #mybaby #tinynails

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