Yes, we know! We've been super slack on Insta, but it's because we're so behind on showing what we've been up to, while trying to make the most of our last days in Europe. But we're back in NZ and finding some beautiful spots to park up the van 😍. We still have a lot of errands before we're ready to hit the road, so we'll try and show the rest of our big Europe trip over the next couple of days!

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Surprise (for us!) vineyards against a backdrop of Colorado mesas. After miles of driving on a highway lined with reddish brown soil, we stumbled upon this oasis. The unexpected is sometimes the best while traveling.

9.2 miles and 29 stories of elevation! Getting used to the mountains!!!✌️😎#busconversion # skoolie #vanlife #buslife #nomads #hikingcolorado #stauntonstatepark #tinyhouseonwheels

Tonight, 30 seconds before she drifted off into dream land, Maisie popped her head off the pillow and said “Can I help Grandpa under the bus tomorrow? Would he like that?” And fighting through an ugly cry, I managed to tell her how much he would love that. 😭 In January of this year, after we had this wild idea to buy a bus and turn it into a home on wheels, we were still working through all the ideas about how to proceed. I remember nursing Maisie to sleep and thinking about how this could all work. And then it came to me. I couldn’t wait to rush out to the living room and ask Andrew what he thought about the idea of buying the bus and driving it to Idaho, using it as a moving van for all the stuff we (didn’t 😂) need, where my parents and family live, and doing the conversion there. Stay at my mom’s house during the week and work on the bus at my dad’s house on the weekends. We called and asked my parents what they thought, and they couldn’t have been more excited to take on this project with us. And now we’re here. And we’re doing it. And they’re all so helpful and so supportive and by golly, it’s just all the feels. Seeing Maisie stitching together bonds with her Grandpa and Nana, rolling around under the bus measuring things together. Playing hide and seek 8,000 times a day. Ugh. It’s just what I wanted it to be. It’s such a special time and way more meaningful than I had anticipated, and my expectations were already sky high. A very, very special thank you to Grandpa and Nana and Gammie and KK for all their love and support. Spending this time with you has been something that we will cherish forever. ❤️

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