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Eclipse tintypes! Left Denver at 3:30 am this morning to make it to the path of totality by 8. Quickly set up the darkroom (tent) chems, camera and managed to capture several multiple exposure tintypes. It was an AMAZING experience.. Easily one of the top ten most memorable experiences of my life. Epic traffic on the way back home. Stay tuned for print sales of these gems :)

My trip to Biarritz and Hossegor in 2015 was both fun and fruitful. My husband and I rented a car in Barcelona and drove west. I had reserved a station wagon, but when he drove out of the rental place, he was driving a sprinter! He drove that van through the narrow streets of Biarritz like Schumacher.
I also had an amazing team of support: @lolaalvarezart and @julien_felix who came from Southern Spain and northern France to work with me. At my opening (did I forget to mention there was an art exhibition too!) I met a surfboard collector who brought out his big guns 💪🏽 to the beach to be photographed...along with some epic pro surfers. This is Tessa, next to Charley's impressive 10 foot boards. #Surfland #tintype #bigguns #bigwaves

Our crew set up on 30th street, just down the block from Steiglitz's 291 Gallery, to shoot tintypes of the eclipse today! More on our blog, link in bio. #eclipse #eclipse2017 #tintype #spooky

It's today, not tomorrow yet, so here's my photographic contribution to the eclipse. Wet plate collodion eclipse! Wasn't certain we would photograph the eclipse today, it was quite busy at @penumbrafoundation. But then, we said #wtf. After all, a Penumbra is a type of eclipse so we rallied and got to work. I had a scheduled lunch, so only had one hour to prepare. @jolenelupo @mollsmachine and I sprung into action to make tintypes of the eclipse. I got the photo gear together. Jolene poured and developed the plates and Molly assisted. Camera used was a 1970's 8x10 Deardorff which was purchased new by Penumbra's co-founder Eric Taubman. It was used with the original 4x5 reduction back. Lens used was an 1856 CC Harrison New York Orthoscope Serial # 5330, based on Joseph Petzval's original landscape Petzval formula. Focal length approx 25" at f11. This lens was of the wet plate period and would have been the type used for an eclips in the mid-nineteenth century. The shutter used was a Noblex Electronic shutter designed to be used with a 20x24 Lotus camera. Various exposures for bracketing were used from 1/8 sec to 1/125 sec. One plate was shot at f25 and one at f50, both at 1/125 sec. Tripod was a Ries with a Manfrotto heavy duty head. Deardorff extension back was used to limit how far the bellows would be racked out to maintain stability. Shot on 4x5 tin. We made a total of six plates. #eclipse2017 #eclipse #wetplate #wetplatecollodion #tintype #filmisnotdead #analog #analogue #nofilter #notdigital #largeformat #4x5 #petzval #deardorff

Limited edition of 10 archival pigment prints available at the original 16"x20" tintype size.
Signed and numbered.
Printed on Hahnemühle FineArt Photo Rag Matt 100% Cotton White 308 gsm A2
Gallery link in my bio

Solar eclipse. #tintype #eclipse

Well, I guess I can check this off the list. Thanks to @gilesclement for snapping this photo of the lady and I. It was an honor to sit in front of Giles' camera. I can't wait to do it again. #wildwoodrevival #gilesclement #tintype #photography

Solar Eclipse; first image Fujifilm HS35, second image wet plate Hasseltype...not the greatest image but better than nothing...

Brought out my rig to take partial eclipse Tintypes from Red Hook, Brooklyn. It's subtle, but it's definitely there. #tintype #eclipse2017 #partialeclipse #filmisnotdead


Colby flew across the country a couple months ago to collaborate with Amy Ryerson in kicking off the Refuge Dance program. So stoked to see what they're going to bring to the community. . .
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Just a couple brothers doin' man shit up in the mountains

Finding photos from the early days of photography is great fun. I found this just a few days ago. Here is a Union Soldier sitting with someone who could be his sister?? Some facial similarities make me think this ( nose,lips)but then again it could be his wife?? Circa early 1860s #civilwar #unionsoldier #tintype #victorianphotography

Available in my Etsy shop now is this unique tintype photo.
What makes it so unique is it is an advertising tintype photo for Brown's University! A Fantastic piece of history!

Thanks to juror, #JenniferKeats, for selecting my Chemigram on photogram on wet plate collodion positive (tintype) original metal plate (6x8inches) to be included in the exhibit, “We like small things” at Filter Space in Chicago. #PhotoExperimentalist #Tintype #Fractals #Koerner #Collodion #WetPlate #Altphoto #TheCollodionChemist #Chemigram #photogram

Storage boxes officially in production 🎉

Me at my cabin with my dear @mariagruschzak photography #tintype #mentor #artistssupporteachother

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