Jacaranda season you guys! Those families with photo shoots booked at Delta over the next couple of weeks are about to get REALLY lucky with a lovely purple splash in their pics! 🍃💐🌸
I REALLY loved how this family dressed in pinks and blues - and how well it complimented the purple flowers!

This is something I’ve been excited about for a while. Volume 10 of The Finite Project is out today, and it’s a little different from previous volumes. I wanted to show the other side of creativity. Away from using mountains and cities as my centerpiece, I chose to talk about some of the more difficult parts of what it means to make things. Some days it’s scary, some days it’s painful, and some days you just don’t want to do it at all. I never wanted this project to be about adventure, or travel, or any superficial garbage. I said that in the beginning, and I’ve had times where all I could muster was exactly that. Every now and then I struggle through the process, and I’ll make something I know I could have made twice as good. So that’s kind of what this one is about. It’s okay to feel that way. It’s okay to have projects that aren’t made of gold, because that awareness is how we eventually get to that place. If you’d like to see the new volume in its entirety, you can hit the link in my bio, or head to thefiniteproject.com. I hope you enjoy.

Been borrowing a house on the hills, deep in the forest while I'm in Sweden. Driving back and forth town every morning to work on the bus. Some mornings look like this. I feel lucky.

Trio. These might not be the kind of images you guys like. But it’s the kind I enjoy shooting the most. So it’s probably what I will continue to do. #35mmfilm

Let go.

Pana de ra.

77 days left in 2018. Even if this year hasn’t been “your year” that doesn’t mean you should just wait for the year to end. Start now, build a foundation and run with consistency into the new year. Even if you don’t have any goals in mind, plan to not be in the same situation a year from now. Start small, and you’ll eventually end up where you should be. 🤙🏾

Best road trip everrr!!🛣#solarcollective
Should I release my presets?🤔



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