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I only have sex with randos when either 1. I’m drunk 2. I’m hella horny or 3. He’s hotter than Barack Obama on a summer day and none of those were the case... SWIPE FOR FULL CONVO #TinderFails #FuckBoys #KBye

When your tinder date doesn’t go as planned..... 😂😂 ‼️Tag a friend to make them smile‼️ What’s been your worst date?
#tinderfails #noposwow #dallas #youtuber #vlogger

La aplicación más amada y odiada TINDER🔥 🔥🔥.🙄😂 y tú lo sabes parcero
•ETIQUETA a tu parcer@, novio, novia o amante TINDERIANO 👊🏻 #tinder #tindergirls #tindermatch #tinderfails #tindering #tindersucks

Okay I'm gonna try keep this one short and sweet cos I am knackered and wanna go to bed but will elaborate on points when I'm awake and can articulate things more coherently:
Things I've learnt since yesterday evening: • The crux of his fetish is humiliation, shame, embarrassment and degradation (eg he wants me to address his as 'Wallet' instead of his real name 😂😂😂) - analysing his communication, he seems to anticipate and encourage being told off etc, and money is his way of alleviating his anxiety and stress at committing 'errors' (he always asks if I'm angry or if he's upset me in anyway way 😂) so he uses £ as a means of requesting forgiveness...
•...HOWEVER, the power dynamic is not as clear-cut as dom/sub. The lines are blurred for sure, as the screenshots make apparent. He's like a big crybaby attention seeking grown man, constantly blowing up my phone all day. I've just spent the last 40 mins playing an annoying game where he wanted all my friends on here to know that I was findomming him as he wanted to feel embarrassed and humiliated (lol u all knew from yesterday and this part of the conversation hilariously began by him asking if they knew I was a Mistress - me?! Can you even imagine, it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard 😂😅🤣) and there was so much back and forth about whether to publish or not that I was close to deleting his flipping number. He was obviously enjoying the thought of me typing up a long status and then powerfully prohibiting the publication of it via more money • There is a clear, established and agreed set of boundaries. I know some of you are probably thinking woah wtf that is a massive increase since yesterday what u been doing hmmmm - but no. It's just communication via text and mindgames, honestly. I ignored him for most of the day and he paid £10 unrequested on two separate occasions. Then £62 for 'forgiveness' for bothering me earlier. Then another £50 cos he felt it wasn't enough. Then £100 for a humiliating status on here. This doesn't feel real. I'm actually struggling to communicate how strange the whole situation is (Caption continued in comments)

@bountychocomusic-"Tinder Girls" (ft.@ohsofaulty) [Prod. by @obmugtiks] 🎤

29/11/17 🙌🙌

Ladies, you swiping right? 😂😂😂
Follow: @randysavageaf
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Hector Grieve tries dating, 2.0.

My latest comedy novel tells the story of Hector Grieve—he who used to be the angriest young man in the world...

Now, forced to go from a life of gallivanting in Cambodia to dire unemployability in outer suburban Melbourne—from being the greatest lover that Angelina Jolie ever had to dating women who express very real desires to be mermaids—Hector is set to become once again…
the angriest young man in the world.
The book's gaining more and more Amazon reviews, most of which are calling it—at the very least—hilarious.

And spread out between Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca—my third comedy novel now has 33 reader reviews, and counting!

You can check out #GRIEVEreviews to see at a glance what its very first readers are saying about it or head to Amazon to read its opening pages and to order your very own copy of GRIEVE!
And join the hundreds who have already "fallen in laughter" with my latest novel.

"Do not take counsel of your fears.
Victory is to the audacious.
What the fuck is yoga."
—Hector S. Grieve



😂😂😂😂😂😂 @rhsdmd2014 #tinderfails #yuck

You’ve been there, #tinderfails ,so you should be here tonight.
@doodtheseries season 2 launch party tonight. Admission by donation.
#vancouver #onlinedating #sexting #tinder #yaletown #thursday #party


You’ve been there, #tinderfails ,so you should be here tonight.
@doodtheseries season 2 launch party tonight. Admission by donation.
#vancouver #onlinedating #sexting #tinder #yaletown #thursday #party

“Hi” 👋 is NOT an opener. Blocked delete. #my100frogs #okcupid #tinderfails #onlinedating #datingadventures

The place where I make fun of messages from dudes like you, mostly.


When you think you’ve reached the bottom of the barrel with men, just reach a little further and you might find a gem like this! (For context, my profile jokes that you have to be taller than me [5’] and I know I’m asking for a lot!)

Why do they all want to text immediately? I was already charitable by responding to his first message...

If you’re single in Bangkok, it’s impossible that you won’t run into a few crazies on your quest to find love. In a city where the language barrier is high, the price for sex is low, and having multiple giks (Thai for casual hookup partners) is the norm, there’s no better place to hold an improv comedy about Tinder dates.

The Comedy Club Bangkok will hold their second “Tinder Hell” improv comedy shows on Nov. 24 and 25. Online dating catastrophes, horrible hookups, and true love will get retold live on stage by comedians.

Got a dude who doesn’t talk much but loves sending LINE stickers? Got a girl who always hangs out with her “brother”? At Tinder Hell, you will find out just how bad other Bangkok daters are doing.

Tinder Hell

Nov. 24-25, 8:30pm

The Royal Oak
BTS Phrom Phong

@bountychocomusic-"Tinder Girls" (ft.@ohsofaulty) [Prod. by @obmugtiks] 🎤

29/11/17 🙌🙌

Who’s on tinder for “friends?” Get outta here with that!

'Real Tinder Convos' is up on I Luv View, a platform for Aus & NZ web series✨ @iluvview @realtinderconvos

I think he’s talking about his height but I don’t care.

Guy’s profile mentions Flynt Flossy, I am the queen of smangin’ it. Obviously we’re soulmates.

One of my favorites. I'll always get a kick out of this nonsense. .
#boys #dumbboys #dumb #tinder #tinderfails #datingapps #datingappssuck

I knew it was too good to be true 😔 •
He never replied 🙇🏻‍♀️

“New to AUSTIN” ... “hawt MOJO”
.... is this a AUSTIN POWERS reference?? 🤔

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