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if u smile, i smile

get faded turn up with the big boys

[#tinashe #tinashenow #tinashesnaps #tinashe2on #tinashefan]

@tinashenow you put on an incredible show at the #timesunioncenter in Albany NY!! #tinashefan

Fan since her first mixtape. Saw her last time she was in london two years ago and this time got to meet her!!!! She was soo amazing I've seen Beyonce I've seen rihanna live but nope, you are the beessssstttt!!!
#tinashe #koko #tinashenow @tinashenow #concert #tinashefan #sweettee


if u smile, i smile

Always Looks Good! 😍@tinashenow #dt

my one of the greatest dreams is to create my own music 🙁

darknashe needs to comeback, bye 👋🏽

At The Beach! 😍 🏖 @tinashenow #dt

happy birthday Tyga 🎉

why she’s sooo perfect? 😭 btw, i need more pics from this photoshoot

she’s the most beautiful woman on the earth 🖤

AMAs last year 😍

Her Smile! @tinashenow #dt

these hoes ain’t loyal 💀

Tee (and Nakisa) via Snapchat 😍🔥

a supermodel 💅🏼

Old Selfie! @tinashenow #dt

storm is coming 👀 stay tuned!

yeah, watch me go to work, I’ll put on a show 👀

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