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I been working all weekend with this amazing acting teacher called #timphillips 🎭
Now it's time for a studio session. Maybe I should use some of my new knowledge in the vocals booth. It's all about expressing yourself in an honest and truthful way whatever art form you express yourself through.
#imworkingonit #newmusic #timphillips #ilovethiscrazyasslife #atlanta

Dos de nuestras graduadas 👩🏻‍🎓 🇨🇱 con tremendos expositores, #TimPhillips y @ronnehring 🇺🇸!!! #LeadershipChile 💪

Rise and Shine it's Day 5 of #PrideWeek and that means Game Day! The Rocks are already 2-0 on the week and looking for the Sweep tonight @ 8pm. Come out to Papa Johns and join the 40k fans as we celebrate the biggest rivalry around! #GoRocks #BeatStX #timphillips aka #superman

Seeing #TimPhillips warmed my heart. Love and respect! #TimPhillipsStudio

Last post for today, Diana and Grant ❤️❤️ #thesecretcircle #dianameade #shelleyhennig #timphillips #love

5yrs ago today was one of the hardest days of my life. Lost one of the closest mates in my life.
His life taught me a lot about myself and the way to live, Tim would be the first to wake up and get shit done.. It's a leaf I took out of his book, here's the words which I wrote which described it perfectly.
Living is easy with eyes closed,
When i heard the news.... I froze,
The thought of you not being here
Sends shivers to my toes.

From loading dock to grinding a block
You would skate with us
Right round the clock.

From playing a guitar,
To playing a sitar.
You were the first one with a car.

Time flys when you're out and about
For chef who could cook,
You knew how to shout.

The time has come and the end is here
I am going to complete your part.
Trying not to shed a tear.

I will miss you mate,
And mark the date
As a day that I will always skate.

Rest in Peace my friend.
#timphillips #skateboarding #timothyphillips #howrandom

My favorite pic :) with the brilliant #acting #teacher #timphillips!!! #auditionforyourcareer


Feliz e inmensamente satisfecho de lo que aprendí junto a @leadershipchile, teniendo la posibilidad de escuchar a grandes como @dariopaya @rojasframm y a #TimPhillips de Americans for prosperity 🇺🇸

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