Timothy Stone
Jam original.

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Do you prefer leather or metal bands?
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Découvrez la Nouvelle collection de Timothy Stone ‘INDIO’😍😍
Ornée de 60 véritable cristaux Swarovski !!💎✨
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What do you think of the Elle in rose gold?⌚

Petit craquage 😍😍
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After receiving tons of positive feedback for the Katy collection, we decided to launch another 3 variations! #timothystone

The Norse with an all black dial and a genuine brown leather strap⌚

Loving my Timothy Stone watch. Maybe it means something to me as Stone was my maiden name ♡


What do you think about this blue and rose gold color combo? #timothystone

The Rose Gold Desire. ⌚
#timothystone #wearthetrend

Which do you prefer - rose gold or silver watches? #timothystone #wearthetrend

What do you think of the Elle collection? #timothystone #wearthetrend

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." Gandalf
Time is the most precious commodity in the world.And as we get older ,we realise just how much time we have wasted on people and doing things that are no longer apart of our lives.

We must use our time wisely for the things and people that make my soul happy.I no longer have the time or energy to focus on those whose steal my piece of mind and hog my time.With this realisation my tribe has become smaller and that is ok , my savings increased and selfcare has become very much very important to me.

Lessons from time :
1.Time lost can never be regained.
2.Spend time with yourself.
3.Do what makes your soul happy.
4.Be selfish with your time.
5.Make memories everyday.
6.Live for today.
7.Tomorow is not promised.

So stop wasting time and start living today.Be selfish about your time and who and what you spend it on.Make every minute count.

For me it is important to spend time :
1.with loved ones
2.Focusing on me.

I captured this image at the airport just before I boarded my flight for my epic birthday birthday adventure.I always travel with my gorgeous pink #AmericanTourister #MeAndMyAT. I never leave home without wearing a watch I feel naked and lost with a watch on my hand.Maybe it is because I am always conscious of time and am very punctual.Thank you @estrangeiro8 for my gorgeous watch I love it @timothystone .

Wishing you a fab week ahead and I hope you use your time wisely. .

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