happy ash in s3 please!
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ac yaboicomics sc

my endgame
dt maya always. cc maya always.


i love him💫❤️


[the one that rolled away]
omg tim was such a smol bean in this shortie... well, until the end that cracked me up HAHAHAHA

sorry this is too fast😥
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shake at the end cr; imperiodylan

I could never imagine that you @timothygranaderos you'll be my favorite actor. I never would have believed 13 reasons why, they changed my life.
I couldn't never imagine that i would one day love someone so much like i love timothy. ❤️❤️❤️
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@timothygranaderos photographed by Shanna Fisher for Candid Magazine.

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brandon posted this selfie on his story!! swipe to see the full picture

They own me
my audio but ib everyone / cc mine
I love me one hulu show
Watch tagged ok
Idk what happened to the audio

Best buddy in this world ⚾️

hey there, i accidentally put my personal's username on it haha. @timothygranaderos if you see this, i was the girl who commented 'hi, i bet 10$ you wont reply to this' haha and once again, sorry if this is bad ): ♥ [ #timothygranaderos #montgomerydelacruz ]

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