It’s gonna get loud like a twelve gauge, like a shockwave shaking the ground. hows that sound to you? Sounds good to me. #hunter #timhicks #loud #12gaugeshotgun #shotgun

Took awhile to post, but photos from the Tim Hicks’ album release party #timhicks #newtattooalbum #new #country #albumrelease

'Cause we're the dreamers
We're the believers
Yeah we're the straight up ain't no backin' down
Shake it off this town
Against the wind
And out of fringe
And we ain't never gonna settle
Forever rebels
Ain't never gonna settle
Forever rebels #timhicks #mood #foreverrebels #goodvibes #fucktherain

Find your new favorite Canadian country artist based off your fave American artist. Link in bio. ☝️

Well, @timhicksmusic I accepted your challenge. 👊🏼 Listened to #NewTattoo ten times & STILL can’t get this smile off my face! 😁🎶
Link in our stories to check out the full chat with Mr. Tim Hicks! 🎥

“It should make you go ‘Hell Yeah’, or ‘Me Too’, that’s What A Song Should Do”. I can’t think of a more fitting song to describe my love for music, & specifically the journey that led up to what happened the other night. ✊ 5+ years. From the first single at radio to the fourth studio album. (It’s called “New Tattoo” and it’s out NOW, so go get a copy!! 😎🙌). From small bars, to headlining sold-out shows in hockey arenas, and everything in between. From the beginning, there was something special about @timhicksmusic, and I found myself trekking all over Ontario (and Canada... 🤘😂✈️🚂🚗) to see the shows. The energy was & still is addicting, and fast forward to now, I’ve hit the “50 Show” mark. I was already ecstatic and proud to just be AT the Album Release with so many of the coolest people (a few that I’ve met THROUGH being a fan of Tim ❤️), but never in a million years did I ever expect what happened when Tim stopped his set to call me up & present me with this. This is 100% not why I do what I do. Music is my passion. Being even a tiny part of Tim’s journey has been a privilege in itself, but, that plaque is going to hold a special place in my heart and on my wall forever. ❤️ (It’s getting hung up before my university degree, it’s that special lol). So thank you to Tim, everyone at Open Road/RGK, and everyone else that was a part of making that night special. ❤️😭 Everyone has that one artist that becomes the soundtrack to your life, this guy is mine. 🤘 📸: @coreykelly76 @tourbusentertainment @thereviewsarein #NEWTATTOO #TimHicks #AlbumRelease #TheHideoutToronto #Show50 #SoManyMemories #HeresToTheNext50 #ThrowDownCrew #WhatASongShouldDo

Some of my favourite shots from the @timhicksmusic New Tattoo Release Party at The Hideout.

#timhicks #newtattoo #releaseparty #livemusic #thehideout #countryrock #countrymusic #canadian #newmusic

Happy release day to @timhicksmusic! #NewTattoo

There’s some killer music out today that I’m honored to have been part of creating. The @timhicksmusic album “New Tattoo” and @blackjackbilly single “Straight Line Sober” are both guaranteed to fuel any good time. Thanks to Jeff Coplan and @davepittenger for having me behind the board for these bad mama jamas 🙏🏼 #Engineer #Nashville #NewMusicFriday #CountryMusic #TimHicks #BlackJackBilly

Check out the New Album released today from Tim Hicks... Loving the song ‘Loud’ perfect for the summer with an ice cold beer 🍺

‪See you at the @canaanmmf Campsite Stage on August 10th!! Can’t wait!! ‬

Tim Hick’s new album is out today! So honoured to have co-written two of it’s tracks with some of my dearest friends: “What A Song Should Do” was written with Tim and @emmadashlee, and “The Worst Kind” (feat. @Lindsayell) written with Tim and @Toritullier. Go get this record now!! 🤘🍾⚡️ #TimHicks #WhatASongShouldDo #TheWorstKind #LindsayEll #HellYeah #NewTattoo @rgkentertainment @openroadrecs @timhicksmusic

My @timhicksmusic album New Tattoo just came in! Time for a nice long drive with my future wife, cranking them tunes up #LOUD !! #timhicks #newtattoo #foreverrebels

Dropped today and I’m soooo pumped!! @timhicksmusic you nailed it again ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #hellyeah #1975 #throwaball #newtattoo #timhicks

So this dropped today...and I AM LOVING IT!!! Been listening on repeat all day 😍
Favourite songs so far:
Gettin' To Me
What A Song Should Do
The Worst Kind
@timhicksmusic thank you for another great album!! 😍🤠🇨🇦 #canadiancountryrocks #countryjunkie #timhicks #ifyouarentalreadylisteningyouremissingout #hellyeah #metoo #thatswhatasongshoulddo #andhesfromontario❤

The song gods were in full force for @timhicksmusic & @karenkosowski and I when we wrote “What A Song Should Do” and I know we all felt the magic that day. Huge honour to be a part of this new record. Everyone go get this!!! #TimHicks #WhatASongShouldDo #NewTattoo #Country #Number1 @rgkentertainment @openroadrecs

Great time last night at the CD Release Party for Tim Hicks at The Hideout in Toronto! Be sure to get your copy of New Tattoo! #newtattoo #timhicks #countrymusic

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