Nobody gets argued all the way into becoming a believer on the sheer basis of logic and reason. That requires a leap of faith. ~ Francis Collins
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Meet Joseph! He will be giving 5 different workshops at the MahaShakti in Munich the mentioned week-end!!! Sept 7th to 9th.
Book all or just one...however you like to. But come and meet this inspiring teacher!

Joseph is so clear with his words, has this attitude that even if you worry about something he will lift you up just by looking at you and saying this one sentence to you. This special sentence and it鈥檚 meaning you will never forget in your life and you know this was exactly for you. He is there and cares - without getting too much into your personal matters, but you feel the hand, even tough he is not touching you physically. And when he really touches you during your praxis, you feel that he is right there for you with his entire awareness and heart. Helping you and getting the best out of you in that very moment. Automatically you trust and follow and know he will never judge you, he is just there with all his incredible knowledge and love.

This is why I am thankful Joseph will be visiting us in Munich. Trust me in this! Please. Book soon. 馃憠馃徎web-page in bio/Workshops/Joseph. Now! 馃槈Thank you! 馃檹 https://www.mahashakti-yoga.de/workshops/joseph-armstrong-with-5-workshops-adjustments-led-primary-series-2x-vagus-nerve-backbends/

And if you are not living in Munich, you know Munich is worth a visit. It鈥榮 lovely and warm here in September and lot鈥榮 to do in between. If you come from another city we can have lunch together or dinner if you wish to, so that you don鈥檛 feel lonely if you come by yourself. We are looking forward to having you all in Munich! Much love, Veronika

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We still have a few spots left for this weekends workshop with Tim Feldmann. Don麓t miss this! We have also opened up some extra spots for those who would like to join, but can麓t make it for the whole weekend. So go to yogayama.se/workshops to book and join us for this profound experience.
Whole weekend 2495 SEK
Saturday 12/5 08.30-17.00 1800 SEK
Sunday 13/5 08.30-15.30 1200 SEK

You haven麓t missed that Tim Feldmann is coming from Miami to Yogayama in May 12th-13th, right?
Tim is Authorized to teach directly by the founder of the Ashtanga yoga Method, Sri K.Pattabhi Jois, and his grandson, R. Sharath Jois and is dedicated to Ashtanga Yoga麓s traditional method.
Don麓t miss this amazing opportunity to study with him for a weekend including three workshops and two Mysore classes. All levels are welcome!
For more info and sign-ups go to yogayama.se/workshops

Urdva Dhanurasana with these master teachers is always a treat! #grateful #mysoreclasses @ayc_confluence March 1-4, 2018. Photos by Agathe Padovani @ifilmyoga

Enjoy practice
Peace love and light 馃専馃挏

@josepharmstrongyoga visita Core Yoga para ense帽arnos a hackear el sistema nervioso usando una s铆ntesis de antiguas t茅cnicas y贸guicas combinadas con conocimiento cient铆fico moderno. El #nerviovago regula y relaja los principales sistemas del cuerpo. Es posible aprovechar este poder para experimentar una mayor conexi贸n a los estados de flujo innato y la respuesta de relajaci贸n. Esto puede resultar en una mayor presencia, as铆 como en bienestar psicol贸gico y f铆sico.

Aprender谩s c贸mo aplicar visualizaciones guiadas, meditaci贸n, t茅cnicas vocales y ejercicios de respiraci贸n. Te ir谩s con un conocimiento pr谩ctico del sistema nervioso #parasimp谩tico y usarlo para modificar el estado de la mente y el cuerpo.

Joseph Armstrong ense帽a yoga con los pies firmemente plantados en la tradici贸n de la pr谩ctica y con una mirada hacia el futuro. Su b煤squeda de una vida m谩s presente y pac铆fica lo llev贸 primero a la pr谩ctica en 2008. Unos a帽os m谩s tarde estuvo en la India, estudiando intensamente.

Despu茅s de superar finalmente una larga lucha contra la #adicci贸n, Joseph comenz贸 a experimentar con #AshtangaYoga. Comprendi贸 r谩pidamente que el linaje lo llamaba para profundizar su pr谩ctica. Se someti贸 a un programa de aprendizaje de 2 a帽os en el mundialmente famoso #MiamiLifeCenter, continuando su educaci贸n con sus maestros #TimFeldmann y #KinoMacGregor. En 2016 complet贸 2 meses de estudio en #Mysore con #SharathJois.
En el a帽o 2017 visit贸 Guatemala para un fin de semana de talleres. Se enamor贸 del lugar y decidi贸 mudarse. A partir de 2018 vive y ense帽a en #AntiguaGuatemala, visitando la ciudad para compartir sus conocimientos.

No te pierdas esta oportunidad :) #yoga #relajaci贸n #meditaci贸n #coreyogagt #innerstand #movimiento #yogaguatemala #nerviovago #superaci贸n #inspiraci贸n #fuerza #flexibilidad #relaxationresponse

Ashtanga Yoga Weekend with Tim Feldmann - this workshop series is for all curious yogis!

Tim's humorous, straight forward yet profound teaching style makes him a cherished teacher, traveling extensively throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.
Don't miss practicing with Tim while he is at Yogayama May 12th - 13th.
More information and registration at yogayama.com under 'workshops'

Lead Primary Series with Dena Kingsberg and Jack Wiseman March 1-4, 2018. Photo credit Agathe Padovani @ifilmyoga

Easter morning practice 馃槄
Full Primary with @timfeldmannyoga . Can鈥檛 wait to study and practice with Tim @miamilifecenter again next July!
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Manju Jois leading Primary Series at the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence March 1-4th 2018. Photo credit by Agatha Padovani @ifilmyoga

Lean into what you love.鉁
As you know, we love yoga and we love @timfeldmannyoga!
In one month, he will be teaching a 6 day Ashtanga immersion鈥攜ou don鈥檛 want to miss. Be sure to register ahead of time: www.yogaview.com
|| 馃摳: @timfeldmannyoga ||

The lineage. So much more than the labels, titles and lists. Family. As we looked upon them, these servants to the student and masters of the practice, the grace of their love and teachings filled our hearts with joy. #ashtangayogaconfluence #timfeldmann #marytaylor #richardfreeman #manjujois #davidswenson #denakingsberg #bewellsoontimji #alliscoming #touchedmytoesinkapothankyoudena!

Tim and I decided to match today
Ashtanga Yoga Confluence Day 3: 馃摽
To rest is to rust
- David Swenson quoting Paul Bragg 馃摽
For those of you who are already flexible, you have to learn to resist, to not go for the whole thing
- David Swenson 馃摽
There鈥檚 an edge where I meet myself...when I start to get angry, where I start to feel self pity...sometimes I鈥檝e had to deconstruct the whole practice and put it back together again
- Tim Feldmann
The things that matter reside in your heart
- Dena Kingsburg
Can we truly say that someone is certified in teaching yoga?...can you certify someone in non-greed? There are things in yoga that are non-certifiable.
- David Swenson
Yoga is about love, sharing, sharing, giving and enjoying. If they aren鈥檛 doing those things then they aren鈥檛 doing yoga
- Manju Jois

This is Tim Feldmann destroying my life. Just kidding. He鈥檚 an awesome teacher, no yogis were harmed in this attempt to get into Marichyasana D. I think I held this for a fraction of a second... such a humbling practice. He said 鈥淩elax鈥, pulled my arm, said 鈥淩elax鈥 again. This practice is about finding a balance between pushing into the posture and relaxing into the posture. That middle ground is the sweet spot where we experience growth #yoga #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogachallenge #timfeldmann #asana #marichyasana #marichyasanad #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #ashtangis #ashtangayogaconfluence #yogapose #yogapractice

What blissful moments to practice, listen and exchange energy with this amazing wise souls. Inspired of their long journey of practice. Wish could stay longer.
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Dynamic duo Richard Freeman and David Swenson co-teaching the Marriage of Shiva and Shakti- Finding Harmony in Duality at the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence 2018. Photo credit Agathe Padovani @ifilmyoga

Day 1 complete of the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence. What an inspiring day it was! Thank you Manju Jois, Tim Feldmann, David Swenson, Dena Kingsberg, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor. Panels moderated by Jessica Walden. Photo credit by Agathe Padovani @ifilmyoga

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