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When @alkis.chronos graciously offers to regulate your @habring2 X @timezonetweets #habring2 #habring #timezonetweets

Palms and Pelagos

After super tagal release ng gold card, finally wid super cute freebie! πŸ–€ #tzmoments #timezone #timezonetweets

Top of Vail mountain #timezonetweets #gmtmaster #blnr #vail

Tonight's @horologicalsocietyofny lecture is being presented by the inimitable @therealmassena, Managing Director of @timezonetweets, and formerly of @bonhams1793. This man has forgotten more than most will ever know about watches. Believe that. #hsny1866 #horologicalsocietyofnewyork #timezonetweets

Ready for another Speedy that we are over the moon about!? (Pun totally intended)
This Ref. 145.022-69 is not only in great shape, but it also has the incredibly rare "Straight Line Apollo XI" caseback! Speedmasters are already easy to get excited about, but then something like this comes along. See more photos and info at wannabuyawatch.com, search 46434.

A little bit of a different Gallet than most are used to seeing. Gallet Regulator is #womw


Palms and Pelagos

Manage your time, manage your biggest wealth.
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All done! I have learned so much from the wildly talented and extremely kind @go_leathers
I cannot wait to get back and start practicing these zipper clutches!!

Alright last Sub post for awhile. (This 5513 is proving hard to take off)

Told you there would be more on this later. Thanks @louis.vintage πŸ’ͺ🏼

More on this later...πŸ«πŸ‘€

Root beer is delicious! 🍺
Search 47801 on the site for more information.


Chugging along...studying with the incredibly talented @go_leathers

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