The United States of America is one of the most powerful countries in the world and they influence and control a lot of what happens here on Earth and for the so-called leader of this country to use his power and his influence to take this type of action against little innocent defenseless children and women just goes to show what kind of piece of shit he is.This is why Colin Kaepernick was kneeling for the anthem and this is why Martin Luther King gave that speech at the Lincoln Memorial. This is why our black brothers and sisters have not felt any peace since the days of slavery because there is no peace 💯 this is a direct attack on my people and I say that because if you look at the news and at all the pictures you won't see any other children there but Brown children and whether you are Mexican or Latino or in a position where you have a platform to speak up then this is the time.( anybody in radio , tv , sports , entertainment etc. ) If you have kids take a quick moment to look at them for a few seconds and then picture them getting snatched away from you and thrown in cages like animals left to cry and feel scared without any love or comfort or security left for them from their parents and loved ones. These are kids !!! If these were a bunch of blonde haired women and children with blue eyes and white skin would it be a big deal then ??? #WakeUpRaza #TimeToTakeAction #Wisdom #Unity #SpeakUp #ProtectTheInnocent #HelpTheHelpless #RazaUnida #RazaUnderAttack #POR #PrisonersOfRacism #FDT #FuckDonaldTrump #BrownPride #VivaLaRaza #MyPeople #MiGente #OneLove ✊🏼👊🏼💯

Lately, I am so worried about other ppl and being there for them, that I’m forgetting to protect my own energy. #mindbody&;soul #timetotakeaction #ROI

Anybody else overthink decisions to the point of inaction? #storyofmylife #timetotakeaction

So you woke up today and the same problems you had yesterday are still there. You’re getting desperate. You want to stop worrying, feeling like you have no self worth and that you’re not living your life. The trouble is, you don’t know how. You need some help but you don’t know where to get it. The good news is that I’m here to help you completely change your experience and help you think the way you want to think, feel the way YOU want to feel and get what YOU really want in your life. Click on the link in my bio and you will start the journey that will change your life for good #needalifecoach #getacoach #lifecoach #startthejourney #timetotakeaction #timetochange #delaynomore #stopoverthinking #selfworth #selflove #donothingordosomething #supercoach

🆘🆘🆘 #STOPDEATHSATSEA 🆘 Keep in mind that our #SEA is a deadly place for the migrants while we enjoy our vacation on the coasts #SOS 🆘 Please scream out loud the message and share @simonaklipa @luciastasia @milton_igor_berdicchia #HELP #ITALYNEEDSHELP 🇮🇹🆘😪 #momanddaughter #love #helloworld #travelwithkids #kids #kidsblog #cute #girl #daughter #colorful #picoftheday #FREEDOM #savelifes #timetotakeaction #helloeurope #wakeupeurope #helpitaly to #helppeople #helppeopleinneed🙏 #Europe

I need a change. What’s it going to be? 💭 #timetotakeaction

Indah di dunia mimpi. Bila bangun, nampak siling nampak dinding jer. Berita lanjut:- https://www.pressreader.com/malaysia/berita-harian5831/20180203/281973198097960

#actor #actorslife #timetotakeaction #iknowwhereistand #hollywood #malaysianactor #degupcinta #ruzgarinkalbi #dreamingisover #therealstruggle #iwillfight #noonecares #watchoutwhoyoumesswith

11/06/ 2018 a normal day in SA _The Swartland Municipality says protesters have damaged a wine cellar, shops and private homes at Riebeeck West and Riebeeck Kasteel. Municipal Manager, Joggie Scholtz, says several people have been arrested and the situation remains tense: “The wine cellar that was damaged is in Riebeeck Kasteel, at the wine cellar and they got access to the building. There is also damaged caused at the administrative offices of the wine cellar earlier this morning, nine arrests have been reported in Riebeeck Kasteel and three in Riebeeck West. It is volatile. We have to caution certain people, there is a certain risk to visit these areas. #timetotakeaction

Everyday I wake up thankful that I made the decision to finally invest in myself and it changed my life forever. I mean I've spent a lot of money on some pretty stupid sh*t over the years and got nothing in return for it. Not this though. I'm happier, healthier, & have more energy than ever before! Not to mention dropping a crap ton of weight! Remember the date July 14. That could be the date that forever changes your life because that is when my next accountability group launches and I have a spot saved for you!! Space will be limited so stop sitting on the fence about this and finally make the commitment to yourself. You won't regret it.
Everything you need to get results. This is how I started and look what it has done for me! Now I want to pass this gift on to you and all you need to do is say YES and follow the simple plan that will be provided. I will be there every step of the way as your mentor and biggest supporter! I went lie to you, the work will be hard at first, but the process is so simple all you have to is show up and make the effort and you will see results! What do you have to lose?? Drop your favorite GIF or emoji below or send me a message and I can get you started as soon as today! 🤘
#timeforachange #timetotakeaction #icanhelp

Just had a Great Herbalife business meeting with my good friend Rigo ! 🙌🏼. “ Harvest will not come for those who wish . Harvest will come for those who planted the seed “.
#TimeToTakeAction 💪🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

No State
No Country
Will develop, untill unless people develop.
We, people are making this happen with our behaviour and selfishness.

#people #development #country #selfishness #growup #timetotakeaction #timetothink #responsibility #irresponsible #indian #indianpeoplephotography #indianpeople #photography #rushya_diaries #rushyadiaries #insta #instagram

So excited to announce my new Online Coaching “Flip It.” Learn the secrets how to flip your way of thinking to unlock the success that is in all of us. Watch my feed and website for more info! DM or email with questions. Talk soon!
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​Don't let another week go by without making a start towards achieving your goals! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Take action today, take small steps and make this the day that leads you to where you want to be!😁
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#flashbackfriday to mine and my loves second date together 😘😍💚. We have survived through the worst of the worst and he still manages to make me smile throughout the ups and downs 😌. How blessed am I to have such an amazing, supportive, productive, good looking hunk of a man by my side 😉☺️. ———————————————————————————
I used to look back at these photos and think oh my, I’m fat as now! 😂. Now I look at them as motivation. If I can look like that three years ago, then I know for a fact I will look like this again and maybe even better 😉. My mans has been the one that’s not only irritated me and my temper but he’s always been the one that tells the truth straight to my face. Sometimes i get upset but then I realise that he’s right and I need to re-evaluate my situation/ problem again. Even though I’m chunky today doesn’t mean I have to stay like this forever. I’m going to work harder than ever, I’m going to push myself to get the results I want because: let’s face it, I’m putting on more weight because I don’t want it bad enough. After seeing the number on the scale increase and noticing that it’s not increasing because I have more muscle but because I’ve been putting ten times more junk in my mouth than before, i thought it is time to stop with the negativity and get the motivation and positivity happening. No more laziness, no more sleep ins, no more excuses. Shits about to go down and I want to make sure the weight that will be lost never comes back. 🙌🏽.
Here’s to my future with this good looking man 😍😍😍 @__taten__ .
#blessed #enoughoftheshittalking #timetotakeaction #crossfitsgotmyback #sodoeseverythingelse #workingonmafitness #futurehusbandmaterialrighthere

Feeling stuck, at a loss, lack of energy, not waking up excited for the day?
Maybe it’s time to take a long, hard look at what you really want in life.
Does what you do on a daily basis match up with what you want out of life?
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