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“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”😇😇
Clicking pictures with these beautiful ladies just make the FAREWELL more memorable and fun..!! ❤❤
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Never hope for it more than work for it #Rohanpatel #beardo #timetorise

Happy anniversary SMA tercinta 😘😘😘
#SMATODAY #TIMETORISE #happyanniversarysmato22 #SMATO22

It's Monday... you know what time it is!
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Woooooo 🙌🙌🙌 | SMA N 1 Girimarto , 17 Desember 2016 | Photo by @fauzi_gani

Raise your standards and you will rise along with them! #timetorise

Know some young playas like to swaaaaaang
Finally GAME DAY!! #TimeToRise ☀️

Got to bring the most technically advanced shoe back to the place that created them. Worn by the world. Created in Silicon Valley. #futurecraft In the end it is all about the people. People who are never content with how things currently are and always strive for the better. This is why the partnership between @carbon and @adidas is going to be so impactful. #timetorise #futurecraft4d


IEEE SSUET - Computer Society and its member visited Curious LabX (A well known software house). This visit gave the great exposure to its members by providing them key opportunities to interact with real-life developers and know how software industry is working.

The valuable presentation was delivered by:

Abdul Wahab Kotwal(CEO & Founder of SandBox & Curious LabX)
Mr. Fayzan Asad(CEO of Creatix Multimedia)
Noushad Ranani(CEO & Chief Strategist at Voorp Media)


Life isn't meant to be so hard. We make it hard. We want everything "yesterday"! We resist changes and things that are out of our comfort zone. Sometime, we keep pushing, even though the Universe is telling us to slow down. Learning to release, is a muscle that needs to be worked everyday. For today, get away from the computer, take lunch outside, bask in the beauty of the sunshine, be grateful for all that you have, and remind yourself that life is a journey, and enjoy the view along the way! It's Time! #timetoRISE #Inspiredliving #empowering #Lifebydesign #transformation #Dreamsreawakened #createyourbestlife #christinecatoggio.com

"Lead me into the water
Wash me under the waves
Lead me into the water
Cover me in Your grace
Who I am, what I was
Take me down, raise me up
Out of the water, changed

Better than a dream now
You'd never believe how
I was in a burning building 'til You sent the rain down
I got a clean start
Beating from a new heart
I left the old me buried in the graveyard
And now I'm seeing light
Now I'm feeling life
Burning on the inside
I'm never going back
Everything I had, I leave it on the shoreline

Oh, I found life in the death of me" (Unspoken) <3

#lifeinthedeathofme #mysavior #christislord #immersion #baptism #symbolism #renewal #iamalive #timetorise

When I tell my story, I often share about my personal transitions. In my "journey", I learned that I needed to find out who I was, not who I was expected to be! One of the reasons that I'm so passionate about helping other woman navigate their journey! #timetoRISE #Inspiredliving #empowering #change #createyourbestlife #transformation #Dreamsreawakened #christinecatoggio.com

#throwbackthursday "Time To Rise" from our debut album last year! Full video on YouTube!
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Jaaa es ist Kalt 😫auf dem weg ins Studio 💪🏼 llleeeettsssssssss goooo
#ahrfit24 #clutch #timetorise #fitness #fitfam #morningwalk #morning #smile

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.
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Honoring one of my clients. Celebrating his success.
Andy came to me mid-January with his goal of running 10 k
straight through.
He could run 5 minutes without a break when we first started.
Yesterday he completed his first 10 k run in just over 55 minutes and we´re both over the moon happy. Such an amazing achievement!
An unfortunate bike accident forced him to a 2-week break a few weeks ago.

He stayed committed and learned to move through the challenge and setback.

Andy lost about 9 kgs. and reduced his body fat down to 13%. Without going on a diet and only running on average
four times per week. He also takes his dog on long walks every day and manages to fit in his training working a busy job.

What's next? Continuing to fulfill his next goal in a few weeks. Andy is not interested in competitions (yet) and runs for his own pleasure.
It's living in beautiful alignment with his values and making fitness, a regular workout routine a non-negotiable.

If you´re currently looking for support in accomplishing a goal and you want to feel fit and good in yourself, contact me. Let´s chat about how I can help you. I offer 1:1 support both off- and online.
It´s #time2rise to your potential.
Awaken your strengths and innate abilities.

Get in touch to book a free call to find out how I can best help you at:
#endurance #focus #endurancerunning #success #potential #rise #timetorise

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