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Today is #NationalComingOutDay ... I'm so proud to take part in positive LGBTQ+ representation. I'm proud to stand up for the voices that have either been stifled, silenced, or yet to be heard. I'm proud to stand on behalf of those who've been persecuted, ridiculed, and misunderstood. I'm grateful to walk alongside those who have battled long and hard to rise above the judgement and slander that have soiled the foundation of our humanity and yet even still, keep our heads held high as fingers wag and forked tongues sputter out hatred. I stand for you, with you, behind you and beside you... for the sake of compassion and everything good in this effed up world today, I hope we all rise. I hope today is filled with joy, hope, love, and support. You matter. You are beautiful. You are worth celebrating ❤️🏳️‍🌈 #ComeOnOut #TimeToRise #LGBTQ #AlexDanvers #BeYou #BeProud

Remember when I used to weld every day ? And I made this instagram account because I had a new job at a fabrication shop ! I wanted to show my work and progress ! At my first job! .... then it turned out , the man who took these pictures , and owned the shop , had hired me , because he was selfish and he liked the way I look. Lemme tell you somethin people .... that's not ok in my book. I set the bar that day , for myself . I chose to leave and have been unemployed since. I'm not a feminist really , I'm actually deep down old fashioned. I don't want to compete with a man or prove anything . I just want to work. I don't want to be coddled or oogled . I just want to work. I hope to hear back from my interview last week , if that doesn't pan out . I'm bout to hit a high note on plan B and start makin moves . Because this shit is gettin old. I'm tired of singin and I'm tired of havin so much time on my hands that I look at this stupid shit as often as I do.

Real talk...... Life happens and I am legit up almost 10 lbs. Yes TEN! Am I freaking? NO. These last few month have been tough to be honest. The month of May was just crazy with end of school, birthdays, travel soccer, LaCross, first communions, and then Korie hurt his back (he's had 2 laminectomies and a spinal fusion before the age of 33 so his back will be a life long struggle but it's been over a month and not better😫) job changes, and we had my sister's daughters wedding this month (which was absolutely beautiful but emotional). I will be the first to admit I am not perfect, this health thing takes work and is so freaking hard at times especially at emotional times. I am that girl that will turn to food out of comfort and can eat pretty much everything in reach. It's ok to have hiccups. But YOU are the only one that can dig yourself out. I've had my pity party and am ready to put my big girl pants on and do the work I know I need to. I am smiling because I know what I need to do and am ready to get over myself. Once and for all this darn G Unit (my gut) needs to disappear. It has haunted me since I was in second grade.
If your in his same boat reach out to me. I'd love to build each other up and help one another get back on track. #timetorise #bewhoyouweremeanttobe #nolookingback #notalwaysbrightandshiny

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”😇😇
Clicking pictures with these beautiful ladies just make the FAREWELL more memorable and fun..!! ❤❤
#timetorise #riseandshine☀️ #ruthless #riseabovehate #khillady ❤❤

Sehati sederap Finish Strong 🏁💪🏻 #Timetorise#spiritualretreat#pkbmalfaomega#aosharegoodvibes

Anniversary 22 tahun SMA N 1 Girimarto.
Alumni aktivis with OSIS

First 15k doubles title with Dominik Kellovsky 🎾💯 I had a lot of fun this week and I'm happy I had the chance to play with him. Finally cracked a smile in the end of the week 😅...It was really tough after the disappointing singles match at the round of 16... I was up a set and a couple breaks in the second (as usual) and the guy who beat me is playing finals tomorrow...(again...as usual😑) I'm still not even close to the level I want to be at, but I won't stop until I achieve my goals 😉 The best thing about tennis is that there's always another chance to prove yourself💯

#бачково @babolat @herbalife #nike #timetorise

I truly thank God for being with me on this one 🙏🏽😤. My life could of been over but I am blessed to still be breathing right now. I felt lonely when everything happened but I knew deep inside God was with me through it all. Sometimes, your life can flash right in front of you so you must live everyday as if it is your lasts. Thank you guys for all the love and support you guys have given me and God bless all you guys ! 🙏🏽😇
FYI: I do not know how I just ended up with a minor injury 🤔🙌🏼😇
#thankyougod #timetorise #imblessed #ThankYouHonda ❤️ #hondacivicsi 💔


Are you just about to launch your brand new program (that you've been feeling called to create for so long) and now ALL your fears and resistance are coming up to the surface?

Did you just get back from running a magical retreat or workshop and now your deepest wish is to integrate all of the wisdom and let the surge of energy help you move into the next level of your sacred business?

Are you deeply committed to creating a heart-centred, soulful and sustainable business while guiding your amazing clients to reach their dreams AND take exquisite care of yourself?

I know so well how all of your dreams and desires feel. I have the same deep longing in my belly and our souls are connected.

It is one of my greatest joys in life to support, guide and LOVE UP beautiful souls like you 💖. If you long for soulful guidance and loving support I would be so honoured to be by your side.

I've got 2 mentoring spaces in October and a few single sessions available starting from next week. Is one of them yours? ⭐ Find out more and sign up here: http://karinaladet.com/wise-woman-mentoring/

Do you have any questions or want to meet me to see if we are the right fit? 👇Click here to book a free 30 min Discovery Session with me: https://calendly.com/karinaladet/discovery30min ⭐ Only need an energy boost to get clarity and realign with your purpose and path?

Book a single session here : www.karinaladet.com/intuitive-reading/ 📷 @malinwittig

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I took an Oath Defend the Constitution. To Defend this Country against enemies both Forgien and Domestic. We have a great many enemies within our own Country. Monsanto and Miracle Gro have been attacking our food industry for far too long. I never forgot my Oath, which is why I'll take this fight, and put it on my back. For what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger. A great many companies have quietly fought the battle, but have been quieted out of fear. I say rise my Organic farmers, and follow us into Battle. For we our the only real hope our future generations have to take back our food industry, and health. #oath #nomonsanto #nomiraclegro #battle #timetorise #Veteranownedbusiness #minorityownedbusiness #enemies #wewillnotbesilenced #rise #foodindustry #greatness #nofear #futuregeneration

I forgot Miracle Hunting yesterday - so we will do them now 🤗
1. Slow, cosy morning.
2. Finishing my book contribution - Time to Rise.
3. Great client session.
What were your Miracles yesterday?
#livingyourtruth #microblogger #astrology #miracles #huntingmiracles #workout #clients #cosy #author #authortobe #timetorise #alliswell

#MyRichesislife.You,Your environment, friends,family ,your memories, this moment that builds your future possibilities is al that matters.
Take back the control!
@bizzensun -
#BobMarley #Exodus #EverlastingLife #Rich #Abundant #LifeForever #ILoveMycellf #ISeeYou #TimeToRise #Change #Meditation #Music #Rasta #rastafari #peace #Cannabis #medication #420

Q: Do you currently have any mentors today? If so, how have they impacted you professionally? I do, whether they know it or not. I see many individuals as mentors within my network, spanning different industries. Not just mentors in design, but in business, community and education. Over the last 10 years, I've worked directly with Entrepreneurs, CEO's & major stakeholders, helping execute on their business goals. In each phase of my career, I've learned how these individuals present themselves and how they handle their business, all the while trying to understand what their model for success was. I've taken all these learnings and applied it to my own process; learning from everyone I work with, whether it's a local streetwear brand or nationally known entity, has had a massive impact on my professional career. As a designer, my job is to come up with solutions, being able to solve different problems in different industries - at different scales, has been extremely valuable to my personal & professional growth.
Make sure to check back with #Rise as we will be presenting the full length feature coming soon on our website. 🇵🇭
#risetribe #timetorise #phillipines #youngprofessional #designer #creative #video #photography #Toronto

Q: How did you get into design? The simplest way to put it is, I'm a Multimedia Designer & Creative. I’ve been able to buld a strong foundation across multiple disciplines: Graphic/Web Design, IA/UX/UI, Front-End Development, Photography, Videography, Post-Production, etc. I've always known I would find my way as a creative. I'm the youngest of 3 brothers and as a kid, my brothers rebellious attitudes and love for Hip-Hop, breakdancing, turntablism and graffiti really influenced me to be who I am. The creative art of expression has been a heavy theme throughout my life. Growing up in the 90’s/00’s, the internet & computers were becoming the norm, I discovered Photoshop and HTML/CSS. After that, it was a wrap. Graphic design & coding got me started and from there, it was a natural progression into other mediums where I taught myself new skills by experimenting and taking on challenging opportunities. . . .

#risetribe #timetorise #phillipines #youngprofessional #designer #creative #video #photography #Toronto

What a beautiful Name it is
Nothing compares to this
What a beautiful Name it is
The Name of Jesus
You didn't want heaven without us
So Jesus, You brought heaven down
My sin was great, Your love was greater
What could separate us now
What a wonderful Name it is
What a wonderful Name it is
The Name of Jesus Christ my King 💗

#Surrender #ChooseLove #TimetoRise

#FeatureFridays: @Rise_Tribe: Meet Jeffrey Ace Fulgar / @jfulgar, a Multimedia Hybrid / Creative Swiss Army Knife if there ever was one. The notion of being “Self-Taught,” is epitomized in the life-long process that Jeffrey has taken which has lead him to where he is now both professionally & creatively. Currently the Head of Design at STACK, his design journey has been a path that he’s trail-blazed, building upon his learnings & experiences resulting in his professional growth, and a slew of accomplishments & accolades within the design/media industry. This is his story… . . .

#risetribe #timetorise #phillipines#youngprofessional #design #designer #video #photographer #creative #toronto

For me, I have found that a great morning leads to a great day! How do you start your mornings? #AD Follow the link below for my best tips on supercharging your morning. From exercising to drinking a big mug of @dunkindonuts coffee, I'm talking about it all #ontheblog today!

http://wp.me/p5jWCo-47C​ ​

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There is literally no other reason I would be out and about, dressed up, make up & hair done (all with my luggage missing 😩) apart from being part of a HUGE opportunity which launched yesterday and which will change the course of me and my hubsters life.
We waited 5 years and now it’s here and we are going to celebrate for the next few days!

Even Clover is at a dog sitter so that we can just focus on us.

Straight from an incredible few days with my best friend, coach and mastermind sisters and into this! Exciting times 😍

Hello! Yesterday I had to take a day off from all my technological adventures due to a not so fun headache - yay - so yes today coffee is first ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ #coffeetime #coffee #butfirstcoffee #timetorise #timetoshine #timetohustle #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #supportsmallbusiness #photographer #photography #fortmyers #capecoral #instagram #instagood #instalike #instaawesome #floridalife #floridaphotographer

Time to work. Ute tjuter en iskall vind och då är brasan verkligen en bra kompis.
#skriva #timetorise #enough #pickyourselfup #brasa #kallt

Round 3 vs Murgheboluc
2 Day Games
1st XI (Away)at King Lloyd Reserve No.1
1:15pm start
- Our top side will have plenty to play for tomorrow having suffered narrow losses in the opening two rounds of the year. They will be desperate to start well in the 2 day format and will be boosted by the inclusion of keeper Scott Burrowes, who's been in terrific batting form in the 2nds, and our exciting debutant allrounder Pat Richards who will play his first game for the club and become 1st XI Cap #299

2nd XI (Home) at Leopold Community Bank Oval No.1
1:15pm start - Having claimed a thrilling one run victory last week in the absence of skipper Aston, the 2nd XI are enjoying their unbeaten start to the year and will be striving to continue this form. The side is boosted by the inclusions of Aston and Kilfoyle for the first two-day match of th season.

3rd XI (Away) at King Lloyd Reserve No.2
1:15pm start
- After a comfortable win last week away from home, the 3rd XI won't have any hesitations in pushing for a win at Murgheboluc. Skipper Hennessy is a welcome return, as is Josh Hughes, whilst Rob O'Donnell returns from injury and Kyle Sykstus plays his first 3rd XI game.
4th XI (Home) at Leopold Community Bank Oval No.2
1:15pm start
- A massive win last week on the back of some batting brilliance from the likes of Wray, Sinkinson and Petterwood will give the 4th XI plenty of confidence heading into tomorrow's game. Luke Polley will take the gloves in his first game for the year and youngster Tom Neate is back after his terrific performance in round 1.
5th XI (Home) vs Aireys Inlet at Leopold Estuary Lakes Reserve
1pm start
- After starting their year with a bang last week following a great allround performance, the 5tH XI will look to make it two from two as they take on Aireys Inlet at the Estuary. Skipper Barmby has turned to number of different allies this week in Kent Hannam, John Gibson, Trav Mackay, Toby Munday and the evergreen Josh Burnie.
We can't do it alone and will need plenty of support from our brilliant red and gold followers.
Good luck to all representing our club this weekend, wear that cap with pride 🏏🦁 #LCC #TheDen #1club #1team #TimeToRise

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