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And so we live our lives in the safest way thinking what scares us is bad and what calms us is good; until one day we realize the choices that we fear the most are usually the ones worth making.
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Do what makes you happy! It's okay if you fall down, just make sure when you get back up, you rise as the whole damn fire 🔥💪🏼 #berlin #timetomakeachange

I'm honored to be speaking at the Children's of Advocacy Center of Laredo tonight. I hope to break the cycle of child abuse through community education. #CACLaredo #victimnolonger #timetomakeachange #truthfultuesday

Going to use a photo of @lb7_james race truck to make this announcement even more awesome 🤙🏻😂 but I'm looking for graphic designers that would like to give me some design thoughts for my new logo! Looking for something that doesn't look like a 5 year old made it!😂 if your interested dm me on my personal page @blessed_lml_ and I will give you my phone number and email and we will go from there! Thanks everyone! #timetomakeachange

A week ago today, I made a decision and commitment to myself to improve my health and fitness. Not just for a month or two, but for as long as I physically can.
For as long as I can remember I have always been self-conscious about my weight and with that came a lot of fad diets, missed meals, and hours at the gym. For what? 10 maybe 15 lbs. But what happened after spring break trips, summer vacations,my wedding, etc was all over? I gained all that weight back, plus some. Even after that temporary weight loss, was I happy with the way I looked or how I felt? No!
Over 2 years ago,I was introduced to Beachbody's 21 Day Fix Extreme, and for you not familiar with Beachbody, they are the same creators as P90X & Insanity. Instead of doing a 60 & 90 day program, I decided to try this 21 day program. I was a little skeptical, but what did I have to lose? I gained almost 10 lbs since my wedding, so even if I lost 5 I would be happy.
After my first round of 21DFX I lost over 11 inches and 8 lbs. I was stoked that I fit into my pre-wedding clothes again, but I was actually happy with how I looked! All by doing 30 minute at-home workouts, portion control and drinking my daily Shakeology.
As I started my second round, I found out I was pregnant and decided to take it easy. Since my pregnancy, I have fluctuated with my weight and just haven't found the motivation to get back into a healthy lifestyle. Sure I've worked out and "dieted" and lost weight, but it was all short term. I made a million excuses as to why I wasn't at my pre-pregnancy weight or size.
A few weeks ago I became super depressed and self-conscious. I hated looking at myself in the mirror. That same week my beachbody coach, Jessie, reached out asking if I still had any interest in coaching. It was a sign! It took me a while to pull the trigger, but when I did I knew this was the motivation I needed. I love to help people and this was the best opportunity to help myself and others at the same time!

You may be skeptical, I was, but sometimes it's worth to try. This may be YOUR time to make the change you have been looking for. #beachbodycoach #shiftshop #timetomakeachange

Probably wasn't the best idea to choose stairs for the first cardio since I was born... #timetomakeachange #pukeandswallow #dead #moredead #nomore

Jogged about 4 miles today and hung out with my baby boy ❤️ #fitnessjourney #timetomakeachange #immyownmotivation

I admit I have made some stupid decisions and sacrifices over the past year, some which had lead me to a place where I got lost. But the lord blessed me with a phone call from two special people that has changed my mindset completely! I am ready to let go of the past and keen to see what gods plans are for the future ✝️ #timetomakeachange #seriousguydalen


I have to admit something…you know how we “know” what to do, but many times we just ignore it?? I’ve been doing that for the past few months…almost every single day. I KNOW that I should eat a healthy breakfast that takes less than 2 minutes to make, but I ignored it. Over the past few months I would pack up the kids, drive to McDonalds and order “hotcakes and a large coke please.” I did this so frequently that Easton could order for me if I needed him to. Some days he would even tell me while driving, “no McDonalds today momma.” I’d eat and drink and would be consumed with guilt. Guilt that I’m setting a bad example for the 2 little sponges sitting in the backseat. Guilt for promoting a healthy lifestyle and clean eating diet, but I wasn’t doing it myself. Guilt that I kept telling myself that I was going to change, but I didn’t.

So today, I am coming clean! I am proud to say that I have listened to what I “know" since I returned from my trip to New Orleans. I have stuck to the meal plan that I KNOW WORKS! I even packed up my healthy lunch(it was more than just this salad!) and brought it to the park today so that I would stay on track and not get distracted by all of the unhealthy options along the way. The best part is that I FEEL GOOD!! I have more energy, I don’t get that mid-afternoon laziness, my belly is happy, and I am finally doing what I've always told myself I should do! Being disciplined is not easy, but it is definitely worth it! It is so hard to break a bad habit, so I know I'll have days when I slip up, but knowing that I've put the truth out there will help to keep me accountable. If you're struggling to break a bad habit, let me know and we can work together!! #badhabit #addictedtosugar #fastfoodjunkie #timetomakeachange #determined #lifestylechange #accountability

When you hit rock bottom at least have à good chicken clubsandwich for lunch ☺️#timetomakeachange #goingfor-20kginayear #fitat40

A little throw back to last week in New Orleans.

This moment that was captured was when I decided that my future was more than my dreams could even comprehend.

I'm going to live each day with intention. I'm going to raise my ambition, and never settle. And I'm going to build a future my family will be proud of.

Where I came from does not matter...
I am worth more than the past I came from.

A little over 19 months ago I would have never dreamed this to be possible. I have a growing team of ladies I adore, supportive people around me, and friendships that will last a life time.

I am at my healthiest I have ever been in my life... inside and out! And I want to pay it forward! If you have been waiting for something to change, it's time to make that change now. I never want anyone to ever feel like I did 2 years ago... let's change that together! Message me or email me!

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How to get motivated to exercise in the morning!
Turn to your furry family!
Well, at least that's what 🙋🏻 do! Apparently more often than not too!
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#dogsofinstagram #keeppushingplay

Do what makes you happy! It's okay if you fall down, just make sure when you get back up, you rise as the whole damn fire 🔥💪🏼 #berlin #timetomakeachange

Not #kidding when I say that my #physical #health has been playing on my #mind the last couple of weeks...these last couple of weeks I've had two people close to me, #younger than me, have horrible health issues...One heart attack and one with cancer...It certainly makes you #think about a lot! #spreadlovenothate #life #peace #peaceofmind #selfie #feelingstuck #feelinggood #takecareofyourself #takecare#timetomakeachange!

Day 4 got my arms, glutes, abs, legs on FIYAHHHHH and I'm in love with the burn 🔥 🔥 🔥
25 minutes out of my day to have my body feel amazing. That's it....25 minutes. "But I don't have time to workout" that used to be my excuse too! Think about it 🤔🤔. How much "time"do we actually waste in a day. Instead of scrolling on fb for 25 minutes watching other people reach goals, get fit, or complain. YOU could be gettin it in to a healthier you in your own home in 25 minutes 😳. Lets talk 💻📲📲.I want YOU to be the healthiest YOU have ever been and I got you every step of the way ! 😘😘 #loveonpeople #workout #sweatsesh #sweattherapy #gettingmyshifttogether #positivevibesonly #timetomakeachange #gethealthy #healthyissexy #doitforyou #happythursday #letdoittogether #igotyourback #loveyoself #getbetter #justdoit

Time to take that leap! .
Happy Hump Day! I have been thinking a lot lately on where I want to see myself progress and growth. Finally decided to stop waiting for the perfect timing and just go for it.
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