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Always #1 in our #JTfam hearts! @justintimberlake @thetnkids I’m so happy people are sharing pictures. This is from @brighteyedlady thank you! #concert #awesome #justintimberlake #jt #timberlaketuesday #motw #motwtour #love #instagood #thetnkids #tnkid #timberlaker

Feliz Cumpleaños Timbaland King!!!! Hermano Amigo y Productor de JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE y MADONNA 💜❤️💛💚💙 #timbaland #madonna #justintimberlake #Timberlaker #tennesseekids #madonnafans

Dream bigger than hate. ▪️
I m. A. D r e a m e r. A n d. I m.
N o t. T h e. O n l y. O n e. . .

It’s my birthday week! 🎈🙌😁🎉

Action shot———💥 After all of that work this weekend you’d think we are just done! But nope... lol. Now the editing part begins. #3hrsoffootagefor3mins 😂

Ughhh damn. I love this new look that my friend Alex gave me. I feel like it really captures who I am and is also pretty unique too. What do you think??
#Thank you so much! @spaceysnips 🚀💇‍♂️ (@gofundyourselff )

Hombre del futuro
#elfuturoeshoy #nuevosmodelos #hombredelfuturo

Orange really isn’t my color but I’ll wear this color any day for the man of the woods #justintimberlake @justintimberlake it finally arrived after arguing with my leasing office whether they had it or not 🙄
Happy to be sporting it on this blustery day
#jt #jtfam #orange #motw #thetnkids @thetnkids #monday #timberlaker #love #instagood

So proud of yesterday and how everything turned out. We all worked so hard together to get to shoot day and make it a complete success. Months of planning, rehearsal and deep thought went into creating this vision. This is absolutely the finest piece of art I believe I have ever created, and I am just so honored and blessed to be able to now bring it before your eyes. It’s gone from being something super personal and real, to something that is even beyond that. Hard to put into words really what it feels like when the deepest moments of your life are translated into art that then becomes something bigger than you ever imagined. ❤️🎥🌌#allthesetears

Be the good guy
All of you are good people, and I believe everybody is to start. Just some keep making bad decisions, ones that hurt a lot of people, and somehow they justify that it’s okay. But it’s not. I know that sometimes you have to be a bad guy to get something good done... but most of the time, you don’t. You know when what you are doing is right—if it’s better for other people than it is for yourself. The question is: what are YOU doing when no one’s looking.... 👀
Be the good guy. Work to do the good things. ✊There are enough bad guys out there.

Art direction : Badass Clover! Thanks for all the love yesterday! 🖤

Climate change is real guys. ☀️🌪🔥❄️🌊
A bizzillion scientists all agree that climate change is happening, and virtually none disagree. I’m just saying. Maybe we should listen to them?

Yeah, I don’t have to care. Yeah, I’m fortunate to live right now where it’s sunny and only 55 and I complain about that being cold out. But I cannot imagine being the ppl who keep getting evacuated from their homes due to heavy rains and mudslides, or having huge northeastern cold fronts that block them into their house w/o power, or giant hurricanes that wipe out everything they own... ridiculous wildfires that burn down your home. I’m not saying these things don’t normally happen to some rate. I’m just saying, they suck. And they’ve been more and more and more of them.

I hate hearing about it. The earth is much bigger than all of us, and it WILL win. So let’s stop destroying it and make some actual changes that can keep our planet healthy. 🌍💫🌱🎤

Next up for Clover's Covers is one of her mama's favorite! Mr. @JustinTimberlake! We are having so much fun putting these together + hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. Loving all your ideas and suggestions! Keep them coming! 🖤 we’d love you forever if you tagged @justintimberlake in your comments! #justintimberlake 😉

“Baby, these tears, flooding the stairs, up to my knees, but I’m still here. I feel you crying, your pain is mine, but we are gonna make it...” If you haven’t checked out my song “All These Tears” yet, click the link in my bio. It’s out everywhere now!!! Many thanks to my boys @cherrydrums & @nathanalef for making this show next level. Honored doesn’t begin to describe my gratitude for them. We fuckin rocked it. 🤘😝

This music video is about to be EPIC. 🎥🌌🎆 #allthesetears
Dress rehearsal 👌 📷: @jennataborfitness

Saturday night’s show was such a blast!! I can’t say it enough: Thank you to each and every one of you who came out to jam w me in Hollywood! It takes a lot to get out sometimes and then to let go... but you did it. Thanks for singing along, dancing and just being awesome. You are so cool and I love you.
@amplyfi #PURSUITalbum

So excited for this show tonight in Hollywood!!! Get hyped @amplyfi !!!
Let’s hit it!
@cherrydrums @nathanalef
Amazing line-up of some other very fine musicians too: @anie_delgado @skylar.funk @good.whales @threadthelariat
Doors at 7pm. Get Tix!! (Link in bio)

@justinbieber @justintimberlake what is your favorite? Mine two!!! 💗#Timberlaker #belieber #justinbieber #justintimberlake #king #princeofpop 💗💙💚💛💜

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