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See her that's my sister I love her more than anything an since you've been in my life I've always had open arms an a shoulder 😢ain't nothing nor CAN'T NOTHING come between us today is your birthdayyyyyyyy😜😜 you know we finna get stupid 🤣😊 I really love this girl I'm Diving , jumping ,skipping , & running in ANYTHING when it come down to my faith💙HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY WE GOT TOO MANY PICTURES AN VIDEOS !!!but I wish you many more my love 😩once again I LOVE YOU & you know as long as I'm living you have a shoulder & most definitely a friend ...Sisters by chance , Friends by choice 👭💙🤞#tilldeathdousapart!

i love 💕 you pretty lady... thank you 🙏🏽 for always being my kind of crazy 😝 #queen #tilldeathdousapart #bliss #itsthequeen #kingNqueen

an invincible duo. 🧡 #tilldeathdousapart #literally

Me and my main one❣️💙 #forevertogether #myheartandsoul #tilldeathdousapart 🙌🏻😜🖤

Aye ach @officialog_gatorbwoy bombing on these cats💣💣💣💣🔥💨✈ #tilldeathdousapart

Sundayz at @nlousolit_ ends up with us taking countless selfies and videos 😅😅!! #tilldeathdousapart #mynumber1 #sisterz #twinz #throwbackwednesday ❤️❤️❤️ #loveyougur Lool let’s pretend we don’t hear my niece in the last video telling us that’s “her song” 😅❤️

Released in 1989 Like a Prayer, Madonna's fourth studio album, considered by Rolling Stone magazine's album "is the closest Pop has ever come to art"🙌🏻👑♥️💎 #madonna #likeaprayer #expressyourself #lovesong #tilldeathdousapart #promisetotry #cherish #dearjessie #ohfather #keepittogether #spanisheyes #actofcontrition #patrickleonard #prince #stephenbray @madonna

Happy birthday to my tall, dark and handsome husband @mohdhattamohamadnor semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkn rezeki dan semoga menjadi suami dan ayah yg terbaik buat saya dan our coming soon baby H... #tilldeathdousapart #jgnmuntahijo

That’s when I realized what a true friend was. Someone who would always love you—the imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you—because that is what people are supposed to do.
Please @ajeng_boes & @gedeherrymahendra promise me to remake this photo along with our kids in couple years to come. 💗🌵
#bestfriends #tilldeathdousapart

Teman setia dikala susah dan senang, sakit dan sehat, teman curhat dikala sedih dan lelah, teman berjuang ketika hidup terasa berat, teman berantem ketika sama2 ingin memberikan yang terbaik buat anak2, paling sering bikin sebel, gak jarang bikin marah tetapi selalu bisa diandalkan ketika diminta untuk menjaga anak2, supaya aku bisa sedikit punya 'me time'. Suamiku, yang paling ganteng di rumah kami, yang kehadirannya selalu dinanti ketika gelap datang, bahkan sesaat sesudah keluar rumah untuk pergi bekerja.. happy 9th anniversary ya, kamu memang luar biasa. We love you so much 😘😍👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💑💞 Oia, hari ini spesial dari anniversary sebelum2nya, no cake, no dinner, yang spesial itu karena semua anak gadis di rumah pada sakit jadi gak bisa kemana-mana. Puji Tuhan masih bisa bersyukur. Semoga kita diberi kekuatan untuk merawat mereka yah. Sampai kita sama-sama tua 😇
#weddinganniversary #9thanniversary #Godisgood #myfamily #myprecious #tilldeathdousapart

The love of my life ❤️ my beautiful King 👑, to me there’s no man in this world better than this one, made my life complete with my 2 little prince’s and my little princess, if he can get me the stars and the moon, he would, and he’s proved that to me.... 17 years and I’ve never been so much more in love with this man as the years go by ❤️ #tilldeathdousapart 😘 #mymafioso

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