Lol now that's what I'm talking about. And she's not even done.

Might be a little obsessed right now lol

Bumper repainted. Fog light covers repainted. Brand New front lip, which I'm really liking, was painted, side skirts were painted along with the new side skirts spats. And thank God I don't have that horrible rust hole in the rear quarter anymore. Can't thank my buddy gil over at big and littles auto body shop enough for all the help.

Who wants her?

I must say. I'm really digging that front lip. She's almost done

Yes! Finally! The inside of this manifold is just as pretty as the outside.

She's almost done at the body shop !!! Can't believe how awesome it came out from a few days ago. Can't wait to pick it up this week.

Our #factoryfive818 engine is coming together slowly in between customer work. Installed is the #daileyengineering dry sump, and #tigwerks turbo oil drain. We are calculating a big order of #phenixfittings for the oil, fuel, clutch, and air-water intercooler systems. @phenixindustries @daileyengineering @tigwerks @nickmontgomery_

What a scary sight lol.

My buddy gil at big and littles auto body hooking me up with the paintjob on the front bumper, front lip, foglight covers, side skirts, and side skirts spats! Next up is the typical quarter panel rust on the driver's rear. That's what I'm most excited for.

I have just dropped her off at the body shop to get freshened up and a couple of new little body panels installed. So excited.

The death of me.

Wired these babies up. Looks pretty decent id say

Little test fit. Thankfully they fit with my rims!

One of my favorite shots of my car

Well then... Ain't that some shit

Got my mishimoto fans, Perrin pitch stop, tigwerks turbo coolant tank with AN fittings, and a couple of AN fittings for the iag aos system and turbo oil feed. Getting really excited to start building!!

This summer I'll hopefully have some time to dedicate to putting some careful detailed care into the STI. School has really thrown everything to the side.

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