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I just voted for @tiffanyalvord to win the KCA for Favorite Viral Music Artist. If you're a #tiffanatic, I suggest you do the same. Let's all help her win!

Being noticing three time by my sweety 😍😍😍 @tiffanyalvord Thanks you Adore yaaaa 😘😘 make a visit to Tunisia please !! #tiffanyalvord #tiffanatic #Tunisiafan

New Cover! WE DON'T TALK ANYMORE- Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez official music cover of Tiffany Alvord @tiffanyalvord
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I will upload old photos of @tiffanyalvord :) 💕 #tiffanatic

Happy birthday to my girl @tiffanyalvord💕
This is the third time I have celebrate her birthday 💫
And it means a lot to me,it means I have love her for almost 4 yrs💗
Somethin made me really sad is that I can't share my joy with tiff🙈
And I just really want to tell her how much I love her in person👈🏻
But NEVER happened 😞 and I really wish someday she can visit my country🙏🏻TAIWAN🇹🇼though it's a small country but you will love it tiff🤘🏻
And hey here's a letter to tiff😍
I knew that I say it again and again ily tiff,thank you for let me know how to find love in my life,smile is the best way to solve problems,and every time I fell down,I look up at your poster,there's always have a Lille sign 'Always Sm:)e'its like telling me what to do,and thank you tiff🙏🏻for release so many amazing songs,your original song 'so alive'it's also the first song made me fall in love,and keep going making more incredible songs for tiffanatics please😘
Thank you for being so sweet to every tiffanatics,I want you to know that no matter what tiffanatics are all here with you!Its every important😊If you wanna cry,our shoulder will always be here,and if you wanna laugh we can have a party special for you😋we love you tiff,I love you tiff😘


I knew it's a little bit early but I am in Asia and I can't update at tomorrow but wish you all could tag her for me.

LOVE this artwork by @ayuhutasuhut96 😍👌 #tiffanatic #tiffanyart #artwork #drawing

Wanted to make this edit a little more fun so here ya go! @tiffanyalvord that cover is amazing!!! I love it so much (more than the original) 😌 And i love you too!!! 💓 #tiffanyalvord #tiffanatics #tiffanatic #no #meghantrainor

Been waiting long enough to watch @tiffanyalvord as she answer questions from #AskTiffany & now it's finally UP ON YOUTUBE!! :) Feel free to check it out guyssss!! Should do more vlogs like this...it's really interesting. xD #AskTiffany #tiffanatic


Guys if you have spare time or your on youtube make sure to subscribe to @tiffanyalvord Awesome and amazing youtube channel because she needs 70,947 people to subscribe to her channel to reach 3 million subscribers also follow her on social media like instagram/facebook/twitter because she always likes and replys to her fans comments when she can... She is one of the nicest/caring/beautiful/talented/amazing person in the world and on youtube also she has the most prettist and georgous blue eyes in the world and got the most cutiest ☺ smile ☺ in the world... ( Btw at the time i made this edit the number of pepole she needs to subscribe to her channel might of changed number. )
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( I'm still praying and hoping that one day I will meet @tiffanyalvord one day in person and to give her a huge hug and to tell her how much she has inspired me and helped me over the years I've been watching her on youtube ) ( I hope that @tiffanyalvord will follow me on twitter one day because I would love that to happen to me ) ( If any of these dreams happen to me one day that would be amazing and make me smile and happy to. ) :

#tiffanyalvord #tiffanatics #tiffanatic

Guys Tiffany surprised us with a new cover today 🙌☺❤. So go to Tiffany YouTube channel to watch @tiffanyalvord and @Philiplabes cover of City Of Stars From LaLa Land. the cover was amazing and magical I loved it ❤ Great job guys also don't forget to like/faviourte/share the video also make sure to subscribe to both Tiffany Alvord and Philip Labes awesome YouTube channel.
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Go and watch @tiffanyalvord New video on her youtube channel make sure you like/faviourte/share the video to also subscribe to her youtube channel if you haven't yet
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I have to say that Thank you for everything @tiffanyalvord I am smiling when I see you. You're so talented, beautiful, lovely, funny girl I've ever seen. You love your fans and we love you too. My only wish for 2017 is meet with you and give you a hug. I want it so so much. I wish I can. when you liked my comment I am feeling like I am lucky and I am being excited. Actually I wanted to say Thanks about that. You're like sunlight in the darkness. You've got good heart. I hope your wishes will happen in 2017 and you'll be happy everytime. I love you and I hope I can be a #tiffanatic. And If I did bad things I am sorry. -Alice

@tiffanyalvord i would like to say thank you to you for being my hero and idol you have inspried me to never give up and to never stop following my dreams I m so gald that i found you on youtube 4 years and 4 months ago because you are one of the most kindest,nicest,beautiful,amazing, goregous,talanted,awesome person that know in this world. You have the most cutest smile ☺ ever and the most amazing and pretty eyes in the world also you have a incraibale voice and got a voice of angel and you are a absuloaty incraibale singer also without you i probably wouldn't be here listen to your wonderful music and watching your awesome videos so thank you btw one of my dreams is to meet you one day in person and give you a hug also go to one of your concerts/shows because that would be amazing. If I don't ever get to meet you one day in person or get to go to one of your concerts/shows i would just like to say thank for everything. P.s. please come back to London England again one day. Also my other dream is to one day be followed by you on twitter because that would make me smile and would be amazing if i got followed by my hero Tiffany Alvord on twitter. @tiffanyalvord i love you so so much ❤❤❤ #tiffanyalvord #tiffanatics #tiffanatic

Best day ever 😍😍
#tiffanyalvord #tiffanatic 💗

I just voted for @tiffanyalvord for the shorty award you can do the same by going to the shorty award website and vote for Tiffany she under the category for best youtube musician. @tiffanyalvord i love you ❤❤❤ and I hope that you win the shorty award because you desever it the most.
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@tiffanyalvord you are the most beautiful and goregours girl i know dress up as belle from beauty and the beast.
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🌸☺ Sm:)e ☺🌸

Please tag her @tiffanyalvord

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Being noticing three time by my sweety 😍😍😍 @tiffanyalvord Thanks you Adore yaaaa 😘😘 make a visit to Tunisia please !! #tiffanyalvord #tiffanatic #Tunisiafan

LOVE this artwork by @ayuhutasuhut96 😍👌 #tiffanatic #tiffanyart #artwork #drawing

Everybody make sure to vote for @tiffanyalvord for the kca on Twitter/Facebook by using the hashtags 👉 #KCAFavViralMusucArtist & #Tiffanyalvord 👈 you can only vote 100 times a day on Twitter and every re-post & re-tweet counts as a vote to you can also vote 1 time a day on vote.nick.com/ the link is in @tiffanyalvord bio also don't forget to vote for her for the shorty award to because she desever to win both awards for being awesome.
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Guys and girls make sure to go and watch @tiffanyalvord New cover video/song because it was amazing and awesome cover version of this song also it's better then the origanl version. She got a voice of angel and she is so incraibaley talanted to. Make sure to like/share/faviourte it and make sure you subscribe to her beautiful and fantascic youtube channel if you havent yet because she so close to 3 million subscribers and make sure to support her on Patron to join Team Tiffany if you can because with your support she can produce more incraibale orignal music and flim more awesome covers for you to watch. ❤❤.
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Guys and girls make sure you vote for @tiffanyalvord for the kids choice awrads on facebook and twitter by using the #TiffanyAlvord & #KCAFavViralMusicArtist also make sure you vote for her for the short award to because it would be amazing if Tiffany Alvord won both Awards so go vote now. ❤❤
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I just voted for @tiffanyalvord to win the KCA for Favorite Viral Music Artist. If you're a #tiffanatic, I suggest you do the same. Let's all help her win!