Check out Let's Talk TALK SHOW segment on eLATION Radio with Christina Britt as she shared her life’s story and a beautiful poem at the end!!! I recited a mean poem and clowned around 😆😆😆 you gotta check it out! But on a serious note if GOD brought her out of all the hurt, pain, and abuse she endured throughout her life and bring her true love peace, harmony, and tranquility HE WILL do the same for you! Take a listen just click the link in the bio and enjoy! 😘

No matter what you experience in your life, no matter your obligations, or what roles you’ve taken on in your life, no matter what you have to endure in your life make SURE you take good care of YOU. Your mind, body, and spirit are of high value and you have the rest of your life to live with YOU so do whatever you must to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit so that you can be the best amazing you, you could ever be❣️ #LoveYourself #LOVE #AmazingYou #Amazing #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

Tune in to Let's Talk TALK SHOW on eLATION Radio TONIGHT at 7pm central standard time 8pm eastern time as Christina Britt shares her story! This girl has been through the FIRE and shining like pure gold now. This girl has awaken the POET in me! 😆 so both Christina and I will share some of our poetry tonight this special segment is going to be FUN, sensational, inspirational, uplifting, and motivating! I’m excited to share this poem I’ve never shared before 😄lol so join us tonight by calling the number in the flyer with your phones on mute OR click this link 👉 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/elationmagazine to listen in online well see you tonight at 7pm central ✌️ #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

Don’t miss tomorrow night’s episode on Let's Talk TALK SHOW and eLATION Radio with Christina Britt you MUST hear her AMAZING story the things GOD brought her out of! We’re going to have a GREAT discussion and also share a couple pieces of poetry so if you’re a poetry or rap lover you don’t want to miss this SPECTACULAR SHOW with your girl Chanel Lynn (ME) 😆 just call the number in the number in the flyer with your phones 📲 📞 on mute or click this link 👉 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/elationmagazine to listen online at 7pm central time 8pm eastern time #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

If no one else took the time out to tell you how awesome you are, let me be the first. ❤️ It’s important to know how to re-center yourself, reclaim your time, and focus on the wonderful things about you especially after a 💔you MUST let go, let GOD, and get back to loving YOU because you’re amazing sis. Remember I told ya that, have a wonderful self love day 😘 #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

Check out our show on Let's Talk TALK SHOW and eLATION Radio LIVE with the lovely AND loving Kimmie Robinson @elationmagazine as we went in deep about LOVE❣️THAT’S right!! The discussion was so REAL and beneficial for matters of the heart click the link in the bio sit back chill and enjoy 😉 #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

CATCH Let's Talk TALK SHOW TONIGHT at 7pm CENTRAL on eLATION Radio as Kimmie Robinson and I go DEEP about LOVE in every aspect of the WORD love! From relationships, friendships and spiritual love!!! It’s going to be exciting, enlightenment, and inspiring!!! So TUBE IN by calling the number in the flyer! We’ll see you SOON!
#LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

Good morning!! ☀️ I want to see you WIN!!! Love hopes all things and believes all things and the one thing I absolutely LOVE about love is that LOVE NEVER FAILS! I believe in YOU and I really want to see you successful and prosperous because when you win I win 😃and when I win YOU WIN! Have a great day suga 😘 #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

Catch us TONIGHT @11pm central midnight 🕛 eastern time every Friday night! Special guest today is Minister David Benton our topic is ‘RAP IN THE CHURCH’ so join us on the Christian Party Line TONIGHT!! LIVE on Positive Power XXI and positivepower21.org on Spreaker radio/ iHeart Radio, YouTube, and LIVE on FB!!! #ChristianPartyLine #PositivePower21 #Spreaker #Radio #RadioPersonality #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK #LetsTalkMyBrothaLetsTalk #Music #Live #Television

Actions speak louder than words! You MUST put your feet 👣and hands 🙌🏼 to WORK to make that dream a REALITY! INVEST in your dream, MEET new people in the field of your dreams, NETWORK and offer your services, SUPPORT others in what their striving, aspiring, working to do. Get the DREAM out of your head and CREATE the world conducive FOR IT! But by all means WORK YOUR DREAM!!!!! #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

Check out Let's Talk TALK SHOW live segment on eLATION Radio from yesterday! As Sharon Burrell shared her story for the first time about a horrifying experience with someone she trusted as she served our country’s military force in the U.S Navy! This discussion was empowering! CLICK the link in the bio and Enjoy #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

Good morning loves! I want to encourage you today to PROTECT YOUR PEACE! Your peace of mind, your peace in your body, soul, spirit, and heart are of high value. People who are negative on a consistent basis, or ppl who are manipulative, or ppl who don’t respect you, or ppl who are sneaky/cunning/ and deceptive (having ulterior motives) 🐍 or ppl who take your love and kindness for granted these are the ones who can drain the life out of your peace! Do yourself a favor and kindly show those ppl to the nearest exit 👉🚪out of your life. Because YOUR LIFE just might depend on it... 🧘🏽‍♀️
#GodsPlan #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

We’re gonna break this Tuesday in RIGHT! 😆 on Let's Talk TALK SHOW and eLATION Radio!!! We have a special treat both women AND men need to TUNE IN tonight! As Sharon Burrell tells her story you won’t believe the things GOD brought this amazing woman out of!! Seeing how successful and BEAUTIFUL she is now you can’t tell this woman has a story to tell! There’s a story behind her beautiful face and gorgeous smile there’s some battles she had to fight to get to where she is now. She’s quite the heroine LADIES if you’re finding yourself in a dark place, dealing with some things that seem bigger than you and you don’t know HOW you’re gonna make it through this one Sharon’s story alone will SURELY shed some light and give you hope and encouragement and STRENGTH in GOD!!! You GOTTA tune in and listen as we spread some love and hope on the airwaves TONIGHT @7pm central and 8pm eastern time by call the number in the flyer and turn your phones on mute 🤐 See you tonight 😘 #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

If you missed yesterday’s show on #LetsTalkWomanToWoman / Let’s Talk Talk Show on eLATION Radio 📻 LADIES you MUST take a LISTENING 👂 click the link in the bio and get encouraged, inspired, and uplifted! We go through so much and have so much on our plates it gets so stressful sometimes that we forget how important it is to LOVE YOU and love on our sisters so yesterday we hat to do a RECAP on a sisterhood segment with @lovethysistahs Natrosha Miller she’s the angel 😇 that graced Let’s Talk with her presence and her wisdom on how we can come together and grow in love for yourself and your fellow sisters I also added my little nuggets of wisdom in as well so click the link in the bio and listen to this empowering, enlightening, and inspiring message as I shared what we discussed on our segment. Be empowered, inspired, and ENJOY! 😘 #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

Good evening! TUNE IN to Let's Talk TALK SHOW on eLATION Radio our show on tonight we’re going to recap on a segment we did for the LADIES on why we as women UNIFY and grow in love for ourselves and one another!!!! 😃🙌 LISTEN it’s been a little while and we sure could use some refreshing encouragement, inspiration, and some reminders of why and how important it is to love ourselves and one another! I think it’s time for some RESTORATION of FAITH in GOD and LOVE for one another! WE NEED EACH OTHER MORE THAN YOU KNOW!! So JOIN US tonight at 7pm central time 8pm eastern time just call the number in the flyer below at 7pm central by calling the number in the flyer, place your phones on mute and we’ll see you SOON!
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No matter what trouble, persecution, circumstances, situations, trials, tribulations, adversity, or issues you face. Stare that thing right in the eyes and say GOD WILL see me through this!!!!! Be encouraged to stand strong on the promises of GOD, persevere, endure through it and you WILL see the goodness of LORD and you won’t have to die to see it! NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE IN! God can and He WILL deliver you, see you through this, and BLESS you beyond measure! #HANGON #CHANGEISCOMING #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

If every year that goes by and you find yourself in the same place in your life doing the same ol’ things, if you look back over your life and see that you have the same mindset and nothing about you has changed or matured. Then it’s time to make some life changing decisions from the people who are in your inner circle to the places you go you must THINK BIGGER than where you are! Or you’ll be going no further than where you are! You need room and time to grow surround yourself with positive people who are where you desire to go and are smarter than you who can sharpen you and won’t tell you everything you want to hear when what you need is the TRUTH. #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK #TSR

Good evening everyone!!! WHEW!!! There’s been a LOT going on I hope you all keep me and my family in your prayers as I keep you in mine BUT you can STILL tune in to Let's Talk TALK SHOW on eLATION Radio TODAY @7pm Kimmie Robinson and I will discuss ‘Women Who Lack Love In The Church’ this is going to be a grand discussion so TUNE IN by calling the number in the flyer and we’ll see you then! #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK 🔊🗣THE LINK IS IN THE BIO‼️

🔊Good evening everybody! LISTEN don’t forget to tune in to Let's Talk TALK SHOW on eLATION Radio at 7pm central TOMORROW!!! 📢 We have special guest the LOVELY lady Ms. Kimmie Robinson CEO of eLATION Radio/Magazine joining us on our topic about (Drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁) ‘Women Who Lack Love In The Church’ 🤭🙈 >uh oh< 😯😂 YES! We’re gonna get down to the nitty gritty of the core issues women have with one another in the church so that we can have the wisdom on how to LOVE our sister’s PAST their character flaws! So, tune in and keep your ears glued you don’t wanna miss this discussion WE KEEP IT 💯 no stones left unturned! 😉 Just call the number in the flyer below at 7pm CENTRAL with your phones on MUTE 🤐 📲 lol and we’ll see you TOMORROW! #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk #TALK #TIALK

GOOD MORNING everyone!☀️ Recapping on Let's Talk TALK SHOW topic on relationships “Maybe It’s Not Them, Maybe Its You 💔” with special guest Keneisha AKA @nieshabambam who did an amazing job! And I just want to add LADIES, MOTHERS, ppl everywhere 📢 It can be a life changing danger to pre-judge judge a woman’s EXTERNAL situation be it her living, education, financial etc... situation BECAUSE you could miss out or cause someone else to MISS God’s perfect, complete, and divine will! What a woman lacks externally can change! But rather judge a woman by her HEART by her HUMILITY by the law of LOVE like Boaz did Ruth! Because just MAYBE GOD ISN’T FINISHED WITH HER YET! While you could miss out GOD can put someone who deserves her in her life and you’ll be sitting on the sidelines watching them prosper together! This show was off the charts 📈 you GOTTA take a listen 👂 just click the link in the bio and enjoy! #LetsTalkWomanToWoman #LetsTalk#TALK #TIALK

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