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Should the system of invites for Minors and Majors be open and transparent?
Last week, Valve introduced a rating system, which will determine the half of the participants of the next The International. The system was created to completely replace direct invites to the main tournament of the year and motivate teams to take every event more seriously.
In the 2017/18 season we are waiting for 11 majors and 16 minors. At the first will be played 1500 points, at the second - 300. As an exception - 2 tournaments from ESL. At the last major before TI8 will be played 2225 points, and at the minor from this organizer - 400 points. The distribution of the fund of rating points is as follows: 50% to the winner, 30% to the second finalist, and 10% to 3-4 places. In this case, points are awarded not to the organization, but to the players and are retained for them in case of transition to another team.
The system looks logical and fair, but the question of invites on qualifications remains open. If the top teams get an invitation to the LAN-final or slot to the closed selections, then the lower-level teams can only hope for the generosity of the organizer. Thus, we get an absolutely closed process of invites on qualifications.
Precedent with Team Spirit on PGL Open Bucharest perfectly illustrates this problem. The organizer of the "minor" ignored one of the strongest teams in the region in favor of the M19, without mentioning the reasons for this. This is a big minus of the new system, and it definitely needs to be improved, but how to change it remains a big question.
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