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Thanks @lameylauren for capturing my "5 seconds of fame". #thyroidcancerawareness #nogoodcancer #droz #sharktank 🎬

Don't tell me i'm the prettiest you've ever seen. Tell me I'm a WARRIOR. Tell me i'm stronger than any of the blows I've taken and I wear the scars well. 🦋 #survivor#thycawarrior#thyroidcancersurvivor#thyroidcancerawareness#butterflyfree

Today is 5 days post op of having a thyroid lobectomy (or having half of my thyroid taken out) and my sweet, sweet boyfriend got me a new thyroid to replace my messed up one.😭❤ I wanted to use this opportunity and the fact that it's thyroid cancer awareness month to shed some light on the mighty but mostly unknown thyroid. Your thyroid controls many functions of your body that align with metabolism such as your heart rate, your weight, and your energy. Problems often go unnoticed because symptoms are somewhat vague and not always noticeable. I urge all of you to be your own advocate and pay attention to your body! If you are experiencing any major weight fluctuations, energy changes, or just feel not up to par, consider asking your doctor to check your thyroid hormones. Women experience thyroid problems more often than men but everyone is at risk- even children. I wasn't experiencing any hormone related issues with my thyroid but had developed a pretty large (about egg sized) mass on the right side and was well unaware of it until one day a doctor decided I should have my neck further checked out. So far mine hasn't shown to be cancerous in biopsies and I am still awaiting the final one. Nodules or growths are commonly benign but may sometimes cause other problems, my trachea was shifted to the side due to mine. Just wanted to offer a friendly reminder as a nurse and a patient to be aware of your body, don't ignore things that aren't normal, and remember to check out your neck! 💓

p.s. my neck looks so much worse than it feels, no worries friends 😅

#thyroidcancerawareness #checkyourneck #thyca #nurse #educateyoself

Today officially marks 1 year since having my total thyroidectomy. 1 year since my life was completely changed. Going into surgery, I didn't know the golf ball size tumor was wrapping itself around my vocal chord. I didn't know that would cause serious damage to my vocal chord and would leave me sounding like I had permanent laryngitis for over 6 months. I didn't know the cancer had spread to 11 of the 20 lymph nodes my surgeon removed from my neck. I didn't know my scar would be 3 inches longer than I was originally told. I didn't know how much of a struggle it would be to go on living your life without your thyroid. I didn't know that just about every single cell in your body depends on your thyroid in order to function properly. I didn't know that I would never feel "normal" again. And I definitely didn't know I'd have a reoccurrence and have to go through the whole thing all over again just a few months after. Although it hasn't been easy, I've finally adjusted to this new life of being a cancer patient. I've gotten used to the scar, and the strange looks when people see it. I've gotten used to waking up every morning and needing to take a tiny little pill in order to function (but definitely haven't gotten used to having to wait an hr afterwards before having coffee....). I've gotten used to no fat and low iodine diets. I've gotten used to numerous blood tests and scans. I've gotten used to telling people, "I have battled thyroid cancer twice". I've gotten used to telling people that I was radioactive twice. I'm surprisingly getting very emotional as I type this as I'm thinking about how far I've come in the last year, and honestly I am so damn proud of myself. Now, I'm 4 months away from another body scan to determine if I am finally cancer free or not. 4 months away from saying I've beaten this ugly disease twice. Am I scared that I could have another reoccurrence? You bet I am. But I won't let that get me down. Everyday is a battle, everyday is a struggle, but I will never ever ever stop fighting, or bringing awareness. 👊🏼💪🏼"She let her butterfly go so she could live" 🦋🎗#ThyroidCancerAwareness

My neck looks a little blotchy from wiping off ultra-sound gel, but it's what's inside that counts and the doctor assures me everything looks normal there. It's been almost 17 years since my thyroidectomy and most days I don't think about having had cancer, but there's still a moment of nervousness waiting for results after a follow-up appointment. All clear for another year! #checkyourneck #thyroidcancerawareness

.~ Hay sobres que dan mucha felicidad y no necesariamente contienen dinero 🤑😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Este sobre es el resultado de una promesa del universo y de un testimonio vivo de la grandeza de Dios...¡estoy libre de cancer! boto confeti de la felicidad!!! 🙌🏾🎉 GRACIAS a la divinidad por curar cada cédula de mi cuerpo y sigo confiada que dentro de poco estaré de alta. Gracias a mi futuro esposo, a mi familia y amigos por todo su apoyo y cada palabra de aliento, definitivamente, lo mejor aún está por venir! ¡ESTOY FELIZ! 😁💚💗
#ThyroidCancerAwareness #lomejorestaporvenir

If you could tell the world the #TruthAboutTC, what would you say? There’s nothing like hearing from someone who’s been through the same challenges. Share your story and you may help others learn from your experience. #sponsored
#thyroidcancerawarenessmonth #ThyCa #lightoflife #thycawarrior #thyroidcancer #checkyourneck #thyroid #thyroidcancerawareness #nogoodcancer #thyroidwarrior #thyroidproblems #thyroidawareness #cancersupport #cancerjourney #september #getaneckcheck

September means a lot to me
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Help us find a cure for cancer!


September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. 🦋

A simple Neck Check done by a medical professional during a routine appointment can detect a thyroid nodule or goiter. Most thyroid nodules are benign, not cancerous, but don't take a chance.

Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Daily...from fatigue, depression to inability to lose weight and crazy hormones. It doesn't go away after they say "you're cancer-free". We seem fine afterwards but those closest to you will know your struggle.
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If you could tell the world the #TruthAboutTC, what would you say? There’s nothing like hearing from someone who’s been through the same challenges. Share your story and you may help others learn from your experience. #sponsored
#thyroidcancerawarenessmonth #ThyCa #lightoflife #thycawarrior #thyroidcancer #checkyourneck #thyroid #thyroidcancerawareness #nogoodcancer #thyroidwarrior #thyroidproblems #thyroidawareness #cancersupport #cancerjourney #september #getaneckcheck

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