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सांगा पाहू मी कोणत्या विचारात मग्न आहे? #thursdaythought

I’m ready for vacation again! #thursdaythought #cancun

Did you know?🤔
A female cat is called a “molly” or a “queen”. Male cats are called “toms”. 📷: Mumbles and Chachang pictured, both still in search for a home. 📩👉🏼Email nayomi@soidog.org for enquiries. We do not charge an adoptions fee, we simply ask potential owners to cover the animal’s travel costs. #adoptdontshop #soicats #straycats #straysofthailand #savekittens #thursdaythought #soidog

Don’t forget to grab your crown before you leave the house today! 😊

#thursdaythought (Hebrews 11:6) "...He is a rewarder to them that diligently seek him." #Godchaser "If you haven't encountered God(not talking bout church) then it's probably because you haven't sought after HIM. (Let'e be real). The things we REALLY want we SEEK until we FIND it. Everybody is chasing the dream (GOALS) Is God a real "GOAL"?...... For those who complain so much about God consider that you may not want Him." #PARRIStheShepherd

Sometimes, I wonder why people look down on others.. but hey, I believe respect is earned and not asked for.. we all need one another, one way or the other.. because u may never knw when and where u will see the person later... @lpstudios0. #kentecloth. #thursdaythought

#TBT still True


“Good things” - that’s what your Abba longs to fill you with! He’s not stingy or trying to withhold from you. His nature is to give. When you approach the throne today, know that you approach the ultimate Giver, not one who has to be convinced to give, not one who requires YOUR merit to make Him generous. His every answer to you reflects His gracious heart toward you. Trust that heart ♥️

No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.


Breakfast on the patio before church 🌿

Want to know yourself? Want to be your authentic self? As we get closer to our Abba, all the false self dissolves and we are finally able to be our best and truest self. His love melts the facade away ♥️

#Repost @eveappeal ・・・
This is such an important statement – as we hear so often that women are embarrassed or shy about visiting their GP with a gynae health issue. We must do everything we can to empower women to attend their GP if there is something not quite right with their own gynae health; and break down those barriers which stop women from doing so.
We hope you’ll join #TeamEve in sharing this post with friends, loved ones and even work colleagues (if you so wish!) to ensure that they too are gynae aware!
#KnowYourBody #KnowYourNormal #gynae #health #ThursdayThought #motivation #quote #health #women #womenshealth #wellbeing #vagina

You’ve gotta love a small town parade! The Santa finale makes me feel like a kid 🎅🏻 Love my town! @gilbertnow

What it’s all about right here 👊🏼 preach😂

There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this #instaquotes #thursdaythought #world #worldtravel #wanderlust

Whatever you’re feeling bound by, Jesus came to set you free from it! You can choose freedom. Whether the road out of your prison is long and difficult or instantaneous, it all begins with your choice to live in freedom. Choose freedom and He will lead you to it. •

I once knew this gorgeous girl in a serious relationship with a lovely man. Like a lot of us, she had put herself in the role of mother very quickly. She was always a fun bubbly, carefree type of person but with the relationship, things started to change.
She developed trust issues in regards to him, which were all in her head. She was unhappy and she was different. She was always stressed, running around to make everything perfect for him, for them. Without realizing, she saw her value only in what she did for him, so she couldn't stop. She identified herself so much with what she was doing for him, she had forgotten the worth of who she was as a single person.
It's always good to do things for other people but don't forget yourself. The people that care about you want you to be happy and love you as you are.
#dosomethingsforyou #repost -
#thinkaboutit #thursdaythought -
#lifemaderosie #hefellforsingleyou #loveyourselffirst #whoareyoulivingfor #relationshipproblems #knowyourworth #heretoshare #heretohelp #bungyjump #yourfearsareyours

Good Morning Beautiful! And a happy Friday to you too!

I’m ready for vacation again! #thursdaythought #cancun

#ThoughtThursday You tell 'em girl!🤷#hairflip

#Repost @projecthappiness_org
#ThursdayThought: Discomfort means your growing! A comfort zone is a pleasant place but nothing ever grows there... 📷:@thebehappyproject
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After yoga, reiki and homemade tea prepared by my yoga teacher... my heart is filled with peace and gratitude.
“Breathe through it, and release anything that does not serve you.” #Breathe
#Thursdaythought #Yoga #healingsound #yogamusic #snatamkaur #Namaste #gratitude #selflove #onedayatatime #myjourney

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