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🌞 Card of the day 🌞

🌞 Card of the day 🌞

As I enjoy people, I attract enjoyable people! "I want great relationships.  I so enjoy nice, clever, funny, energetic, stimulating people; and I love knowing that this planet is abundant with them.... It seems that the more I enjoy people, the more people whom I enjoy come into my experience.  I love this time of spectacular co-creation." Lisa x

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🌞 Card of the day 🌞

Chenrizi Manifestation

This card works to create a positive outcome in all situations. This is the turning point in your life. Free flowing manifestation of all the good this world has to offer is coming to you. Stay focused on the blessings and you will see them multiply.

Lisa x

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💨 Card of the day 💨

Five of air

This situation hasn't worked out the way you'd hoped, but you can try again. Your power lies not in how all the chips fall, but in how you handle yourself moving forward. You may now feel that the cost of this venture is too high. Carefully evaluate the way events have transpired in order to gain valuable lessons for your future.

Someone in the situation isn't coming from a place of integrity. The desire to win is so strong that this individual will ignore others' needs. Review everyone's motives (including your own), and do what you can to foster a win-win resolution.

Lisa x

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👪 Card of the day 👪


The one thing we all on this planet share is that we come from family. We were brought into this life by human beings, and many of us will do the same. We all have our part to play in life.

This card is a reminder that you need to return to a sense of genuine connection to who you are and where you are from. To honour and explore the energy of your family in the truest sense of the word, not just blood related family but those on a similar path.

Investigate the beliefs you have acquired from your family and culture. Notice which support you and which don't. It is time to release any limitations you have picked up from your tribe which do not serve you. Within the safe circle of family we find both a sense of deep belonging and the freedom to be unique...to play our part in the whole simply by being ourselves.

Lisa x

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💆 Card of the day 💆

Before you can heal others, you first have to heal yourself - Today, be mindful of how often you judge others. In recognising why you see others in a negative light, you discover the fears that you need to heal in yourself.

Lisa x

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❤ Card of the day ❤

Love partnership - this card indicates a time when a romantic relationship is about to enter your life. So if you are single be on the look out for that special someone. If you are already in a relationship it is about to progress to a deeper level of understanding and commitment. Either way, love is just around the corner - provided you believe!

In the meantime you are encouraged to focus on what you have to offer rather than what you would like to receive. By doing so, you will attract a mutually loving relationship that serves both parties needs. You must believe love exists in order to attract it into your life. So work on any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts you may have about love.

In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonise with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life - cycles that are leading you toward a romantic relationship. So love and appreciate yourself as you are today. Embrace your imperfections, and be assured that you are worthy of love. Your loved one will appear when you know without a doubt that you are lovable and deserving.

Affirmation: I don't know how...I don't know when...but love is on its way.

Lisa x

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