do you meditate? what’s your favorite way? for me, it depends on my current state of health. if the bugs in my lungs are chillin, and my anxiety isn’t acting up, i like to just sit with my breath. the traditional no tools, no music, no guidance, inhaling and exhaling, taking note of thoughts that pop into my head and then promptly returning my focus to my breath, way. 😌 on days when my lung bugs decide to throw a party though, i can’t do the calm breathing thing without the help of my nebulizer. 😪 on days when my anxiety is high, i bring out the more traditional yoga tools to help. i use a singing bowl tuned to the note of the root chakra and try to sing “lam” along with it. i use this beautiful mala to chant affirmations, sometimes inside my head and sometimes out loud. i use guided meditations, both print and recordings. i use calming music. i use intention cards. ☺️🎶 my favorite way is the unassisted way, but life happens.. and it’s important to me that i show up anyway. because meditation helps me stay present. it helps me react to things in a slower and more deliberate way. it helps me ride the waves, instead of being pulled under. 🏄🏻‍♀️🌊

#lovethyselfyoga day one: meditation



remaining themes:
25 pranayama
26 asana
27 self care (sunday!)
28 self love

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Day 3 of #AfterTheAsana is any backbend as a symbol of opening to grace and facing fear. For me this still revolves around letting go, we have to let go of self imposed limitations to move beyond fear.

Backbending does not come naturally to me at all. It is really only in the last year or two that they have stopped being completely uncomfortable- this was partly down to building enough awareness and understanding to remove compression of the spine which is often caused when we enter poses without correctly engaging and releasing and no doubt partly down to getting a little stronger and more flexible. Off the mat, backbending has taught me what it means to have an open heart, or try to. I do my best to forgive although I cannot say this is always easy for me but I observe myself and I allow myself to feel how I feel and when the edge of things fizzle our somewhat I try to let go. Letting go is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in yoga classes but it really can be quite a difficult feat. I have read many books on it because one of my favourite things to do is read and learn as much as possible about this being human. The most helpful guide I have found is ‘The Untethered Soul’ which I have quoted here more than once but I honestly love it and can not recommend it enough. Sometime though it is the physical release of a held emotion that allows the process of letting go to begin and this is where backbends come in. The deep release of the front body required forces us to let go of some of our ‘stuff’ it is said we hold a lot of this in the psoas muscle that runs from the mid spine to the thigh bone and is said to be the ‘fight or flight’ muscle that jerks when we are in fear or trauma. There is another great book on this too! I can’t remember the exact name but I will post pics of both to my story shortly xxxx

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Small victory! A few of weeks ago, I started doing yoga every morning to try to improve my strength and flexibility for the calisthenics workouts. I've NEVER been able to sit on my knees (it was always too painful on my knees and feet ). I've stuck with it though and can now do the #thunderboltpose no problem 😁
There are still a ton of #yoga poses I can't hold yet, but we will get there!

Well the ab/core workouts are really paying off! Today I wanted to try a thunderbolt and instead of getting down on my back and pushing up (which always makes my back feel compressed) I tried to lower as far as I could and discovered my head actually reached the ground without letting go of my knees! And I lifted straight back up without moving my hands! SCORE!!! It's so nice to see how much my practice has progressed by incorporating more workouts into my daily practice! (And my back pain is significantly improved as well! Not gone but it's was better.) #thunderboltpose #yogaeverydamnday #stopdropandyoga #justbreathe #stopdropandstretch #startthedayright #happyyogi #namaste #allyouneedislove #yogajunkie #inhalethegoodshitexhalethebullshit #namasteaf #progressnotperfection #relax #tattooedyogi #veinsfordays

The bottom image from two years ago came up in my Facebook memories today. So I thought, this would be funny and not at all depressing to do a side by side of where I am today. #laghuvajrasana for two.
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Ok, kapotasana for limited backbender me. Thunder bolt pose / kapotasana / hero pose

#thunderboltpose #kapotasana #heropose

Helllooo... Kapotasana prep before my practice. My entrance was thunderboltpose. I will definetly doing my practice in a few minutes. In day light.

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Day 4 of #ShantiAshtangis is Kapotasana. A very deep backbend which is still a posture away in my practice! So here is Ustrasana and Laghu Vajrasana, the two postures that come right before kapotasana. Backbends of any kind take my breath away (literally .. and not in the best way 😬) so constantly working on opening the front line of the body, staying with the breath and being patient - with the body and with the practice as well. Video sped up x 4
This unique and special challenge is about empowering women, supporting each other in practice and encouraging ethical brands with a heart - also owned by women 💕

@omstarsofficial .
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Addicted to backbends.
I don't want fixing, thanks. 😉

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》When life is good, ENJOY IT. Don't go looking for something better. Happiness never comes to those who don't appreciate what they have《 || Another lovely sunny day here in Rotterdam ☀ Happy Humpday everyone!!

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Day 1 of


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The poses - for those that like to plan ahead:
1. Ustrasana ➡️ Kapotasana
2. Marichyasana C ➡️ D
3. Baddha Konasana ➡️ Padmasana
4. Dolphin ➡️ Headstand - Sirsasana or Pincha Mayurasana
5. Virabhadrasana 3 ➡️ Natarajasana
6. Tiriang Mukha Eka Pada Paschimottanasana ➡️ Krounchasana
7. Side Crow ➡️ Fallen Angel .
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In the journey of finding the self, when all you can accept is truth, you will find your strength in stillness. When the illusion dissipates, you will not fear. When truth starts to surface, You will awaken.
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Thought I would give this challenge a try. So here goes day 1 of #PawsomePractice. Although it might be a tough challenge with a puppy.
#yoga #puppyyoga #pawsomepractice #thunderboltpose #yogawithatwist

Love is a four letter word and had a wet nose. Almost 3 years ago I saw a FB post about an older dog that needed a new home. Her owner was an older gentleman and cognitively he was struggling to care of himself let alone his for legged friends. Something about the post pulled on my heart strings, pulled me so much I hoped into my car and drove to Georgetown to meet this little gem. She greeted me with a wet nose and a kiss. I was sold. I could take her home for a trail, but I didn’t need a trial. I was already in love. This sweet girl has been by my side for many transitions, and only asks for some ear scratches ( and some chicken ) in return for unconditional love. Her name is Lucky. LuckyGirl as I affectionately call her, but if you ask me, I’m the one who is lucky. 💕
Today kicks off Day 1 of #pawsomepractice, where we embrace the chaos of our pets joining in our practice. Most days I unroll my mat, LyckyGirl finds her way there sometimes just for a moment, sometimes for a nap. #namastepuppy #yogawithdogs #novascotiaducktoller #aloyoga #aloyogachallenge #thunderboltpose #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #dogsofinstagram

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