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Just wanna take a moment to thank @basicbonita for building my dope Golf In A Can board, also shout-out to all the pages that fucked with me back when I was @oldschoolhip_hop, if you still fuck with me know I'm still the same dude just aged and doing it different, one love. #lifeanddeathaperspectiveinmylife #aperspectiveofanthony #hippieedits #thumbs1 #thewarriors #bartsimpson #thenotoriousbig #biggiesmalls #snorlax #hiphopbackintheday #manifestworldwide #cratediggaz #gooddopesupplyco #olddirtybastard #odb #macdre #barsandbeards #mcre #whitelabelradio #spitfire #independenttrucks #golfwang #golfinacan #skateboard #legends #greatestofalltime #stickers #hiphop #themusicalhippie

If you’re in LA and fancy picking up some of my pins, pop by to @galleries1988 and check out the pin show they have on. They have several pins from yours truly not to mention some other rad pin makers 🙌 📷: @nanasama_is_not_here

#throwbackthursday to a drawing! This is what happens when Finn and Jake get old and decrepit. Have a good day folks! 💘

Scrooge McBurns 💰 I’m moving lock ups today and packing all over due orders including all the preordered shirts that were stolen and Barthead and Montys Casino shirts. So here’s a little something I drew a little while ago. Have a good day!

Steamboat Willie 🌊

New Year New Plan New T-shirt!
Still impressed by this logo design @thumbs1 great work bro bookings now available, Dm for details #tshirt #thumbs1 #personaltrainer #heekinstrength #newyearsresolution

Going to be pinning these guys soon, including the Snowball x TC logo as a hard enamel shiner pin. Any of you guys interested? FYI stickers are already in my store 👌 Also FYI...Edna K was very erotic to draw

These were so weird to draw 🤯 Not everything I draw always makes the cut but it’s important to try out ideas and see where you can go with them. I’ve set out to draw an idea and mid sketch decided on a different direction and sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. Unless you guys like this then it was totally planned 😅 So to all you aspiring artists that are trying to perfect their latest piece before they put on insta, don’t sweat it! Get your work out there for people to see. You might get some good advice from a follower or fan 🙌 Keep on drawing!

The stickiest of the icky from my dudes over @stickerapp 🙌💘 You can pick these up from my store, link in bio

FYI, photos of my stickers or pins in hilarious places are always welcome. Favourites so far are inside a strip club, on the back of an uber drivers hair, on an actual stripper and of course the ones spotted on the backs of girls phones on tinder are always funny (classic bathroom selfie shot) 📷

Left it up to you guys and you voted for SPRINGFIELD WARS to be my next pin drop! (Although it was super tight) Batman will have to wait till the month after 😉 Thanks for voting! Expect these at the end of the month! 💥💥

Massive shout out to @thumbs1 for coming though with awesome products again & again, we’ve been waiting so long to get our hands on the full set of Gastly, Haunter & Gengar 👻 now for the wait for Mew & Mewtwo
#thumbs #thumbs1 #DEADoriginal #enamelpin #enamelpins #pinsofig #lapelpin #lapelpins #pinstagram #pingame #pinclub #pincommunity #patchgame #pin_post #pins #hatpin #etsy #etsyshop #hatpins #pinmail #pokemon #strangerthings #harrypotter #rickandmorty

This needs to be a pin & sticker @thumbs1 #Thumbs #thumbs1

“One fine day with a woof and a purr
A baby was born and it caused a little stir,
No blue buzzard, no three-eyed frog
Just a feline canine little CatDog”...Enjoy! 🐶🐱

The original cool cat ✌️

Finally! I can now add Barty McFly 1885 to my Bart to the Future series! These pins are available in my store as individual pins and stickers or as bundle deals. Thanks to all you guys and gals who have collected these so far 🍻🙌

YOU GUYS PICK! I need some guidance for the next big pin set. Batman or Star Wars. You guys decide. What would you prefer?

Out having a beer. Here’s an oldie for you to look at with your eyes that are attached to your head. Enjoy.

#throwbackthursday to the pins that never made it! Haha. This has been an ongoing saga for me. Old school followers will know that this was my first Simpsons mashup! So they have a special place in my withered heart. My main issue with the original pins was Marge, her hair is too tall for her to be a full bodied pin. You lot know how fuckin fussy I am. But I’ve cracked it and by making her hair into a pony tail she’ll work nicely. I’ll be getting these remade and a sexy new pin set will be out soon 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐀

Quick one tonight while catching up on some Netflix 💥 Anyone remember watching Hong Kong Phooey? I always knew Santa’s Little Helper had a secret identity 🧐 Enjoy!

SWIPE 👆 Really proud of this ever growing pin series. Started it two years ago as four drawings and with the support from you guys it turned into a fuckin’ quest! 😂 So now all 151 designs are complete, you can pick up each trading card individually or in a bundle, there’s a giant poster and print and so far 50 pins and stickers in the series with more on the way ⚡️🍃💧🔥 Looking forward to the day when all 151 pins are available...I think I’m gonna need a bigger lock up. Thanks to all you guys who collect them! Any favourites in the series so far? 💘🍻🙌 #gottacatchemall

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