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Ball Squats with a front load🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. The smiles😁 on the faces let you know how much they ❤️ these😂

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It’s been a long spring and summer season and fall is upon us.

It is time to start thinking about about your offseason training program! The offseason can be looked at as a time to REST or as a time to GET BETTER!

Read my latest article on athletektrainingsystems.com and find out how to get the most out of your training this offseason!

I’m a big fan of the SHOULDER “W” exercise for throwing athletes and anyone trying to build strong healthy shoulders.

The exercise combines shoulder external rotation with scapular retraction and posterior tilt, definitely a great combo as it recruits the posterior rotator cuff (infraspinatus and teres minor) and the lower trapezius.

The key to shoulder health, and throwing performance is building a strong, resilient UPPER BACK and POSTERIOR SHOULDER.

Hey.... Wanna throw harder? Run faster? Hit the ball further?

Ya? You do...? That’s good! That’s real good.

Then you need to GET STRONGER! Start lifting some weights like Coach Dave @athletek_

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Here's a big secret most people don't do anything about. If you want to throw harder and longer you must have a strong back and shoulders. The number one injury that causes a player's arm to break down, miss games, play in pain, lose velocity on throws is this big weak spot. Throwing more will build up your endurance but it won't do you any good if your consistently injured and on the bench.
It's really not difficult to strengthen your lats and rear head of shoulders; a big part of the throwing motion. I can do it as part of a circuit outside mixed with sprints.
Here's three exercises that will be LIFE CHANGING for your throwing;
⚾️Upright rows
⚾️Single arm push downs
⚾️Try each of these for 1 min with 20 seconds rest in between mixed in with sprints and it's a killer little workout.
From softballstrong

@projectathletegym welcomes Matt Malott as the new Director of Pitching. After pitching at Occidental College, Matt served as the pitching coach at Canyon Crest Academy, helping the program move from CIF Division III to I in just three seasons. He is excited to join Project Athlete and help build better pitchers with Driveline.

Based on @drivelinebaseball Hacking the Kinetic Chain, our complete program is designed to build better pitchers who throw hard, throw multiple quality pitches, and who are healthy, strong and mobile. Email projectathletebaseball@gmail.com or call/text 760-814-9859. @projectathletegym

Athletes First uses both hitting and pitching @rapsodo_sports devices so our athletes can train smarter and develop faster #AthletesFirst

PrimeTime Player Kylie (C/O 2021) has been grinding ALL SUMMER. Kylie and PrimeTime Sports Performance Trainer Leo on their first day training together, sat down and went over her short and long term goals. She wanted to become stronger, faster and throw (pitch) harder. Because of her determination and focus, she's had noticeable gains across the board. 💪👍👏🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♀️
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The rocker drill is a great way to feel power off the back leg. When rocking back, you have to make sure you separate over your back hip and continue to drive through your target. USC Aiken OF, Sean McQuillan demonstrating a solid rocker drill. Sean still has room for improvement with his hip drive, but he’s making big strides in my program.
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