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#vfthrowback with @ohthegroovesmith Omar Hakim⠀

Slo Funk, Buddy Rich Memorial Concert 1991⠀

Got a photo or video from your distant past that you want to share? Tag it for your chance to be featured!⠀

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P.J. Fuller II @philip Nathan Hale State Champion has taken his talents to Mater Dei HS - #throwbackthursdays #LSI21 #AWPro

I am NOT a diet crazed person. In fact, before I started my PLAN I never dieted in my life! Not formally anyways. I ate what "felt" right or what I craved... I feel like eating an apple 🍎 Id eat an apple. I feel like pizza 🍕 I'd go get pizza. Simple- my feelings guided my choices. Here's the thing that can be sort of difficult to live with about allowing "feelings" to guide choices- Our feelings aren't always helpful and often times my feelings have helped lead me to a decision I later wish I'd considered differently and chose differently.

Dieting gets a bad rap from a lot of people and understandably so, there is so much info out here, how do you know what you are committing to is helpful and not harmful!? Well truth is I realized something very soon after I committed to my PLAN and yes, my meal guidance (diet)... I must base my decisions around my plan, not how I'm feeling in the moment, if I want to create the path to the goal I am envisioning.

You see, I knew what I wanted in a specific area (my emotional health and my physical health) and I envisioned me getting there. Running off of my feelings had not gotten me there. So I knew I needed to commit to a different means.

My PLAN was truly a kick start for that change to occur. It gave me a clear (less feelings and more action) path to walk out each day, and as I stepped into it and followed my plan I saw changes. Little by little. Which was a lot more than I'd seen before! What's it all for? Discipline and practice and sacrifice and learning to enjoy process... it's for growth and to challenge your norm! If I can do it, I know you can too.
Get you the plan and come on!!
👑Transformation of The Mind👑


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Trust me when i say, everyone does NOT deserve your anger! Sometimes you just gotta laugh a folks and keep going on with your day. 🤗😎 #duhondynasty 👑 #marriage #married #marriedlife #couple #love #chicago #weddingdress #weddings #candid #daddyduey #mamaduey 🖤

#ThrowBackThursdays!! TEJUOSHO MARKET with 2 of my siblings! 😂😂😏😏

It's okay, I saved @philconnelly from this terrifying shark🦈
Lifeguard on duty🏊🏼‍♀️...call me anytime📞
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эксперименты продолжаются 😉
летнее фото с #facesandlaces, потому что мне холодно и хочется буррито.
мое самое нелюбимое на свете состояние - это когда ты утром после тусы едешь домой. ты замёрз, хочешь спать, очень болят ноги, и ещё поесть бы. а тебе ещё ехать, ехать, потом подниматься на свой этаж, умываться, переодеваться и расстилать кровать. брррр. если однажды кто-то придумает телепорт, то, уверена, это произойдёт именно вот в этом состоянии.
итак, я поспала 3 часа и слегка потерялась. но день пускай будет хороший, и у вас тоже.
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