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"Çırak ustayı sollamazsa sanat ölür. Hatalı sollarsa çırak ölür" 😊😊 #tbt #throwbackthurday

#ThrowbackThurday to the launch of the @bubblybarsa I LOVE this red @thulasindi number! ❤💫🥂 📸:@tlvivo

TBT. On this day, @mollyiduozee made me look like . 🍇
#Happyfacebeat 😉

#ThrowbackThurday to one of my most favorite pictures of Lyrabug. Just look at that cute wittle face☺️taken in 2012

#throwbackthurday to when I went to Cedar Point this summer😍😭!! #tbt (my video I took)

#ThrowbackThurday 💖 mothers love can't be replaced

#TBT dessas férias show! #aindadoverao #throwbackthurday 🕶 ☉


Throwing it waaaaaaaaaay back! Love my brother for loving me even before he could see me ❤️❤️ #disneylife #wherethemagicbegins #tbt #besos

El #TbT con la niña de los ojos preciosos😍💚 #Mia 🐈
#ThrowbackThurday #Remember #Cat #Eyes #Cute

#throwbackthurday u know what I Had so much fun to spend times with my Calvin I Have him for a whole and he is adorable beautiful baby boy can't u see he looks me and his mom Rachel I proud and happy to be a great father of him a real man supported the kid for his own power so he is my only son that I love I cares about and now his not a baby no more he a grew up kid like said a real man and dad always doin a kid job God bless America Calvin daddy love you so much hope y'all love the throwbackthursday pic of my son thank y'all so much I really appreciate love y'all so much #TBT 😉

When you're ready to take on the world 👊🏽😎

on this day (ithink) couple years ago i got a chance to work at the Cannabis Cup in Denver, CO. i was DJing for fun and selling Tshirts. that was pretty epic. the medicinal value of this plant and every plant should be celebrated. happy 420! #420 #cannabiscup#tbt @outlet710

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