Recordando los 15 de @barbaracamilas #bella mi hermana #throwbackmonday

Why couldn’t you have stayed this small?#throwbackmonday#germanshepard

Born looking like a snack , now Iam the whole menu, Lmaoo 😂😅 #throwbackmonday

With I still had my ginger beard. #throwbackmonday #selfie #twistedseatbelt

#throwback pgoto
There comes a point in life where fun no longer means drinking, clubbing, thinking about yourself and being out until 4am.
Fun means Disney movies, family dinners, bedtime stories, a messy house, and being in bed by 9pm, and hearing little voices saying "I love you uncle Shawn." Uncle loves you and your sister to the moon and back Nic!
I'm so proud of the expressive, articulate, funny, and dramatic young man you're growing up to be. Buy most importantly, I'm proud of your sensitive, caring nature. You're gonna be an incredible adult one day.

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Is throw back Monday a thing?😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #itisnow #throwbackmonday .
Once my daughter was born I spent a lot of time unsure of how I actually felt about all of the changes that took place:
🔶My body looked like something from a late night swamp scene straight off the Sci-Fy Channel #itwasntpretty .
🔶I wanted like crazy to breastfeed, and I did it, but holy efff was it a lot of pressure and hard as a mother**!!! (No literally, the first few days my chest felt like actual cement😅🙈) #breastfeedingprobs
🔶Worst of all I felt GUILTY AF for being upset about anything at all when I should have just been beaming with happiness over becoming a new mom .
A successful day was managing not to drop crumbs on my baby’s head and actually waking up to pump BEFORE my already traumatized husband drowns in a pool of breastmilk👌🏼😅🙈
But seriously, while I was suppose to be blissfully enjoying motherhood, I was at my lowest point, overwhelmed, depressed, exhausted, and I was the heaviest I'd ever been...I was unhappy all around. .
👉🏼I know it sounds crazy AF, but thats when I became a coach😂👌🏼. Not when everything was “perfect”, not when life “slowed” down, and not when the stars and moon aligned and the universe sent me a sign in the form of a burning bush😂
That's when I began to transform PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY. That's when I found a passion for connecting with other women like me, ya know, the ones who get it. And that is when I realized what I thought was just going to be a side gig to help me get back in shape, had actually turned into something that has completely changed my life✨
If the old me could see me now she’d pee her pants!! Funny how one decision can totally transform everything💕
::My latest info group is kicking off this week. I'll share the ins and outs and in-betweens and be selecting my new mentees from the group! If you want to take a peek just drop or dm an emoji and I’ll shoot you access (don’t worry, no strings😂👌🏼) ::

Where would we be without #Snapchat filters 🤷‍♀️💅🏼
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Throwing it WAY back on a Monday because I can. Not sure what year this was taken (maybe 07/08??) but thankful that this guy answers a phone call knowing my day was frustrating and then just lets me vent. That’s usually interjected with laughter and humor because let’s face it, we are hilarious and are generally in each other’s mind. Who knew college wouldn’t end in a degree for me but it would result in some phenomenal friendships? #throwbackmonday #hrlife #tooprettyforprison

Inktober day 22 - vampire. This is basically a redraw from a year ago. You can see the improvement from my burnt out inktober picture from last year to be slightly less burnt out inktober picture from this year.
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Favorite spread I have ever done. #planneraddict #throwbackmonday

You’re fave white bitches sometimes get crashes but it’s ok because that’s what our life goals are #throwbackmonday @toricaliendo_ @anastasia_panek96

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